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inoe  Sep 03, 2007
ini dari indonesia ya? wow
Nugroho  Feb 25, 2008
Meniko panci saking Jawi. Ananging kok ngagem nami kados tiyang Jepang?
lorenc  Apr 16, 2009
Hello. would like to use this font commercially. please email me with fees associated. Thanks
chrisbeaman  Jul 29, 2010
Love this font.
Sittipong  Dec 07, 2010
Gunarta  Mar 16, 2011
you know what.. bebas = free (feeling) in Indonesian
BrandonCordoba  Mar 27, 2011
Can I use this font on my website that sells products & services for free or do I need to pay someone? If I need to pay how much & how do I pay you?
maryo  Oct 05, 2011
please tell me how I can get the entire alphabet so I can embroider it with my embroidery machine.
dubs_d3sgn  Nov 22, 2012
lli-design  Jan 26, 2014
Nice font, Is it available for commercial use ? Please contact us at
elysiachu  May 22, 2014

Can I use this font commercially?

What are the terms and conditions for using this?

Orne1  Aug 17, 2014
hey can you please let me know if i can use this font commercially for free or will i have to pay for it.

kjarvo  Nov 03, 2014
Great font, but it sticks up outside a text box (not a massive problem, but you have to draw the text box a bit lower than you actually want it).

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