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michiel_terpelle  Feb 11, 2009
Really cool!
princessfairy123  Feb 25, 2009
This reminds me of Joe Dodson, My good friend Dodddderzzzz
princessfairy123  Feb 25, 2009
Joe dodsons number is 0800 00 1066
lady-nite-redd  Feb 28, 2009
a classic look
pqah  Mar 07, 2009
morovia  Apr 05, 2009
Quite cool font. Impressed.
chungdehtien  Jan 27, 2010
Fabulous design! Thank you!
Little-Hedgehog  Feb 06, 2010
Nice! I love it! I'm downloading it now.
blackrosesio  Feb 18, 2010
i like this font but i cant use it even tho i have downloaded it i was after it for a tattoo on saturday
fuex  author of Miama   Feb 26, 2010
@blackrosesio: I just added a .ttf version. I hope that will work better for you.
snuff105@hotmail.com  Mar 02, 2010
Hi Feux,

I would like to print out this one in my own wording so I can get it tattooed. Is this possible?

fuex  author of Miama   Mar 04, 2010
@snuff105 hmm, I don't know: What do you mean with your "own wording"? Just download the font, unpack the miama.otf (or miama.ttf) to your fonts directory (e.g. c:\windows\fonts) and use the font for whatever you want to (it's licensed under OFL, so (legally spoken) you're allowed to do nearly anything with it)
shopyves  May 19, 2010
I'm using this font in Publisher. The tops and ends of letters are cut off. I've tried adjusting the line spacing (which normally works)but it makes no difference. Any suggestions?
fuex  author of Miama   Jul 02, 2010
@shopyves Unfortunately I don't know Publisher. Any typesetting program I used until now (XeTeX, Inkscape, OpenOffice, Word...) has had no problems with the font. So sorry, I can't help you.
electriceddie  Sep 04, 2010
very nice font! It looks like it belongs on the menu of a nice restaurant.
koeiekat  Sep 11, 2010
The reason why the top and ends are cut off is because you have set the ascenders and descenders are set completely wrong which makes the new version useless. Always check your metrics.
msterling  Sep 13, 2010
@fuex, i've never worked with fonts other than to use them. i'm using the miama font and am having the same problem as "shopyves". how or where do you change "the metrics" (the ascenders and descenders?
msterling  Sep 13, 2010
i'm sorry that comment was for koeiekat...
cre8tor  Sep 16, 2010
Hi, I'm having the exact same problem as shopyves and msterling. The top and bottoms of letters are getting cut off with this Miama font. Koeiekat, you mention a fix for this, but can you please be more specific about how to correct the "ascenders and descenders"?
fuex  author of Miama   Sep 25, 2010
Look at http://www.dafont.com/forum/read/1070/letters-getting-cut-off-in-the-font-miama. The problems should be solved now (that is at least, what they sey). Personally, I have never encountered this problem. I am really sorry for all your problems you had with Miama.
aaurora  Nov 01, 2010
There ZIP file is corrupted. I do not have an issue with downloading and installing as I have done this countless times. This particular file is corrupted.
fuex  author of Miama   Nov 29, 2010
I just downloaded the file and unpacked it with 7zip. Everything worked. You may have to change your unzip tool.
C_art  Feb 10, 2011
I really like your font! Could use it for my business cards?
Em_mango01  Sep 24, 2011
Hey, I love this font its gorgeous, can I please use it in my website as a header? Email me: minnieme87@googlemail.com
ktphotography  Jan 13, 2012
Great font! Is this ok to use commercially? Please let me know. Thanks!
LeKatrin  May 18, 2012
Hi,I really like this font. Can I use it on a commercial purpose? Thanks. katerina.blahakova@gmail.com
goviweb  Sep 25, 2012
Yo he utilizado la fuente para tatuarme el nombre de mi hija en la muneca. I use to make a tatoo in my wrist. goviweb@gmail.com
preston0518  Feb 20, 2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: tiffany.lauren.baker@gmail.com Thanks!
natatom  Aug 04, 2013
Can I use this font on a commercial purpose? Thanks. natasshaamalia@yahoo.com
fuex  author of Miama   Aug 15, 2013
If you have questions about commercial use: Read the license, please! The license is called OFL.

In short (but please just read the license):

Every person is free to use this font (also commercially) in a variety of documents, including PDFs, word processor files and Web pages.
But you may not sell the font itself (or things like that).
mariadelsol  Jan 07, 2015
Can be it used in editable pdf in invitations or party kits for commercial use ?

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