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StreetLingaz  Oct 10, 2008
This is a really cool font. I love the grunge effect on a classic stencil font. :) Good work. I will definitely use this for something.
monroe  Oct 10, 2008
There´s something wrong with the K.
It´s clear black, no distorted patterns on it.
sizzle creative  Oct 10, 2008
I rate it, really nice
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Oct 10, 2008
The 'K' is directly clear. It's not a mistake.
GEMALLİA  Oct 10, 2008
chchln  Oct 11, 2008
tnk you! :)
helolala  Oct 14, 2008
thank you ;)
myxaz  Oct 23, 2008
Damm This Font Is Alsome Yo !
pook  Oct 26, 2008
thank you ;)
sunflower7  Oct 29, 2008
this is a wonderful font. i love it!
can i use it on a website? or is for personal use only?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Oct 30, 2008
Of course, You can use it as you like. It's totally free.
You're Welcome
Lergnag  Oct 31, 2008
Hey thanks I'm thinking about using it for a project as well, since it kinda fits with a horror theme.
JasmineInWonderland  Nov 01, 2008
I love this font it will be great for movies.
E21M20B27  Nov 22, 2008

Némi Magyar karaktereket is belerakhattál volna. :) Most bazi nagy szükségem lenne erre a font-ra, de nem tudom használni, mert nincsen benne "É" és "Á" betü. :)

Üdv: Imre
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Nov 22, 2008
Jó látni h magyarok is vannak itt és nem kell állandóan angolul irkálni, de készül a többi karakter
wasfi  Nov 26, 2008
greeting has all I search the police which there is on banknotes USAs to make texts I find this pretty but not find seen that you are pro I count on your knowledge to use thank you beforehand
thank you
frisbeetit  Dec 11, 2008
Very, very tidy work mate. I'm a designer in Australia and would LOVE to use this as part of a branding project with your permission. Would that be OK? I'd be more than happy to provide you with further info if necessary. Again, great work & thanks very much in advance.
spastorius  Dec 12, 2008
Great font! I'd like to use it in poster for a commercial application. Is that okay?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Dec 13, 2008
Of course yes!
ReD CoDe  Dec 13, 2008
This is a really cool font. I love the grunge effect on a classic stencil font. :) Good work. I will definitely use this for something
DuRTyBuRDy  Feb 03, 2009
finally! a font with accents! thank you
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Feb 03, 2009
You're welcome
flipdarius  Feb 04, 2009
I loved this!

Mr. Bálint, would you give me any tip on making grunge, complex fonts? I find difficult to render then with FontLab. Do you use another software? Or have any special plugin? Thanks!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Feb 06, 2009
I'm using FontCreator 5.6, but often making the characters with Photoshop than inserting the pictures to FontCreator. (It's not very difficult to make grunge characters in Photoshop)
LaLaLaaa  Feb 14, 2009
How do you use this?
Is there a code?
Im confused.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Feb 14, 2009
I draw the characters with Photoshop than I save it. After it there is a function in FontCreator which can insert a picture and make it as a character. So You can even make a landscape as a character but it's foolish. Is it clear?
mixed  Feb 28, 2009
hei...this font becomes famous in indonesia....
i find it in many event posters...
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Feb 28, 2009
Good news for me! Thanx:)
andris  Mar 30, 2009

Felhasználtam a fontot egy flyerhez ha nem gond.
Nagyon szép lett gratulálok
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Mar 31, 2009
Hát nem tom mi az a flyer de semmi gond!
És köszi a dícséretet!(:
achilles1894  Apr 02, 2009
Can some on help me?

I dont know how to get the TTF code..

can some on tell me how i can upload this font at
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Apr 02, 2009
What is the problem with TTF code??
argentina  Apr 15, 2009
adrastos86  Apr 16, 2009
Fantastic font, heart it. Tks for it!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Apr 16, 2009
You're welcome! :D
lucianamorin  Apr 23, 2009
Really nice, thank you!
carleh  Apr 25, 2009
How cool the font was!
By the way,I need you're permission...
Can I put it on my site and anyone can
download you're font??

I'll credit you if you wanted =]

Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Apr 26, 2009
It's totally free so you can put it to the site! ;) But please put a sign: Made by Koczman Bálint (or something like this)
carleh  Apr 26, 2009
Thank you so much !!
Franklin Gorge  May 03, 2009
I really like the font of 'Capture it', seems very graphic and well-designed. This intricate, fancy and trendy design is sharp, tart, simple and also amazingly beautiful. I really adore it. How did you make it so exciting?

-For author
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 03, 2009
I made with Photoshop.

-For Franklin Gorge
ooopsorry  May 06, 2009
Dude thanks a lot, it's the coolest font - and it's for free!

you rock
stopthewar24  May 12, 2009
This is a simply excellent font. It has a unique, genuine look -- I've used it on one project already and have seen it used other random places. I appreciate the amount of work that went into it. And the amount of letters available is surprising and wonderful!

