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isa0304  Sep 16, 2012
how do u know how alien fur looks like? lol
but seriously i love the font!!!!!!!!!!! :D
isa0304  Sep 16, 2012
person: all alien believers raise your hands
me: *raise hand*
person: why do you believe in aliens?
me: i saw a font called "alien fur" the author must know a couple aliens to make the font!
person: *slaps forehead*
maximusmaximus  author of AlienFur   Sep 17, 2012
JLOVEFONTS  May 20, 2014
Person: all fur lovers say I
me: I
person: and whys that?
me: because I do
person: okay all alien believers say I
me: I
person: have you seen an alien
me: no, but have you seen a furry alien?
person: err, no
me: well I know a guy who does
LOL this is so cool where did you get that idea from

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