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Question about licensing


Sep 02, 2011 at 16:02

koeiekat said  
why are the glyphs in random order? Why not sort them? That, imho, would turn a good font into a perfect one.

The glyphs are shown in the order they were created. I do not know what program do you use to look at the font but it shows you that. I do not make a font in alpha order or in any order. I always start with the easy ones first and that causes the jumbled order. Also, if you happen to change your mind and decide to delete a glyph and then make a new one, the new glyph is added to the end.

The sorting, or lack of it, does not affect the functionality of the font in any manner. It is good enough for me if it is shown correctly in my font editor and the font works as intended. It is a trivial/superficial matter. Since it matters to you, I will sort the glyphs in a font that I am coming out with either today or tomorrow. Sadly, I am not uploading it here or at Fontspace. I do not want the font to end up in sites that I do not like.

koeiekat said  
See, not a word about lacking capitals and so, I know you had only lower case and numbers in the sample, because that has nothing to do with quality.

The original design only has the lowercase alpha. I made up the numerals and did not look good. I do not have the creative juices to come up with things out of thin air. Someone posted the design in a message board and, since I wasn't doing anything then, I decided to font it. It wasn't a beauty but perfect for testing an idea.

Sep 10, 2011 at 01:49

Hmm, I've had no reply from the author of Aon Cari Celtic, even when I mailed them through their website.

It is listed as 'Free' on here and I can't find the exact definitions of what that allows me to do. Does that mean I can use it for a small business logo without permission?

On the font creator's site it says:

"Aon Cari Celtic, is the new free Celtic font! Feel free to download it and use it at home, for fun, on your web page or whatever! Although if you use it on your web page, a link back to my page or a credit on your site is necessary for copyright reasons, plus is just nice of ya."

I wouldn't be making any profit directly from the logo, and I'm more than happy to give credit and link the author's site. Would that make it's use legal, under their terms?

Thanks for any help on this. I don't want to get in any trouble down the line... or misuse anything someone created.

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