I do have one comment: Because the "B" doesn't have a bar on the back, it doesn't look right when paired up with the letter "I" (for example, in the word "Gibson"). The "I" looks like a part of the "B" -- try typing the word and you'll see what I mean. The result of this is that I end up typing an "I" directly before every "B" that I use (Gibson is typed as Giibson), which looks perfect but is a bit of a clumsy workaround. Is there a way to deal with this? Or a way to make a variant of the font where the "B" has a vertical bar on the back?

Anyhow, the font rocks.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 12, 2009
Er... I see your problem. I will do somethiong with it.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 13, 2009
Ok, I made the update. I hope this will be accepted soon.
Sledcake  May 20, 2009
Lova all the fonts on this page.Capture it my fave. Never been able to download it, tried several times to vista.
Anyway, great design.
kellybby09  May 24, 2009
is there a code
stopthewar24  May 26, 2009
Hey, thanks so much for updating this! The new version works excellently with all the letter combinations that I've tried. Really nice of you to make the change. Such a good font...
day1028  May 31, 2009
OMG!! I love this font! Its on the book of one of my favorite authors. Identical by Ellen Hopkins.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 31, 2009
Indentical is another font, not mine, just similar.
Domino  Jun 01, 2009
Hey, I really like this font. Do you have an english Ł sign made in the font?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jun 01, 2009
This font isn't includes thi sing. But I will update soon and make this sign for you.
Domino  Jun 01, 2009
Okay thank you. it's because i'm using it for a project due in this week, and realy want to use this font for the project
olly  Jun 02, 2009
Hi this font is exceptional good and really great for products. I`ve used it for a product packaging/logo just wanted so be sure I`ve permission to use it. I can send you a mock-up of the package.


Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jun 05, 2009
Oh please send it, I would like to see this.
lcherolis  Jun 08, 2009
I've encountered the problem with the B. The bar has disappeared since I tried using the font on a different computer. Where can I get the latest version where the B is fixed?

Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jun 09, 2009
This is the latest version.
But you can get it from my website too.
dilmo22  Jul 03, 2009
The "Çç" is missing :(
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jul 04, 2009
Yes, I know. I haven't made it yet, but I'll make updates.
McKack  Jul 10, 2009
I love hove the scratches aligns perfectly up when I type PRISON BREAK ;) You also see why the K is clear then, heh. Nice font, man.
luv2tatu  Jul 14, 2009
Can I use this font for commercial purposes? Kindly let me know. Thank you.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jul 14, 2009
Of course you can use it as you like. It's free.
mixed  Aug 09, 2009
it'd be better if u give a bar on the back of the "B" in capture it 2...

thanks a lot for the fonts...
it's free
and it's rock!!!
ChaosElement  Aug 17, 2009
superheros81  Sep 03, 2009
bonjour la banne la tete
slutgirl22  Sep 03, 2009
This font made me wet.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Sep 04, 2009
Hey mates! Thanx for everyone who downloadedthis font!
Capture it reached the 1million downloads.
Thx again!;)
crd22  Sep 10, 2009
1 million downloads?!!
Congrats man!
This is a very nice font, one of my all time favorites.
It's so simple but amazing.
Bremm.Bremm  Sep 10, 2009

suzylee  Sep 29, 2009
hey your font is used on a cd cover of a german hip hop group! i immediatley recognized it!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Sep 30, 2009
nice cover, thanx for showing me it.
and cool gogles!
br_mess_0911  Oct 02, 2009
un trés bon police, je te félicite
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Oct 02, 2009
er...sorry br mess 0911 but I can't understan it
Amazingmax  Dec 25, 2009
Улучши пожалуйста кириллические знаки. можно Я покажу свою версию?
Improve please Cyrillic characters. I can show you my version?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Dec 26, 2009
I made the Cyrillic characters in the basic Capture it font.
Amazingmax  Dec 30, 2009
I know. But they are bad.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jan 01, 2010
Ohh really? I dind't know it. Please send me your version in an email.
lee_p  Jan 02, 2010
Hi. I really like the font. Can I ask your permission to use it on my website? Thanks.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jan 03, 2010
Yes, of course. You can use it.
September-  Feb 02, 2010
whats a " siggi" ?
Dawnelle  Feb 21, 2010
Well done. Wish I were this talented! Thanks for sharing.
swiftdrifters  Mar 17, 2010
Man I really like this font but can u make a regular filled without the splatter in it just regular, looks really good like old hollywood market fonts when u walk by the shops will be donating I know how hard us designers spend on these designs donate people dont be messed up we need donations =)>
brtkr  May 20, 2010
I'm always in trouble what to say in the situation when fonts don't contain any Hungarian glyphs such this.
The double accent is accent (almost) and not double dot. The acute is acute and not dot. The grave is grave and not dot. I know this is the speciality of this font. It is an addition to contain all the cirillic and almost all greek letters, too.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 21, 2010
Hey, you don't have to use if you don't like it.
Chuck Norris  Nov 20, 2010
One of the best fonts EVAH!!!

