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rainingblueberries  Mar 24, 2012
excuse my emotions...hee hee. thanxs youu.
Laura Grey  Apr 06, 2012
fuck you with one direction
creakylovesong  Apr 16, 2012
TiinaOs  Apr 22, 2012
I'm in fuckin love with One Direction and this font
Alisiak143  May 30, 2012
I am in LOVE with One Direction!and this font!1D 4ever!!!
hhd77  Jun 11, 2012
Go kill urself boobearsarse. You are officialy GAY.
sparklstar12345  Jun 15, 2012
I fricken love you right now. I had been looking for this font for forever <3
jaci1D99  Jun 20, 2012
boobearsarse u r such a faker zayn malik acctuelly created this font so thats just lieing
Friscokid  Jun 30, 2012
Beautiful Cool Font I love if thanks
Bowties&Toms  Jul 06, 2012
Im in Love with this Font & 1D :DDDDDDDDDD
bubbysom  Jul 08, 2012
You haters can suck a fat one! I love this font<3
adri_loves1d  Jul 09, 2012
hahaha omg how sad I feel about the haters, buy a life C: I LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS FOND ♥
Celina.1D  Jul 11, 2012
Firstly I love this font!
Secondly if you guys hate One Direction then why are you on this "font page" just because you hate them doesn't mean you have to be mean to boobearsarse.

<3...No Hate
brunote17  Aug 10, 2012
Freakin beautiful, thank you and @hhd77 fuck the hell off. anyone who dislikes this go "GAYYYYYYY" you're pathetic, and "go kill yourself" do that to yourself for being immature and retarded. as well as Laura Grey WHY ARE YOU HERE.
chloe1dmalik  Aug 23, 2012
Thanks for putting this font up :) You're amazing!
Stacyloves1D  Sep 18, 2012
your amazing for putting this up!!!
Fuck you haters. one direction is the best. ok bitch..... i love one direction muahh
Directioner  Nov 23, 2012
DanielaPayne  Nov 26, 2012
me encanta la letra
Todo1D_  Nov 27, 2012
OMFG, i really love this font. FUCK YOU PEREZ HILTON AND HATERS!
follow me in twitter @Todo1D_ :) x
amalia253.restrepo  Jan 11, 2013
I love this but the problem is that IDK how to use it in the computer, would you please tell me :P
Directioner.  Jan 16, 2013
Awwwwwwwwwww 1D♥
Stopharreh  Mar 11, 2013
You guys need to stop hating on her.
Lettuce  May 06, 2013
I think it would be better if there were also lowercase letters (if you typed "ONE Direction" it would look like the logo or something like that.
Or that T-I ligature they have in "direction"
or put in numbers
(I mean the original is probably custom and not a font...)
I'm picky, sorry

Also, haters.... this is not the place. Go to youtube or something.
Lettuce  May 06, 2013
Oh, and the kerning could stand to be improved :)
coraliecupillard  May 22, 2013
Hi,I like your fond.
I have sent 2 emails to you because I would love to propose it for a commercial use. Could you contact me to give your approval and talk about it. Thanks a lot.
derisive  Jun 30, 2013
I really only downloaded it just because it's One Direction but hey, it could come in handy. (:
kitkat1352  Jul 29, 2013
I love that this is the first font under "Brush" x)
DaFontatron  Dec 20, 2013
Can anyone suggest me a good font combination that goes well with One Direction??
rainbowloomineer_xoxo  Jan 04, 2014
Love it!!! Thnx So much!! <33 pls do another
shinahendricks  Jan 30, 2014
Im sorry... but idk why i cant download it... my phone says that it cant open the file and im not sure why.
kipster  Mar 03, 2014
I feel sorry for all the sad ass gay One Erection lovers who are like OMG I LIKE TOTALLY LOVE THIS FONT!!! And LOL YOLO SWAG I HAVE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE 4 THIS FONT!!! Guys, oops GIRLS? Get a life One Direction a sad fags and if you are only downloading it because it is the one direction for then you need to get a life
mapalouzo4  Sep 22, 2014
Your font is amazing.
Could you contact me for a commercial use, please? Many thanks.
mu5tang71  Dec 14, 2014
Why no numerals? All numbers are stars..
claartjecorver  Jun 23, 2015
Hi, we would like to use your font for commercial use, can you please contact me? Would be great! Thanks! Claartje
pezhh1976  Nov 17, 2015
Hello, Id like to us the font for commercial use, how can I contact you? Thanks and best! Petra
Ant Toe Knee  Apr 07, 2016
I'd like to use this for Commercial use... Have you got any contact details/contact me.
Robert Engle  May 25, 2016
I'm in need of a 10 user commercial license for desktop. Can you please send pricing and best means to send payment.
Agnes Rvs  May 26, 2016
Hi, I'd like to use this font for a foundation logo ; is it possible please to contact me about the licence ? Thank you !

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