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ReD CoDe  Dec 22, 2008
very nice
Koalaura5  Apr 25, 2009
Wanted to ask about use on a handmade card for submission to a magazine? Is this okay? Love the font!
NextTodd  Jul 27, 2009
Why are all the LCD fonts of this type slightly oblique? It would seem obvious to make a rectangular version with right angles.
soldmysuol  Jan 31, 2010
Lots of imperfections in this font. Nexttodd, there is one called ds digital that has a variation that is not oblique.
Jonathan Hagard  Jun 29, 2011
Hi there,
I am an art director who works for Unit9, a digital production company based in London. I really like your font and I wanted to select it for an iphone app we are working on.
Could you tell me if I can have the authorization for using it?
Here is my email address:
Thank you for your answer

Best regards,

meleno  Dec 29, 2011
Hi there,
I would love to use this font on a banner to shopwindows, would that be ok?
Thanks in advance!
Ueprod  Feb 18, 2012
This is a finely done font. I want to use it in a short film, please email me at " "
hartmann1108  Oct 07, 2012
HI there,
I would like to use this font for a tutoring flyer I am making. Please e-mail at Thanks!
ruthkucklick  Nov 16, 2012
I am a product designer and would like to purchase the license for this font for commercial use. Please email me at

dpreslar  Dec 13, 2012
Hello! I'm a UX Designer for a software company. We are developing a free mobile application and would like to use Digital-7 therein. Please advise. Thanks so much, and great work! This is the best digital font family on the world wide web!

tdtory  Mar 07, 2013
Hi There. I'm a student currently working on a free iPhone application. I would like to use Digital 7 fonts, which is the greatest LCD fonts I could find. Thanks in advance. Please email me at
zlr  Mar 13, 2013

Can I use this for one word in a newsletter?
Carl.2  Apr 16, 2013
I think it is used by Apple.
kfa  Oct 23, 2014
Hi, I'm a graphic designer and I'd like to use your font for a design. Please email me at with more information. Thanks.

cath5000  Feb 19, 2015
Hello I'd like to use this font on a banner that I'm working on for a charity, would that be okay? My email

mat.geb  Feb 26, 2015
Hi there,

would you mind if I use this wonderfull Font for an iOS and Android App?Please contact me for further details.

Cheers Mat
annaD7  Feb 26, 2015
Hello, I'm a UX Designer for an app company. We are developing a commercial mobile application and would like to use Digital-7 therein. We would love to buy the font, just we are not sure, if after buying it is really allowed include the font in the apps... Please e-mail at Thanks!
MiisterOps  Apr 02, 2015
Hello,well you gonna a guy called scott cawthon the guy made five nights at freddy's well scott used your font to fnaf 2

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