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24/12/2014 a las 15:21  [respuesta]  LOGO PATRICIA FONT - THANKS!

You are welcome - you know it's in Fancy/Curler.... just click on the "First Crush" words in the green box... it's the link.

24/12/2014 a las 12:35  [respuesta]  Font name?

which was based on... Pretoria

Fuente sugerida: Pretoria Gross

24/12/2014 a las 12:33  [respuesta]  kevin gates font

It seems to be a Century Bold - but there are so many different manufacturers -- I can't give you an exact.

24/12/2014 a las 12:29  [respuesta]  LOGO PATRICIA FONT - THANKS!

Fuente identificada: First Crush

22/12/2014 a las 16:08  [respuesta]  Urgent! Font?

manually condensed

Fuente identificada: Delphin

21/12/2014 a las 14:24  [respuesta]  What the fonts??

Look up Sloop Script - for Merry

Fuente sugerida: Sloop Script

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20/12/2014 a las 12:57  [respuesta]  what font is it please ??

Fuente sugerida: Superla Medium

18/12/2014 a las 19:05  [respuesta]  Font Name?

Fuente identificada: Avant Garde Gothic ExtraLight

18/12/2014 a las 18:49  [respuesta]  need the font


18/12/2014 a las 18:35  [respuesta]  Font help please

in BOLD weight

Fuente identificada: Orbitron

18/12/2014 a las 18:30  [respuesta]  Identificación de fuente

I know this as Mr. Canfield but the lower case g is a bit different - which allows another manufacturer to make a similar font.

Thanks for the link Fontica to Monika Italic.

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18/12/2014 a las 17:01  [respuesta]  font, please

Fuente identificada: Mission Script

18/12/2014 a las 16:37  [respuesta]  Numbers

Fuente identificada: Bernhard Condensed

18/12/2014 a las 16:33  [respuesta]  need the font

Fuente identificada: Impact

18/12/2014 a las 16:30  [respuesta]  Qual a fonte?

Some of the letters match - some don't...

Fuente sugerida: Juergen

18/12/2014 a las 16:25  [respuesta]  Please help me with this font

Is it possible this is a logo for a pretzel maker?

If no one helps and you are just looking for something similar, I recommend URW's Abbey Bold.

NOT THE FONT - just a substitute.

Fuente sugerida: Abbey

18/12/2014 a las 16:13  [respuesta]  WHAT IS CHANEL FONT NAME?


In the 1980s in the USA - a trial about stealing electronic fonts was underway. The conclusion was sad. The judge admitted he could not tell the difference between a serif and san serif face - because he really wasn't looking. I was in New York at the time, and the case ruled that if there were just three changes made to a font, then it was a new font. It is why the manufacturers have fonts that are similar. Bitstream choose to rename all their fonts and make them wider than the originals. I was an Alphatype shop - we had Eurogothic - no one would have know the difference between it and Eurostile - but I can tell you - the apostrophe seemed to always be among the three characters changed.

Type design is just that DESIGN. Too many are stolen. Hours, days, years can go into creating a font. More to create a really great font... and not much can be done. There was an English or Irish woman who has been caught placing entire manufacturers' collections on "sharing" sites - there are several manufacturers that have named her in a lawsuit - it has been a few years, and still nothing has been done. And she is brazen...

18/12/2014 a las 04:14  [respuesta]  WHAT IS CHANEL FONT NAME?

The font is owned by Chanel. It is not for public use. There are similar fonts you can use. Should you use the Chanel, for commercial use, and they find out and they feel it is worth pursuing--they may bring it to court.

It is not intellectual property. It is design and tangible.

If you find a lawyer and find out anything, please follow up here. Thank you.

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18/12/2014 a las 03:39  [respuesta]  Warner Bros logo

Michael. Question for you. Do you know the difference between a font that has logos and the actual type font that created the logo?

18/12/2014 a las 00:16  [respuesta]  Cursive Font

Nice find Sexy

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