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f0ntjunki3  Apr 11, 2008
Does this follow the "map" for the standard "tengwar generators" around the net? Like Tengscribe?
roblepk  Oct 06, 2010
Dude, this looks amazing! It's like the lord of the rings, but better, because it's not on a ring! :) Keep on figuring out that elven aphabet, itlooks great already, but every artwork can use improving....so, if you feel the need to fine tune anything, that would be cool, because everything needs improvement, otherwise, it looks awesome! I wouldn't change a thing by the way :)
sam225  Jun 20, 2012
thanks!! it's so pretty
meepin  Nov 12, 2012
i was wondering which key you would use as a vowel place holder when a word starts with a vowel, like "elen". this is definitely the most accurate alphabet.
note to a tengwar novice: this isn't a key for key translation. meaning, if you type "t" you actually get the symbol for "m"...
scott21  Dec 15, 2012
does anyone have aby tips for translating phrases with this font. I want to get it right for a tattoo im planning
CMK101380  Oct 25, 2014
this should be listed as Free for personal use NOT 100% free
Mimi123  Dec 13, 2014
I'm going to get a tattoo and I'd like to translate this sentence "j'aurai aimé pouvoir te dire je t'aime" Tengwar Annatar
nonsense73  Feb 08, 2015
I like this font as well I think it's just a little sad that almost all characters are in a wrong order. I speak Quenya and couldn't read anything as I wrote a text with this font. When I wrote the word "tengwar" it got me the characters for m+f+w+n+mb+c+mp(in this order). ???
***But bro it looks cool!
Anabelle McAllister  Jun 22, 2015
@nonsense73, since the correct writing of tengwar relies heavily on proper placement of the tehtar (vowel marks) above the characters, there are four different keys for each tehta. This plus the fact that there are several different characters that don't have exact English equivalents mean that matching each character to an English letter would not work very well.
Instead, this is set up in a grid pattern based on Tolkien's layout in the books. Here's a character map for tengwar fonts. https://quenya101.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/tengwar-keyboard-layout.png As far as I know, all tengwar fonts follow this setup. So you can't really type in it without knowing the script, but that shouldn't be a problem for you, since you speak Quenya.

@meepin, I don't know if you're still wondering after so long, but if anyone else wants to know, the placeholder character is the "tilde" key next to the 1. Normal for short vowel, shift for long vowel.

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