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j!GokU sHoUJo  Feb 25, 2007
Funny, cute, and great font!!! Thank you very much for sharing!!! XD XD
chiudore  May 11, 2007
Hi, love this one. I have a question.
My and my friends entered a contest were you are going to invent stuff. We now need to create a presentation.
In our logo, we want to use the frog - the first one in the picture above - but I can't ask you - the creator - if it is ok because i don't know who you are! This is just a local competition for teenagers, and we would not use it on the real market without permission of course. But I wonder if it's ok that we use it in our presentation? If not you can contact me at and I completely respect what ever you choose to do. I would be VERY happy if we can use it. It's perfect for our invention. Please contact me if you want to - I hope there will be no problems. Thank you, this font is absolutely great. /Annie, Sweden
_ertzuiop  Sep 13, 2007
I also want to take one part of your font.
The fish.
I want to take it as a Detail of a Logo for a german basic primary school. The Project is for free, so that the school can get an new design without paying something.

Please answer me to this comment to becauce I don't want to use one of your font parts without your accordance.

thx! :D
bambucha  May 01, 2008
it is fantastic font!

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