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Jun 15, 2016 at 19:56  [reply]  font pls ? :)

Colours inverted:

Jun 15, 2016 at 10:20  [reply]  Please Help :(

Identified font: Vineta

Dec 04, 2015 at 23:58  [reply]  jack daniel's

The name is shown above the character map in the graphic. It's on this page:

Identified font: Jasper Daniels

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Read this thread:

My post #6 shows the different locations in a font file for single and double quotations, left and right.

The single and double quotes from the Lauren C. Brown font probably appear when typed in Notepad, but not in other apps, because the font author didn't add glyphs in the other positions.

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Mar 08, 2015 at 07:46  [reply]  Greek Type Designers?

Your first stop for inquiries by designer's country of origin should be Luc Devroye's pages:

Zan00 said  
Technical Legal Questions Regarding Font Modification

Say I use a Font that doesn't have permission to be used commercially, and in some cases has to be paid for or isn't available at all.

Say I put them in a Vector software and convert it to curves and modify the font heavily where it's no longer recognizable as the original font, does the new font count as my creation even though I'm working off of the base of the original one that isn't mine?

And at what point is there enough modification to count it exclusively as your own creation? What if you create a font from scratch using a font creation software and by some small slim chance, someone out there has a font a bit similar to yours? What then?


You don't ever have the right to modify the vectors in someone else' font to create a new one of your own, no matter how different yours might be. If you want to make your own variation od someone else' font, print and scan text samples, make new vectors, and modify them, but don't alter an existing font.

You can't sprinkle parsley flakes on KFC, and pretend it's your fried chicken recipe. What you're suggesting is legally no different than that.

I love ScanFont 3, from FontLab, but they don't sell it anymore, it doesn't work with Windows Operating Systems more recent than XP, and some windows automatic update from February, 2014 caused it to stop working, so I had to get another computer with XP, that isn't connected to the Internet, to continue my work.

ScanFont 3 has nothing in common with ScanFont 5, currently sold. SF3 is a stand alone .ttf editor. SF5 is a plug-in for FontLab Studio.

My procedure is much different from most other designers. I work with imported monochrome bitmaps. I have several fonr editing programs, but I use ScanFont 3 for almost everything, other than adjustments to vertical metrics, or changing embedding settings.

Aidos said  
extra characters at the end of my font

I downloaded 'Ugly Qua', and I get 'ff' at the end of each line of type. Why is this happening? And is there anything I can do to stop it?

Are you sure that's not a Pilcrow? Do you have paragraph markers enabled in MS Word?

Manfred Klein last answered e-mails in February, 2008. I may have been the recipient of his last e-mail correspondence. He attached a couple of fonts to his reply to me, that were never published on the Internet, and he didn't reply to my follow up.

Mar 06, 2015 at 07:30  [reply]  Font Trubble

datterichexpress said  
Hi there,

I found her on Twitter, and wrote her. In case she does not answer, anyone who can change that Font for me and send it per E-Mail? I have no clue how to to this

Have a nice Day!

No one is going to alter someone else' font for you, Anja. That would be both illegal and unethical.

I can't be the only one who didn't immediately realize that Trubble was the font name, and not just poor spelling of "Trouble". You should put the font name in the text, Anja, rather than just in the subject line. You do have a clue how to do that.

mnewland said  

Thank you, for the polite, professional reply. I guess it didn't matter which font it was, just the generic "100% free" designation that was posted. I appreciate the info, thank you very much.


Michael, just don't assume that a font at DaFont is 100% free, unless specifically designated as such. Many older fonts uploaded by someone other than the designer have no license inmformation, because no one knows the terms of use. Sometimes the author is deceased, or has long since ceased to use the e-mail address shown in documentation.

koeiekat does have a valid point - you should have named the font in question. Many here know specific information about certain fonts or designers. There's no valid reason why you shouldn't have been more specific about the font of which you were discussing. Vague questions prompt vague responses.

mnewland said  
100% free or is there hidden costs or undisclosed charges.


The font is listed as "100% free",I am unable to find anything else that says there may be charges if I use the font for business purposes. I am trying to do the right thing, be respectful, and attempt to contact the author. I did leave a comment on the font page for the author, requesting terms and conditions, if they do exist. Any advice? Thanks, Michael in AZ.

