Base 02

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wiryanata  Nov 15, 2006
i found this font everywhere..
and even use it for some design work..
and now i found the creator...
pure prodigy
PhoeniXeuhouai  Jan 06, 2007
just thank you for a so high quality font :)
201093  Feb 09, 2007
lo sibo de encanro
azucarnegra  Feb 16, 2007
very cool!
j!GokU sHoUJo  Feb 25, 2007
This font has an army-layout. Great! ^^
pinkpalm  Apr 26, 2007
sweet font amp.?
leslie_MOA  Sep 12, 2007
luv this font...reminds me of R3B3Ld3 =D LOL
JulienS  Oct 06, 2007
Very nice (but incomplete).
matheus do udc  Oct 09, 2007
Quero Instalar A Base 02 Como
fraktal2  Oct 13, 2007
Hello, just to say that BASE02 has been used for the brazilian block-buster movie "Tropa de Elite" (Elite Squad, in English). An EXCELLENT movie, by the way, in the same vein than "City of God"

kaleen11  Nov 24, 2007
hey !
love this fonttt.!!

just want to know how i get it to my profilee !
sakdew  Jul 31, 2008
Great work... maxaaaa
Thanks Buddy
Kasun - Sri Lanka
31 07 2008
nevermudos79  Sep 20, 2008
thank`s a lot!!
gvr323  Dec 14, 2008
i am new to this website how do i download font?
UtahRugbyGuy  Oct 10, 2009
Love the font but where can I find a pay version so I can collect it for output to my local print house? I don't see the point of having a font you can't even create a PDF from. Does anyone know where I can find a pay version??? License? I'm a professional graphic artist and this font is no good to me unless I can find it. I can always do the outline text but that's a pain in the ___, plus, I don't know if that's even legal.
geekywhiteguy  Sep 07, 2010
Argh! One of my customers found this font (which is nice I guess) but I can't do ANYTHING with it. Can't collect it. Cant outline it. Can't even see it in Photoshop. Boo for Base 02 until it starts working. :p
girly-mozart  Dec 05, 2010
It's goood ;)
Mozartienne ♥  Dec 15, 2010
merci beaucoup pour cette écriture, je la cherchait depuis très longtemps et je suis très heureuse de la trouvée enfin :) !
Nob0dy  Aug 03, 2011
May some one add the "û" because i'm french and August is saying Août and it's really ugly when the u isn't like the other letters.

Great Job,thanks ! :)
gem018  Dec 11, 2011
hi there, I love this font, can you tell me if i can use it commercially for my logo? many thanks x
alar  Feb 23, 2012
cool font
MatiereBleue  May 23, 2012
Une typo grunge bon uniquement pour du petit texte car les détails sont grossiers et irréalistes.

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