-Chuck Norris
magdafst  Jan 06, 2011
I love it. Thanks for sharing.
camilla_  Jan 14, 2011
That's good, I've been searching for the Prison Break's font for a while so I was glad when I saw this.
henkvdb  Feb 16, 2011
Is there any way to get the font in just as a solid? I'm trying to get this font integrated with a logo I'm designing for my business, and the graphics guy I'm dealing with says he can't cut all the little pieces of the letters, so I need to make it solid. Any ideas?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Feb 17, 2011
Well, really it would be a great work to make it solid. It's in my mind since ages to make but I can't bring myself because it needs so much time. Maybe after my GCSEs...
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Mar 07, 2011
I had a plenty of free time a few days ago so I totally made the solid verion of this font. You can find it on my website as Cleanwork and of course on daFont when it will be accepted.
Don't forget to donate if you like it.:)
rochellep  Mar 17, 2011
This is great for headline text. Wondering why Capture it shows up in Photoshop but not Illustrator? Illustrator will only show Capture it 2. Using CS5, on an Intel mac. Looks fine in Fontbook.
Atmospherecom  Mar 23, 2011
Bonjour,je souhaiterais utiliser votre typo pour un catalogue de produits auto. Seriez-vous d accord ?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Mar 24, 2011
Please can you write it in English?
Atmospherecom  Mar 25, 2011
Sorry and Hello, typo of your to use of I would wish pour the car of a catalogue of products. Agreement of would you Be ?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Mar 30, 2011
I agree to use it.
Atmospherecom  Apr 08, 2011
thank you
lucn31  Apr 25, 2011
Good work, really nice font. I would like to use it for different non-profit work. Do you agree ?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Apr 25, 2011
Yes, I agree. And don't forget to use the donation button if you like the font.;)
jo89  May 10, 2011
hey i love your font very much and i want use it for a comic that i want to sell online , do you agree ? (Excuse me for
the language i don't speak english very well.) thank
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 14, 2011
I agree, and don't forget the donation.
Sbhatti  May 18, 2011
Hey, So I love your font and want to use it apart of a logo I am creating. The logo would be trademarked. Do you agree to this?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 21, 2011
Yes I agree.
zerodeluxe  May 23, 2011

Love this font - been using it for a few web banners.

One question- is the back bar on the B likely to be included on Capture It 2 soon?


Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 23, 2011
Ungrunged version of this font is now available on You can find it as Cleanwork. I hope you will like it as you like it's dirty brother.:)
Tappz_TAP  Jun 21, 2011
Hi i really like your font i would like to use it as part of a design do you mind?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jun 24, 2011
Okay you can use it.  Aug 11, 2011
Hi... I am happy to make a donation... but, I need the grunge feel but still need the bar on the B... what can I do???
Please help... and thank you..
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Aug 13, 2011
The capital B has the bar on it.
asmirno  Dec 07, 2011
hey i am using your font for a new photobook called BUSKERS and the K in the middle just seems off without the grunge effect. I know its not cool to ask but anyway you can add a version a grunge effect on the K, check it!buskers

let me know alex.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Dec 09, 2011
Well, it was not the first ask for the grungness of K so I made it. So now it's yours to download, use and donate. Thanx
JTask  Mar 17, 2012
Hey can I use your font?
I would love to use it in a Logo.
If you want I show your font in Tutorials and link them to this site, if I made someones..I will use it for a gaming youtube channel, but i surely make some tutorials... :)
danofthemill  Mar 20, 2012
this is a brilliant font. Cpr Sparhelt, do you also have this font regular, undecorated? i think you should do a series of font styles based on capture it. great work. thanks
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Mar 20, 2012
@ JTask: You can use it for the logo, no problem with it!

@ danofthemill: clean version of the font is called Cleanwork.
JTask  Mar 28, 2012
thanks :D and can I use it for the background and the whole channel? (I linked this Page in my channel :D)
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Mar 31, 2012
Feel free to use it as you like.
steveo1259  Apr 11, 2012
This is a great font! Used in some of our design work!
GOWWII  Apr 21, 2012
This is an amazing font, and I just wanted to send my appreciation to you especially in regards to making this completely free for any type of usage. I double checked your 'read me' in the download, plus the comments on here to make sure it could be used for both personal and/or commercial use - to which I was confirmed it was acceptable.

