Wolf in the City

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ZeroGrafics  Feb 19, 2014
This is the second font of yours I have downloaded. Once again, I have to say, I REALLY like it. Nice work.
peterp  Feb 19, 2014
This font has a really nice flow to it.
maximusmaximus  Feb 21, 2014
very nice!
WicCaesar  Feb 22, 2014
elise.chapamge  Feb 27, 2014
Great stylish font !
tehben  Mar 01, 2014
I had to register just to comment on this fantastic font. Awesome work!
Girlcopatha  Mar 02, 2014
Awesome font! I love it!
Chloe5972  Mar 06, 2014
Great great font !!
justme54s  Mar 09, 2014
Love it!!
ashleyk  Mar 10, 2014
How do I get a license?
COCOCHANEL1617  Mar 18, 2014
I would like to know how to acquire an license for this font? Please leave me an email or a link to the where the license information and pricing is located. Thank you in advance for your time and kind consideration. Awesome work!!!
gaudmel  Mar 19, 2014
How can I purchase a license for this font?

Let me know,

thank you,
GeronimoFonts  Mar 22, 2014
Very nice!
yunissima  Apr 03, 2014
thank you! ive been searching for this font, so thanks. :*
sophie sophie  Apr 03, 2014
verry nice
kred  Apr 13, 2014
Gorgeous design! It had to be a hard work to make them connecting to each other...
AimanGabz  Apr 30, 2014
can i use this for my youtube channel?
griffaw  May 14, 2014
You do it well!I would like to have the licence! May you tell me how to buy it?

Thanks !
maizzy  May 17, 2014
How are you handling commercial licensing? I'd like to know the details because my work is thinking about using it in a logo.
shillaz  May 20, 2014
I would like a license to use this font?
tonara13  May 27, 2014
I would like a license to use this font
mirr09  May 27, 2014
Awesome font ! How can I purchase a license for this font?
jackjohn  Jun 08, 2014
I loved your work! It's amazing! And it is perfect for the cover of my up coming book. Is there any way I could get a license of it so I could use it?
Thank you!
aboembek  Jun 28, 2014
What is the recommended fee for licensing?
jthnguyenn  Jul 02, 2014
Great font! I would like to purchase the license - thank you!
WOW ! AWESOME ! How about commercial license ? I'd like to use it for our social-aid program in Cameroun.
jk82  Jul 11, 2014
Gorgeous! Can you advise how I can purchase a license for this font?
liv213  Jul 15, 2014
I love your font and would like to know how I could get a license for this font.
nlpowell  Jul 31, 2014
Love this font. I'd like to use it for a logo for projects I create (i.e. Tag for garments I sew). I currently don't sell these but would like to in the future. Would this fall under commercial use and if so how can I purchase a license?
cgprod  Jul 31, 2014
Hi there! I'm interested in a commercial license for this font. I work for a science magazine and I'd like to use this in occasional ads that we do in-house. If you could please contact me about this with your pricing, that would be great! Thanks!

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