Maybe Maybe Not

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philrushworth  Apr 02, 2012
Dude... how do I contact you?
solhan  Apr 17, 2012
Dude... how do I contact you? i have a question about ur free fonts. please contact me.
djangoman  May 12, 2012
Hello, I would like to use your font (well, not your font but a modification) in the webpage of a crowdfunding film. please, contact me if you give me your permission or if you want to know more about the web, the film or whatever.


Write me to this address:
treestakelife  May 20, 2012
Hello, I would like to use your font for the cover of my album! The album will be commercialize. How can I do to use it?

Please contact me as soon as possible to this address:
simba21  Jun 06, 2012
I would love to use your font for commercial use. Can you please let me know how to contact you regarding this.
Thanks so much!
wallstrome  Feb 08, 2013
Hi How can I contact you?
Best regards Erica
rosario.ortega  May 01, 2013
Hi, I would like to use your font in one ebook for children. I would be only four words with this font, how much it would be?
evabela  Jun 05, 2013

I would like to use your typo for a poster, it's not really for a commercial use, but.. can I contact you?
nkm  Jun 25, 2013
Hello! I would like to use your font for my calender project. Also, asking for your permission to use this typeface.
I really appreciate if you contact me to this E-mail that show you below as soon as possible.

Best regards,
mercianoviana  Nov 06, 2013
Hello, I would like to use your font: "maybe, maybe not" for my college project which will be stored to the play store. How can I contact you?
Please contact me at
Sincerely yours,
baby_cooms  Jan 20, 2014
Hi, I'd like to use your font for a fanart poster that I am considering selling prints of. Please reply so we may discuss permission rights. Thank you!
-P. Coomans
funlearning  Aug 09, 2014
i would like to install this font for personal use and wanted to know the licence costs

please contact at
NUPRA  Aug 26, 2014

I'm interested in using the font "maybe, maybe not" for commercial purposes. Could you let me know how it works for payments or donations? Thanks in advance.


SunHwang  Sep 04, 2014
Hello, my name is Sun Hwang, I would like to ask you a permission to use your font for a donation design project, so I wrote you an inquiry form on your website. It would be also great if you would send me an email via

I look forward to hearing from you soon then.

Many thanks, Sun
macklaw  Oct 17, 2014
Hi I am interested in using your font for the title card of a web series I am trying to get funding for! If you could contact me at that would be great thanks!!

leggomymeggo  Nov 25, 2014
I would like to use this font for a t-shirt design. Please contact me .
jamogels  Dec 05, 2014
Hello, Great typeface! Can you please contact me about using your font as part of a logo? My email is I hope to hear from you soon.
yacardim  Feb 19, 2015
I would like to use this font in a visual identify. How can i contact you? Do i have to pay? My email is
Yasminina  Mar 09, 2015
Quero autorização pra usar sua fonte

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