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fredheimholm  Oct 10, 2008
Very nice, cheers for the free font. Works really well on posters I feel. Here's one I've knocked up:

Thanks again.
dirtytoxic  Jul 21, 2011
this font unbelievably suits for most of my designs. i love this very much. the reason why i created a username here is just to say that, and of course thank you!
davidong  May 12, 2012
I would also like to know, I could use this font for logo or if i need to purchase it? please email me at Thank you.
SF Studio  Mar 04, 2013
i'm with dirtytoxic - i love this font & I actually registered just so that I could tell you how much i like it. I haven't used it in a design but I think it's got a great appeal, and would consider using it w/ the right project. I guess we typophiles love type just for it's own sake. tx!
chasepjacobs  Nov 19, 2013
love this typeface, really want to use it for a small-scale logo project. what are the conditions?
davefaint  Dec 04, 2013
Hi! Big fan of your font. I was just wondering if I could use this font for a design or if I would need to pay you? Please email me at
Fabien_Madimba  Jan 01, 2014
Hello, I like your Font and I would like to use it.
Could you please communicate about the terms and conditions on
geenah  Feb 26, 2014
I am also wondering about your font's terms & conditions. Love it!
Eko Freak  Mar 31, 2014
Hello! I would like to use you Font for a design.
Can you email me with the required information to gain a licence for it.

HughesUSL  Apr 09, 2014
I am also interested in obtaining a license for your font. Absolutely love it! Please email me at

Thank you!
jurrianlankhof  May 05, 2014
Hello there,

I am also interested in obtaining a license for your font. Absolutely love it! Please email me at

Thanks in advance!
lozza12345678  Jun 10, 2014
Hi, please could you email me how much it would cost get a license for your font? its fab and would like to use it in a logo if possible. Many thanks, Please email me at - thank you, Lou :)
lozza12345678  Jun 10, 2014
sorry - that should be!!
jwoolace  Jun 20, 2014
Love this font. Can you e-mail me to let me know how much it would cost to purchase this font? i work at a non profit and would love to use this for a fund raising event we have coming up. Thanks.

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