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rachartwig  Jun 05, 2008
I love all of your fonts and the great names you give them!
God Bless!
Ulanda  Aug 27, 2008
Hi to my sister in our Lord Jesus Christ! Your fonts are truly a blessing to me. I can see it is made from inspiration from the Heavenly Throne room of our Father God! May I have the priviledge of seeing you one day at the feet of our Lord Jesus....Then you can teach me all your fonts....Blessings Ulanda
SoFonty  Sep 03, 2008
very nice and such a good christ name i love!!!
Micknick  Sep 21, 2008
This is really a great font!! I love the name!
God Bless You and All Your Fonts!
like2click  Feb 23, 2009
I think it's great, the names you give your fonts. :)
And they are really good fonts too. :)
SarahP  Mar 29, 2009
Hi there, I am an early childhood teacher and was wanting permission to use your gorgeous font in a book of preschoolers artwork. The children have spent months drawing and discussing where 'love begins' We will only be printing a small number of copies for parents and teachers. If you would like to discuss further my email address is Thanks so much, Sarah :)
iamluv  Apr 12, 2009
I loved it!! I made a version with accute accents and for spanish users. Will be glad to colborate. If you want me to tell me and I'll send it so you can upgrade. I don't want to upload it with my user and take creit fot it!!:)
my email is:
rowens  May 01, 2009
Hi there, my name is Rose and i work for DOLLY magazine, we are looking to use your font in our magazine, could you please email me on to discuss?

Many thanks
Laurie501  Jul 08, 2009
One of my fave free form fonts ... Thank so much.
thecakery  Jul 24, 2009
I was wondering if i could use your font for my website, i have a small cake business and just love this font, and was going to use if for my logo.
please email me at

thanks so much!
photocowgirl  Aug 12, 2009
I dl this a few months ago for scrapbooking and LOVE it! God Bless and thanks for sharing!
shmarcie  Sep 21, 2009
Hello! Wondering if I can use this font for a non-profit organization I work for - a Christian camp. We're doing a flyer and I love the handwriting look. We often handwrite something and then scan it in, but this would be so much easier. Email me at and let me know what your policy is.
surfish13  Dec 12, 2009
I totally love your fonts, specially this one. Mostly by the name!! God bless you
maggieandfrank  Feb 04, 2010
I LOVE this font! As soon as i saw it i fell in love. I am starting a hair bow company and would love to use this font for logos, business cards, website....Please please email me
tinasparkle  Jun 02, 2010
Hello, I would like to request permission to use your font. I am never sure what commercial purposes means! The font will feature on some greetings cards for a charity that helps children in at risk in Brazil. It will be a small run of cards I believe and most proceeds go to charity, the rest goes to print and production. Please email me at I can put a credit to you on the back of the card if this suits you. Look forward to hearing from you. Victoria.
sharon65  May 01, 2011
great job on the fonts!! i love your titles for them too. not everyone will get them, especially if they're not a christian. i'm not sure if you always mean to leave a message in the title but there are times when one definately comes through. keep doing what god's calling you to do. i'll see you in heaven someday. :o)
nburmandesign  Jul 19, 2011
Love this font. It's great to see that you're a Christian too. I did wonder about the title! I'll be using it on, launching 22 July 2011.
Thanks and God bless!
nburmandesign  Jul 19, 2011
Love this font. It's great to see that you're a Christian too. I did wonder about the title! I'll be using it on, launching 22 July 2011.
Thanks and God bless!
gonzojournalism  May 30, 2013
The name of this font is stupid.

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