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StreetLingaz  Dec 16, 2008
I like this font. It's simple but it has a smooth feel to it. :)
dafont4all  Jan 18, 2009
Damn nice Love it :D
Franklin Gorge  Jan 19, 2009
Once I open this font, it feels like I'm surrounded by a world of texture, smoothness and complete daze. The smooth architecture and the words are simply so matching that they make an incomparable pair. Looking on the outside, I like this simple, funky font! Great work done :P
H3lly  Jan 20, 2009
Très jolie police ^^ J'aime beaucoup =3
Very pretty font ^^ I love it =3
bockart  Feb 03, 2009
Hello, thank you for this great font. We used it in a logo for one of our products (Belgacom) Please contact us to talk about the usage of it. Greets, Johan
CCxTheClown  Mar 20, 2009
So Cute...:)
ictstudent  Jul 06, 2009
thank you ever so much MacArtista i love you you and your cartoons have so much imagination i reall hope you keep up this career and i love your work so much its adorable
Franklin Gorge  Oct 01, 2009
It works better, I believe with lower case letters. All beautiful and not a flaw to be spotted if I'm exact and precise!
Heidi  Mar 25, 2010
Hi. Please let me know if I have permission to use this font in a published childrens book?
spinoz  Apr 02, 2010
Hi, I would like to use this font for commercial use. How can I get a license? please contact me at
Thank you.
kellboat  Apr 11, 2011
I love this font and would love to incorporate it into a logo I am working on. Is it available for commercial use? Thanks.
mirr  Oct 31, 2011
Very nice font, is this font free? can I use it on my site?
Manu3  Dec 08, 2011
Hi, I really like this font and I would like to use it for my own signature (professionnal card and such) Ho it will cost?

this is my e-mail:
CrimsonJared  Jan 30, 2012
Hi there

I love this font, and I would like to use it in my website, can you please contact me at

thanks so much
calcommu  Feb 21, 2012
Hello... This font is great. We would like to use it for NON-commercial material, do we have your permission ?

Thx to answer me at

And thx for doing such a great job :)
xosseus  Aug 26, 2012
great work, how's it for commercial use? my email:
Jerado  Feb 09, 2015
Great font! What are you policies for commercial use of this font? Please let me know at

solebarross  Mar 04, 2015
I love this font! Would you tell me your policies for the commercial use of it? Mi email: Thanks!

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