100% Free means exactly that. The font author has preauthorized the font for all use. You do not need permission to use it commercially. Sometimes the font designer wants to avoid inquiries like yours, after completing the work, and giving it away, for personal and commercial use. The 100% free designation is used only when the font author uploads their own work, and choses that licensing designation. No fonts on DaFont have the 100% Free designation, unless the font author has specified that as the licensing term, or documentation by the author has explicitly stated that the font is free for all use.

Just use it, and credit the designer somewhere in the commercial use, if you want to acknowledge the type source.

drf_bot, we'll let the Webmaster decide whether he should be unbanned again. You should leave this be for the time being.

He's history. You guys feed Trolls, I don't.

daaams said  

That's legitimately funny, sweeep. Maybe you can give Fred some lessons.

Fontifying said  
Koeiekat, you must be the most pathetic infidel I have ever come across, you are one of those things that has nothing better to do than to play with herself all day instead of helping genuine people who need it. We all started somewhere so where did you start at the top of the game? I would call you a cunt as did Nemtlegen but a cunt is useful & that you are most certainly not. I realize this section of the forum is now 12 months old going by the date on your first reply but I do hope you get this.message and to help if I am not to late. The answer to the question is actually quite simple and easily overlooked when you think of a font as just a font but to install as bulk they must be "True Type Fonts"- ".ttf" or you can't install as bulk. I do hope I'm not to late to help.

Dude, I tell you this only once. Do not EVER resurrect an old thread to start or reignite a flame war. This is your first post here. You might not get the chance to make it to three, if the next thing you say pisses me off. If you want to have your IP address permanently banned, make the wrong choice.

If you had said this to anyone other than koeiekat, your ass would already be history.


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Feb 12, 2015 at 12:29  [reply]  Font request for a tattoo :x

Ummmm.... do you think you two boys could flirt with each other by private message instead?

@ yuyamarino: This is something that's going to be on your wrist forever, or until you have it painfully removed. It's best that you chose your own. You don't want to be wearing someone else' choice on your skin.

Don't ever try to change the name of an installed font by renaming it in the installed directory. You will permanently damage the font. For one thing, the panagram sentence at different point sizes will no longer be displayed, if you open the font in preview. I don't know what other damage would be done, but that's reason enough to not do it.

There is a way to do it, with Windows XP, but I don't know if this procedure would work with other operating systems.

For example, in my installed Windows fonts, the font named Bodoni MT Condensed Bold Italic has file name BOD_CBI.TTF, and I want the font name and the file name to be the same.

This is what I would do:

1) Open Windows Search, browse for the directory C:\WINDOWS\Fonts, and click the Search button. I want the search results to show the contents of the installed fonts folder in the operating system.

2) Select and copy any fonts which I want to rename, and paste them into a new folder, created somewhere other than the Operating System, or Program Files.

3) In the new folder, right-click and rename the font file name(s).

4) Delete the installed font.

5)Select/ copy the renamed font)s), and paste it/them into C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

When I did this on a previous computer, I could not chance the file names of Tahoma, Microsoft Sans Serif, or the font currently selected for Notepad.exe. TheTahomafile name can't be changed, even from all caps to regular spelling, because Tahoma is the font used for Windows XP file names and default display. You would potentially do major damage to your computer, if [b]Tahoma is uninstalled, even briefly. This would likely apply to a different font, instead of, or in addition to Tahoma, if later operating systems have a different text display font.

I was able to change the names of every other font, except the three noted above. I have no idea whether or how this can be done with Windows Operating Systems after XP. Pwerhaps someone else could enlighten us on that.

Feb 06, 2015 at 00:46  [reply]  Illegal use of font

hanoded, I downloaded some of your fonts, and I stand corrected. A few of your fonts, notably DK Jambo, DK Carte Blanche and Moonlight Shadow are very well designed.

DK Sleepy Time is not. It's a deviantart font, and not a good one. You should not have been sufficiently satisfied with it to put your name on it. Your entire catalog suffers, when you drop a turd like that one.

I look at a few vectors in a font editor. I like the curves in D K Jambo. The DK Sleepy Time vectors appear to have had little of no editing done to them. The line widths are wildly inconsistent. It sullies the reputation you've built with your other fonts.

