Batman Forever

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artic108  Aug 30, 2011
Thank you, i will put to good use your font.
Zazza88  Sep 17, 2011
Wicked Font Mate!!!
foreverseobing  Nov 29, 2011
I wonder how it became the BEAST font OoO
anyways,,,I love this font!!>u<
lambert.david.0  Jun 06, 2012
Interestingly, NASA is using this font on their "Final Mission" emblems.
timstrikesback  Jun 14, 2012
Does anyone know the licensing rights for this font? Would like to use it for semi-commercial purposes. Thanks.
uS_Trippy  Aug 23, 2012
Why can't I use this font? It's not working...
armida  Feb 07, 2015

I would like to use this font on a shirt and sell it.
Please let me know if there are conditions or arrangements to follow. My email address is Many many thanks!
freestud  Mar 18, 2015
Great font and very useful. I like the alternating angles depending on capitalization. One issue I would just recommend correcting is that the "outline" font that is included doesn't match up with the "alternate" font. Instead of having diagonal ends on letters, it has flat ends. If this could be fixed, it would make using the outline style much more useful for three dimensional & layered effects.
jaykumarms  Mar 24, 2015
May i use this font for commercial Purpose
Joispoi  Mar 26, 2015
May is use this font for commercial purpose?

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