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cinesis  Mar 13, 2010
EXCELLENT font. Serious thanks for your work.
strikeone  May 15, 2011
looks great, good work.
chungdehtien  Sep 02, 2011
love it! love it! good job!
preston0518  Feb 20, 2013
I was wondering if I could have commercial permission for this font? Email: Thanks!
mgabriel29  Mar 07, 2013
Fantastic font. So versatile! May I have commercial permission to use this fantastic font of your?

verbotten  Mar 31, 2013
how do you use this for a website?
verbotten  Mar 31, 2013
btw I am surprised this font isnt available on google fonts,
internetdoctor  Jun 03, 2013
Hi! Really like your font. We would like to use it in an underwater archeology logo. Please send your response to Thanks.  Jun 24, 2013
Hi, this font is fantastic, would it be possible to use it in a logo? If you could reply to I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.
skint richie  Jun 27, 2013
Great font, I'd like to use it for a series of screen-prints for an art installation,
Limited editions of prints will be for sale.

junihylton323  Jul 06, 2013
Love this font, I might use it for a logo for a parks and rec program. Please let me know if i could have your permission? Thanks!
stevecserri  Jul 22, 2013
Well done on creating such a great Font! Can I have permission to use this font for Commercial use? Contact me on; would love to utilise this font :)

Well done once again!!
djaawn  author of Franchise   Jul 24, 2013
For everyone who asked about using the font commercially, the answer is yes, please do, and please send shots of what you're doing with it if you remember.
ilizy  Nov 26, 2013
So great! May I have commercial permission to use this font? Thanks!
djaawn  author of Franchise   Jan 07, 2014
Hi. To all who have asked for permission for commercial usage, yes, it is allowed. Sorry, I don't check these messages here. You can see the licensing here:
djaawn  author of Franchise   Jul 28, 2014
Please do not download the font from this site, but rather from my own site: where you can still get it for free or choose your own price.

I have requested that this be removed from dafont, but if you're seeing this, then it probably has not been.

The hard-working creator of this typeface.

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