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I tried to help you with this, chrupka, but I can't open an .fcp file type. I'm assuming that .fcp stands for 'FontCreator Project' I have that app installed, but I don't have an 'open with' option in the shortcuts menu.

Super Duty Sharp Heavy sounds like the name of a Japanese toy, translated by babelfish.

Don't be a hard ass, Menhir. Just give the guy his fuckin' kewpie doll.

The glyph for 'space' should be in the code 32 position, to the left of the exclamation point. It should only be left and right side bearings, and a base line. The only variable is the distance between the bearings; that determines the width of your 'space'.

May 17, 2014 at 21:43  [reply]  it says it's not a valid font

I'll bet you're trying to install the .zip file, rather than extracting the .ttf file from the .zip, before installing the .ttf.

May 17, 2014 at 04:19  [reply]  Help!

southernsurprise said  

I work for a screen printing company, and was told that we could send you a font and you could tell us what the name of the font is. I can't figure ot how to do this?

When you have the url for the text sample, ask this question in the Font Identification forum, not in General Discussion

May 16, 2014 at 15:53  [reply]  Help!

Read the FAQ section:, to answer most of your questions. I don't know what you mean by "the converter" - were you referring to a .zip file extractor, or something else?

Even though you didn't make it very clear, I believe you are referring to the text display banner with the name of the font Apacaxi Comic.

The default display uses the same case as in the font's internal file name.

Send a private message to the DaFont webmaster: and the banner will be changed, eventually.

May 16, 2014 at 02:07  [reply]  Dalton Maag Co Alternatives

If you just want a free sans with a lot of different styles/ weights, try Encore Sans by Pablo Impallari and Andreas Torresi: It has a total of 45 fonts, it's brand new, (available since the end of March, 2014), and it's Donationware. Pablo made the Lobster font, which has been recognized 368 times in the Font Identification forum.

Todd, I suggest that you resubmit the font, and in the 'Note of the Author' section, say something like 'Attention webmaster: This is a resubmission of this font, originally uploaded MMDDYY' You should be able to approximate the original upload date from the 'date last modified' in the .ttf file's properties.

May 12, 2014 at 23:34  [reply]  Font Approval Times

Steve, until a couple of years ago, updated fonts appeared whenever a new batch of fonts was posted, and the word 'update' appeared in a box, with a yellow highlight. Certain designers would submit a font, then update it constantly, so their work would always appear in the first few pages of results for new fonts. They are usually the same people who judge the quality of their work by download statistics.


koeiekat said  
Problem is spinnybags, that there is a general misunderstanding about copyright. Or rather a general total lack of knowledge and understanding of copyright. Let alone having any respect for the artistic works of others.

Read the Berne Convention on copyright or at least the extract and you will understand. Alas most if not all of the people commenting on these issues have no clue or think that the USA law is the final word worldwide. Believe me, it is not. The USA law is fairly close to the Russian and Chinese. It is not that shit, but, yes, extremely close.

As you are a one person juridical entity and a one person business there is - I am afraid - little you can do. The cost of the legal procedures would kill you.
That is the problem, you are too small an entity. If you were Disney, or on a smaller scale the Escher foundation, things would be different. Do I need to explain how Disney protects the copyright on their characters? Try selling mugs with Minny, Mickey or Donald on'm. You will be bankrupt before you realize it. The Escher foundation will be more polite with you. First they will sue you for copyright infringement, an economical offense, which results in a quarter of a million Euro fine. Then they sue you in a civil procedure for the same and will ask for - and get - something around a million Euro compensation. Understand how they pay their lawyers?

So what can you do? Little to nothing I am afraid. At least not legally. Yet, if you feel like to bite the balls of the woodcutter, the woodcutter can easily be traced to name, address and telephone number.

Book a cheap flight?

@koeiekat: spinnytbags has been harassing me by e-mail for a few days. Her jihad concerns the capital S in BeautyMarks. She claims to have ownership and copyright to a photograph from which a vinyl decal was made by a different web entity, from which an .jpg image was included in a Google images search:

from which I created a two colour bitmap, composed for monochrome:

from which I made a vector image in a free font.

The principle of Fair Use has been explained to her, but she doesn't chose to believe the truth. Her threats of extortion were unsuccessful, so she's decided to make a scene in public. She reminds me of a club chick sent packing before sunrise.

No, he copied my idea, four months later. Mommy's still not going to buy you a chocolate bar.

May 03, 2014 at 19:17  [reply]  Neo Sans Free Alternatives?

How about Pablo Impallari's new family, Encode Sans, which has 45 weights?

passionstitch, start by reading the essays in the FAQ section:

Next, go to to download the trial version of FontCreator. I believe this trial version is fully functional for 30 days. I use ScanFont 3 to make my dingbats, and I consider it to be a superior program, but it won't work with your Windows 8, (it's from the 1990's, is no longer sold by FontLab, and it doesn't work with Windows operating systems more recent than XP).

The images that you create will need to be monochromatic, (ie pure black and white). You can do this with MS Paint by opening the images you've created in Corel Draw, and saving them as monochrome bitmap file type, (.tiff might work, as well). You could probably create monochrome bitmaps with Corel Draw - check the 'Save As' options.

I believe that the installation of FontCreator also creates the user's manual in the program files directory.

Good luck!


Apr 29, 2014 at 16:01  [reply]  Can't make pdf or eps file!


To make a .pdf with a font that has restrictive embedding, try copy/pasting the glyphs you want to use from the Character Map application to MS Word;

1) Install font.

2) Open character map, (C;\Windows\system32\charmap.exe or Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Character Map).

3) Select font in character map.

4) Double-click each glyph you want to use in the .pdf, to add it to the clipboard.

5)Select from the clipboard, and click the copy button.

6) Open MS Word.

7) Paste glyphs from character map to Word.

8) Select the pasted glyphs, and change the point size, (they will probably copy from the character map at 10.5 - 14.5 points size; you'll likely want them to be larger).

9) Save As -> .pdf.


Apr 27, 2014 at 17:48  [reply]  My font being stoled alot

I think you should concern yourself with making a good font, before you worry about lost revenue from fly by night sites. The two you've submitted here so far really bite the dog's ass.

Handicap accessible: Use the lower case w from Martin Vogel's Symbols:

ellenelle said  
Wow, the moral authority has spoken...

Don't take it personally, ellenelle. That's how he flirts.

Edited on Apr 24, 2014 at 00:44 by metaphasebrothel

Someone would probably help you with this, if you posted this in the Font Identification forum, with an image of the text in use.

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