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Feb 05, 2015 at 04:00  [reply]  Illegal use of font

@honoded: Props to you! If you regularly receive large donations, I'm happy to hear that.

Keep in mind that this thread is about the circumstances of intellectual property theft, and not only about your specific situation. When another designer on DaFont encounters this same problem, they be instructed to read this thread, so we wont have to write these long replies more than once.

To keep the discussion lively, it was necessary for someone to play Devil's Advocate, in which opinions that are not entirely supportive are also expressed.

There are also cases where some forum members have fabricated stories, for personal amusement. A portion of some of my posts was directed to those situations, and not to you specifically.

Certain statements I made should be read and understood by anyone marketing a font that's freely downloadable, but has a fee for commercial use:

1) Make sure the terms of commercial use are included in the font file.

2) Allowing the commercial use fee to be determined by the user is naive. It assumes that most people will give fair value for fair value.

3) Nobody should be designing amateur or semi professional fonts with profit as the primary motive. Good quality fonts can earn significant income for a designer. Good quality takes time. Some designers are capable of designing good quality fonts, and some aren't. Spending more time on each font, rather than trying to make as many fonts as possible, is a better strategy.

4) There is no correlation whatsoever between DaFont download statistics and potential licensing opportunities. If a font has 1,000,000 downloads, that doesn't mean 1,000,000 different people have downloaded it. Many people will have downloaded the font more than once. Sometimes the author does that, to have their font appear to be more popular than it actual is.

5) There is no direct correlation between the popularity of a font, in terms of download stats, and its potential to generate income. A lot of people just collect fonts as a hobby. They download from DaFont, because the fonts can be obtained for free. If there was any fee applied, however small the fee would be, they would not. Many downloaded fonts are never extracted from their .zip file, and of those that have been extracted, a smaller percentage are ever installed, or actually used in any graphic design, as a percentage of the total number of downloads. I have Gigabytes of unextracted font .zip files. Many other people do, too.

6) When a font is made hastily, it often has a usable range between 36 and 72 points. Any smaller, and the display will become muddy. Any larger, and the errors will be magnified. If a designer makes a font that is average in terms of design and technical execution, he/she is competing against all the other average fonts, and all of the free fonts, for a limited purchasing market. When a font is above average, or excellent, in terms of design and technical skill, the number of competing fonts is much smaller. You have a better chance of generating income by making better quality fonts than you do by making a large quantity of average fonts, and hoping that a few people will be overly generous.

hanoded, I do apologize for disparaging remarks about the quality of some of your designs. Those remarks were not directed specifically at you, but to all of the designers who could make their fonts better, before submitting them. You have several very good fonts. You have many that are average. Some are below average. I didn't see one that I could call great.

You could make one or more great fonts. You have no reason to make any more average or below average fonts. Leave that market to the designers who aren't capable of making a great font yet, or ever. Make your work more valuable than $10, for commercial use. That way, everyone will benefit.


I never say anything negative about a 100% free font, regardless of the quality. It's only when a commercial use fee is applied that I register an opinion. All of my own font releases have been 100% free, in part because I use the fair use provision of copyright law frequently, and because I don't see much commercial potential from my dingbat fonts. I believe that all of my fonts are more valuable that the disk space they would occupy on a hard drive. I would download most or all of them, if they had been made by someone else. I would not pay any money to download any of them, nor would I pay money to use them commercially. They're just my gift back to the design community, for free fonts that other people have made, and I have enjoyed.

Each designer who submits a font that has a commercial use fee should ask themselves that one question: "Would I pay money to use this font, if it had been made my someone else; ie: is it better than a similar font, that is free for all use?". If your answer to yourself is yes, then your business model is sound. If the answer to yourself is no, then you should improve the font, to the point where your answer will be yes,or not make the font in the first place, or make it free for all use. All fonts should be worthy of charging a fee for commercial use, before a fee is charged for such use.

Best regards,


Feb 04, 2015 at 19:57  [reply]  Illegal use of font

Thanks, toto@k22. I, personally, never accept advanced payment for any creative project, because I'm not good at meeting someone else' time frame for completion, and I don't want to have to give the money back, if I don't finish the work.

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