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Guillermoas  Oct 04, 2012
Muy buena fuente!!! Gracias!!!!
JCP  Oct 05, 2012
This is gorgeous. Can you let me know if it can be used in a logo?
JCP  Oct 05, 2012
Sorry... My email is
Crokys  Oct 14, 2012
Super ! This style is very beautiful ♥
scupbucket  author of Mathilde   Oct 18, 2012
@JCP yes you may certainly use this font in your logo. I'll email you too.
La.Little  Nov 20, 2012
Moi, cette police ne marche pas sur photofiltre ! Pourquoi ?
scupbucket  author of Mathilde   Nov 29, 2012
@La.Little - Possibly Photofiltre doesn't have support for OpenType fonts (.otf). I made a TrueType (.ttf) version of the font for someone, I'll make it available on my website here:
kimmey  Apr 08, 2013
Hello, Can I use this font on a commercial ad? please email me... Tahnk you
scupbucket  author of Mathilde   Apr 09, 2013
@kimmey: yes you may, I'll email you too
curacy  May 10, 2013
I would love to use your font as part of our logo. Would you mind getting hold of me to coordinate permission.

Thanks so's beautiful and perfect.

acserban  Jun 26, 2013
Wow! It's perfect! Can I use it in a logo? Email pls? Thank you! acserban at
ryukishifan0396  Nov 18, 2013
This font is amazing. Can I use it in a story that I'm writing?
isrrael.gutierrez  Jan 14, 2014
May I use this font in a logo?,
scupbucket  author of Mathilde   Mar 01, 2014
yes and yes you may :)
denilede  Mar 24, 2014
Hello, I have a question
can we have your amazing type in the "cyrillic alphabet"???
Thanks for feedback
scupbucket  author of Mathilde   Mar 24, 2014
@denilede: Probably not :(

The design comes from the handwriting of a person that doesn't use the cyrillic alphabet, so it would be a matter of me trying to emulate the look and style of the font in an alphabet that I'm not really familiar with.
lotsacaffeine  Apr 19, 2014
Good morning! Your font is beautiful! Would it be possible to use it in a design and embed it inside a PDF file? I can be reached at . Thank you so much!
Lelaina  Apr 28, 2014
Hi can I use this font for a lyric video email me so I can give you more details? Thanks :)
Lelaina  Apr 28, 2014
Actually don't worry it's not needed anymore
neram kerala  May 18, 2014
love it!!! can we use it for our logo? Thank you very much!
nertlights  May 29, 2014
Love this font. I would also like to use it for my logo. Please email me:
FiAmann  Jun 24, 2014
LOVE this font!! At the very early stages of planning a new business - if it comes off I would love to use this for my logo - is that ok if so how do I go about it? Thank you!!
jlshaw711  Jul 09, 2014
I would also love to use this font in my logo. My email is Thank you! :)
Jessie51  Jul 09, 2014
Hello, may I use this front for my logo please? My email :
katha135  Sep 03, 2014
same question as the others. would love to use it for the logo of our destination. cheers.
monika.ustick  Jan 16, 2015
Really love this font. we would like to use it on the label.
please email me
Thank you
jessiejane  Feb 09, 2015
Would love to use this in a logo if you could please email I would appreciate it!
arcegaj76  Mar 20, 2015
This is so perfect! May I please use this on my label?

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