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Angelique ma douce Colombe

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Chloe5972  Mar 21, 2014
I love the name of this font ...and the font too !! ;-)
Gabruca  Apr 08, 2014
J'adore ce style d'écriture! Très féminin et délicat. Je penses fortement la prendre pour un de mes prochains tatouage!
whamadeh  Apr 11, 2014
Hello, I want to use the font for shirts for clothing line and possibly company logo. Please contact me at walidhamadeh1@gmail.com. Thank you.

Oliver-Luca  May 06, 2014
Good day. Can you tell me (please heere >> previd.oli@outlook.com) what I must do? I want to use this font for a logo (sale shop). What should I do? How much money does it cost to Scripture? Regarts O.-L.
Rhuana Tondatto  May 06, 2014
não tem como mandar para o e-mail?
rachnedrud  May 14, 2014
Hi, I would like to use this font for a business-consultant logo that will be displayed on that small business's web page. Can you please contact me at rachnedrud@gmail.com? Thank you.
beefbaw  May 24, 2014
Hey, I'd love to use this font as my band logo. We're only a small local band but we'd like to use it for our branding. Please let me know how to go about this, at chrisbasfordphotography@live.co.uk. Thanks!
onlyttrusfatgirls  May 30, 2014
Hello, absolutely love the font and was hoping to use it for a company logo for my clothing line. Please contact me davidlynch04@aol.com Thanks!

onlyttrusfatgirls  May 30, 2014
excuse the username it was made a while ago >.<
lebistu  Jun 29, 2014
Hello i am very interested by this typo and i will be use it for a logo. We can talk about it by e-mail. henri.bistuer@gmail.com
almitamia  Aug 08, 2014
Hi, very nice work. The font is beautiful. I am working on a personal website, I would like to use this font in the header where my name is written. Can you please contact me about this, josephine.vittoria@gmail.com

Thanks for your time.
almitamia  Aug 08, 2014
ps. by personal website, i mean it is a website about my services / schedule/ blog as a yoga teacher and jewelry designer.
rollingpin  Aug 19, 2014
Hi - I would like to use this font for a Story in a foodmagazin. Can you please contact me at (creativedirector@mvmedien.eu) ? Thank you.

thanks Renate
NalyM94  Oct 08, 2014
Hi, I love this font and I would love to use it commercially. How much would it cost? please contact me at fashionalychic@gmail.com . Thank you
GregStreet88  Oct 11, 2014
Serious Inquiry, please contact me at elegangtterrorbusiness@gmail.com
lanap7  Oct 20, 2014
Hello, I love this font and I would like to use it commercially. How much would it cost? please email me at marleyraynebrand@gmail.com thanks

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