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immyy  May 11, 2008
immyy  May 11, 2008
shab  Mar 14, 2009
Hi, I want to download this but cant seem to do get it to work. When I extract the files it doesnt extract anything to a folder... is there something I have to do?

Thanks alot - nice font!
justber  Jul 22, 2009
interesting font, nice.
thu cuttie  Mar 02, 2010
LOLS love this one its soooooo cool
bugmenot  Jul 29, 2010
Excellent Font. Always Indian

To install these fonts, visit this page:
marianaholley  May 11, 2011
I love the font but its not working on my mac, do you have to have illustrator or photoshop to use this font?
SuperDude  Apr 09, 2012
Nice one! Grotus, an alternative metal band used this one, too:
timromano41  Dec 06, 2012
Fantastic work.

I would like to use this font for a small commercial project to inspire people. It appears to be free but can you please contact me to be sure?

Thank you!
justmaya85  Jan 07, 2013
Can you please suggest a similar font without a line on the top?
Thank you.
captain_torche  Feb 19, 2013
Hi justmaya85 !
I wrote a tutorial on editing this font, you may be interested in reading it.

I don't provide the updated font though, because it's shareware and I don't know if I have the right to do so (I wasn't able to contact the makers).
captain_torche  Aug 30, 2013
I saw lots of people coming to my site from this page (Thank you !).
Here's the translated version of the link above :
nitze  Dec 17, 2013
Dear "Titivillus Foundry", font owner.
I have just found that, there is a Thai fashion garment Company name, "ISSUE" by Mister "Roj". He is using your font for Commercial use for more than 10 years ago. Till now the company is one of the top ten Thai-International fashion brand in the country. In my opinion, I think you are deserved some return from him, as well.

I am an Architect who was stolen my own work by him.
And I found your font during the time of making his Company Signage.
Ellie_Fredericksen  Jan 13, 2014
I would like to use, as timromano41, this font for the edition of a book. It appears to be free but can you please contact me to be sure?

Thank you in advance.
pajof  Jan 20, 2014

I would like to use this font for a logo. Like others commenting above, it appears to be 'free' but want to be doubly sure.

Could you please email me at


ptv  Nov 03, 2014

I am just starting my website and would like to use this font as a logo. Not sure what shareware means, if its free or not.

Could you plz email me at


amith235  Dec 17, 2014

My name is Amithab and am from India. I am starting my own website and would very much like to put your art work (Samarkan Font) on my website and for this I need your consent at the earliest.

Awaiting a speedy response at

Thanks & Best Regards,

cd34  Jan 16, 2015
Hi, I'd like to use this font on a poster for a small local charity. Please get in touch re consent/cost. Many thanks.
kshama  Apr 27, 2015
Hi. I would like to use this font for a logo. Can I use this font for the commercial purpose. Like others I want to make it confirm whether this is free to use.
Could you please email me at
Waiting for response.

mareks  Apr 28, 2015
I am setting up a small street food business, raising money for charity. Please would you be able to contact me regarding whether or not I can use this font free or how much it would cost?

Many thanks,


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