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koeiekat  Aug 24, 2011
This is really the worst attempt to recreate this font I have ever seen. It is an insult to the original and should never have been given the original name.
And then look at the kerning!! This should be in the trash category!!
fritterdonut  author of ManuScript Caps   Aug 28, 2011
The "worst attempt" you say? Please show me these other "attempts" that have been done. As far as I know, this is the only digitized version of the old letraset font. God forbid I needed it for personal use, and had to use a poorly scanned sheet to work with. How DARE I upload it for free use by the community?

If it is so poorly done, how about YOU make a better version. Mine
fritterdonut  author of ManuScript Caps   Aug 28, 2011
Mine is a scan of the original letraset sheet. Now, unless you feel like making a better copy, get out of here scrub. Of 5000 people, you're the only one with a problem.
koeiekat  Apr 22, 2012
Whatever you say, it is a crappy load of rubbish.
Or the complete alphabets:
koeiekat  Apr 22, 2012
And, before you start thinking that yours was the first digital version, see my comment May 26 2011 two months before you published the crap.

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