Candy Cane

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chatterbaby  Aug 13, 2006
It is a very cute font, which is very usefull for christmas cards ect.
It would be good if you had one called " fairy floss"
Camila Novis  Jun 18, 2007
is very cute !!
i love chritmas!!
and candy! i'm love this candy cane ! very good this is very cute!!!! I LOVE CANDY CANE!
kisses Camila Noviis ! of brazil!
cromwellandlucy  Sep 15, 2007
yooooouuuu copied tht
u lier ive seen it sme were elze and i no they dindt cpy it they made IT
jessica77  Oct 21, 2007
what do you mean they copied it?
probably it's the same person.
I love it.
joannaa.badman  Dec 18, 2008
i want it on my comp but i cant have it=[=[=[=[=[=[=[
ManpreetB  Jan 15, 2009
Whoaaa Dis Is Soooo Cool Man...
I Jus Dnt No Wah 2 Say...
Out Ov Control...
Wicked... SpaceGirl x
toriamath  Jun 09, 2009
I'm gonna use this for my Christmas cards in December :)

Isabella P.  Jul 22, 2009
This font can be really nice if she have accents, and the dot.
abobeck11  Feb 07, 2010
It needs a 3D overlapping texture or something.
heyyitsabbygail  Nov 11, 2010
Cute and simple font!
charlenegraces02  Apr 03, 2011
This is a kind of font I'm looking's cute..candies eh?
This is such a cute font I love how you made it look like they are candy canes
Michel_Bujardet  Jun 01, 2012
I appreciate your commentaries.

Of cours, cromwellandlucy must have had a terrible handover after posting their venum, but I did create this font. Proof is, paradoxycally, that it has not be copied since 2007 ,^)

The evaluation version you have here does not contain punctuation and accents. If you feel like acquiring the complete font, please have a look at my site :

I shall post an update soon.


Michel Bujardet
Electronic Type Designer
hello6898655  Jul 03, 2012
love this font :-) great for christmas cards :-)
Lauriec  Dec 21, 2012
Your website isn't working.
skittles4779  Aug 29, 2013
is there a way to make this red and green?
Lauriec  Oct 10, 2013
I would love to buy the font for commercial use but your website isn't working.
alextby  Dec 12, 2014
Wonderful font. Makes me think about christmas and childhood...

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