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Fontlab Line Spacing!

Mar 24, 2010 at 19:25

Hi! I'm new at fonts world and I'm form Spain!...
I've just created my own font, but I've any doubts...when I use my font, for example, in photoshop, the spacing lines are so big!, it makes hard to work with the text.
I know how to set the spacing between letters on Fontlab, but don't know how to set the correctly line spacing! Anybody can help me?!

Excuse me, I speak english soooooo bad!

Another question, how much time needs webmaster to upload a font??..I've uploaded mine last week!

thanks to all!

Mar 24, 2010 at 21:58

I don't really remember how to do that, i'll have a look and i'll let you know (if nobody gives you the answer until then). But you can still read the user manual you can find here :
The fonts are uploaded approximatively on a monthly basis, the next update should be next week...

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Mar 24, 2010 at 22:02

Ok, thanx vinz!

Apr 01, 2010 at 11:07

First I'd double check to see Photoshop's leading (fancy name for line/vetical spacing) is on "Auto". FontLab doesn't control leading directly but you're able to change the vertical metrics like the descender height which seems to be problematic for you at File > Font Info > Metrics and Dimensions > Key dimensions. Hope this helps.


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Nov 28, 2015 at 03:02

its now 2015 ..
your query is from 2010....

But I have the same problem with line spacing when I PRINT a font using WINDOWS having used FontLab studio 5 to create the font.

The Manual is very obscure talking about the UPM size, the ascender and descender axes and how you have to" make sure" you do this then that .................. a nightmare !

HELLO - the concept of font width is very simple and easily understood

- the concept of font height is more complicated but one can grasp the way Fontlab has implemented it

- the concept of scaling a font in fontlab is non-existent - its all buried in mumbo jumbo

Fontlab needs an ACTION that "set line spacing on printer" .....
There is this setting "Winascent" in the Metrics dialog for FONT INFO which has peculiar behaviours
affecting final print line spacing ?

anyway, I have reached the limit of granularity, even when I max out the UPM (2048)

Somehow, fontlab is using the character width (yes width) to determine the final printed line spacing

Can anyone help ? I'd dearly love to discover what I am doing wrong (and why is fontlab so complicated ?)

I am simply trying to modify a tabular font (nothing complex) so that I can control final line spacing
on my printer. I always end up with some kind of distorted "space-time" effect -- ie: if I change the font with
the line spacing changes.

Or do I have to do something to the LINEFEED and CARRIAGERETURN characters ? (if I could find them in the base font)



I know I am a novice user and ignorant, but I'd use an expert if I could find one !
Anyone know an expert in Perth Western Australia ?

Nov 29, 2015 at 17:43

- the concept of font height is more complicated but one can grasp the way Fontlab has implemented it

Although you can't do this to all fonts, keeping the sum of the extreme points of the tallest and lowest structures in the font not to exceed the UPM will help make your font behave better when used with other fonts.

Your line spacing is controlled by the vertical metrics. Go to to FontInfo -> Metrics -> TrueType specific metrics and set the correct values there. Clicking the recalculate button will make things easier for you. The settings here are also applied to OTF fonts.

- the concept of scaling a font in fontlab is non-existent - its all buried in mumbo jumbo

I am not sure if I got this right but you can scale a glyph or an entire font in Fontlab. Tools -> Action -> Contour -> Scale will do that but you might be referring to something else. There is another way to scale glyphs but it would be better if we don't make it complicated.

(and why is fontlab so complicated ?)

Just like everything else, it is a matter of getting used to. Fontlab is very easy to use.

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