DK Lemon Yellow Sun

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heathert  Jan 30, 2015
Totally cute!
abennett  May 15, 2015
Hi, we are a academy school called William Bradford Academy.
(Upper School)
Being an academy I'm guessing we are classed as a business now so hence asking if we can have permission to use this font on our network free of charge or not?
Can you e-mail me on asap due to students would like to use this font as part of their exams. Many thanks - Andrew Bennett (Technician)
dudarafaelli  Jun 13, 2015
Hello, may i use you font in a video? I'll put it on youtube :)
saraqualls  Aug 08, 2015
I would like to use your font (it's beautiful!) in a children's newsletter for special needs. Can you please email me if that would be okay?
gjurg4  Aug 27, 2015
Hi, I love your font! I'm starting a business and was wondering if it would be okay to use your font on some shirts I am planning to sell. Can I use it free of charge or would I need to pay you? E-mail me at . Thank you so much!
hanoded  author of DK Lemon Yellow Sun   Sep 03, 2015
Hey Gjurg4 - read the ReadMe. Commercial use requires purchasing a license.
littleokieshop  Oct 07, 2015
Hanoded how would I go about purchasing a license for commercial use of your font? It's adorable. I've looked on here, and cannot see a place to do so. Thanks!
littleokieshop  Oct 07, 2015
Nevermind! Didn't see your website posted :)
hanoded  author of DK Lemon Yellow Sun   Oct 19, 2015
looda  Apr 28, 2016
i would like to use your font on product package
will it be ok to use it for free?
e-mail me at
thank you a lot
lotteroza  May 10, 2016
Hello, What a nice font. Im student from the Willem de Kooning academy.
I will make a schoolreport. Can i use all the fonts-family?

my email:
Thank you so much.
esperanza bringas  May 30, 2016
Hello, I love this font! i would like to use it in a t-shirt. e-mail me at

thank you,

Steph7pm  Sep 04, 2016
Hello,I´m a student from the FAD in México, I would like to use your font for a school proyect, it's a kids book and i find your font perfect for it, will that be ok? e-mail me please:, thanks!!
Hi, great font! I'm a student and using your font in a competition brief which if I win may lead to commercial use. How would I go about purchasing the rights to use it? my email is
hanoded  author of DK Lemon Yellow Sun   Dec 08, 2016
Paul, read the FAQ file.
DavidSRegier  Mar 21, 2017
Did Pearl Jam's Jeremy have influence on this font and name by chance? If it did, consider my arms raised in a "V"!
hanoded  author of DK Lemon Yellow Sun   Mar 21, 2017
woanchew  Apr 05, 2017

We would like to use the font (whole family - if have) for some tote bag design. Will it be ok for us to use it? Please kindly contact me @
dhafiyaaqilla  May 27, 2017
I'm a student from Indonesia, and i would like to use your font for a school event and it's a promotion banner, will it be ok for me to use it? fyi that i don't get any paid from this.
my email:
Thank you!:)

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