We are using your font on our promo/posters for a documentary we are filming over in Europe called "Ghosts of World War II". You can view its usage over on Kickstarter:

It will also be in use for our DVDs, shirts, etc when the project is complete. Once the documentary is finished, we'll have you credited in the film's credits in thanks for allowing us to use this font. I can't begin to explain how nice it is that you've allowed 'Capture It' to be completely free for any type of use, and we all very much appreciate it.

If you have any further questions, you can send us a message on the link above at Kickstarter. Cheers!
MattGhaz  May 01, 2012
I am not 100 percent sure but if so, it would be so cool! I believe this is the font used in the new "The Expendables 2" character posters!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 02, 2012
You're right!:)
spice3boy  Aug 22, 2012
Used in the bollywood blockbuster "Ek Tha Tiger"

Cool Font sir.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Aug 22, 2012
Coool! Thanx for the link!
LWINAND  Aug 23, 2012
Hey, I'd like to use this in a commercial application for VA loans - is that ok?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Aug 24, 2012
It's okay, of course!
flapps  Dec 14, 2012
Hi there,
I absolutely love your font. Is there any chance I can please use it in a new iOS app I am currently creating?

Thanks so much.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Dec 19, 2012
Sure, do it!
darthmatt  Jan 14, 2013
Hi Cpr.Sparhelt, this is one of my favourite fonts. Excellent work. Is it OK to embed it on my website. I will put links to you. Matt
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Jan 19, 2013
Of course, it's okay!
irene77  Jun 13, 2013
This is the font used in the new album by Eros Ramazzotti entitled "Noi" ("Somos" in Spanish).
johnfontsearch  Jun 19, 2013
Hello Cpr. Sparhelt, may I use this in my new iOS app? I'll be sure to send you a screenshot!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Aug 07, 2013
@irene77: Thanks for letting me know!

@johnfontsearch: Of course, you can use it!
illuminaughtygames  Sep 04, 2013
Hello, I am making a virtual sword fighting game for Android and would love to use this font for the game's logo! I will certainly credit you!
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Sep 10, 2013
@illuminaughtygames: You can do it, of course!
Lyziah  Sep 15, 2013

I love this font! Can I use it on my website and on my illustrations? The website talk about my novel which take place in the future, and your font correspond with it. Of course, I'll mention you on my website! :)

Thanks so much,
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Sep 24, 2013
@Lyziah: You can use, of course, and the crediting is appreciated!!
derelicked  Nov 19, 2013
This is a great font! I see you've gotten asked this a lot, but could I use this for a t-shirt design I'm making? It absolutely works perfectly with what I'm going for.
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Nov 22, 2013
Yes, of course, you can use it! You can also donate to show some love!:)
gr_nahom78  Jul 20, 2014
Hi, Its a great font and is really cool. I am using this in creating my logo. Hope this is ok. Thanks.
broddy  Mar 27, 2015
Hi, can I use this font for my band logo and on the t-shirt of the band? We are planning to sell them to our friends.
Thanks a lot.
Ike_32  Mar 27, 2015
This font is amazing! Can I have your permission to use it for commercial use?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Apr 15, 2015
You can use it, of course!
marte0911  Apr 24, 2015
This font is just what I was looking for! Can I have your permission to use it for commercial use in a book?
marte0911  Apr 30, 2015
This font is just what I was looking for! Can I have your permission to use it for commercial use in a book?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 15, 2015
Of course, you can use it!
carie  Jun 04, 2015
Hello, This font is exactly the one I wanted. Can I have your permission to use it for the creation of a children's book that would be sold?
ExpeditionJack  Aug 25, 2015
I love this font!
Can I please have your permission to use your font Capture it for commercial use to feature in all of my YouTube videos?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Aug 29, 2015
Yes, you can!
ekm18908  Sep 20, 2015
Hi, Capture it is awesome. Can I use it for my logo?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   Nov 01, 2015
Yes you can!
Mellyprice33  Jan 21, 2016
I'm having troubles downloading this font? Is something wrong with it I'm trying to download it to phonto, all other fonts are working fine! And this is my favourite so please help me out!
Katieous  Jan 31, 2016
Thank you for this great font!
fjon  Mar 04, 2016
Hi! Awesome font! Well done! I'd like to use it for commercial use (iOS Game), would it be possible?
charlotte lipscombe  Apr 07, 2016
Please can I double check that your font called ‘Capture It’ is free to use for any use?
It’s great and we are using it in our graphics for a television programme to be broadcast all over the world.
anfizoom  May 01, 2016
Hi, this font is ideally to CD design (use only on the back inlay CD).
Can I use it commercially? What charge?
Cpr.Sparhelt  author of Capture it   May 18, 2016
The font is free for both personal and commercial usage. Donation is an option for supporting me and I appreciate any amount!
taherallam  Jun 13, 2016
thank you

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