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06/12/2016 a las 17:08  [respuesta]  this or similar font?

Bold Small Caps

NOT THE FONT - a good substitute

Fuente sugerida: Barmbrack

06/12/2016 a las 16:23  [respuesta]  identification

YOUR logo - Nexa in two weights.

Fuente identificada: Nexa

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06/12/2016 a las 16:18  [respuesta]  font name please!

obliqued manually

Fuente identificada: Tucker Script

06/12/2016 a las 14:26  [respuesta]  Please Help!

This might have been designed -- and if you are duplicating it and cannot find a font -
perhaps you could look for the number 4 - and tilt it...

05/12/2016 a las 20:45  [respuesta]  FONT?

FYI - Freehand 471 is Cascade - it was Bitstream's way of making the font - and not paying royalties for the name.

05/12/2016 a las 20:42  [respuesta]  SOMEONE KNOW THIS FONT?

Please write the designer - you can send him a private message

Fuente identificada: Coolock Black

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05/12/2016 a las 19:58  [respuesta]  Font name?

Fuente identificada: Digital Strip

The closest I can find is Neue Haas Grotesk Display 25-Thin -- but the R is not right.

NOT THE FONT - just a substitute.

Fuente sugerida: Neue Haas Grotesk

05/12/2016 a las 19:49  [respuesta]  RTE One (2014-present) font

I don't think this is just one font.

The first E - looks like Busorama that was modified...

Then you have an R that is not like the other letters... and the E on the end is has an odd diagonal cut.

Fuente sugerida: Busorama

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05/12/2016 a las 19:45  [respuesta]  Steve Schindler font?

It's been kicking around a while...

Here it is again...

05/12/2016 a las 19:41  [respuesta]  Font? thanks!

Fuente sugerida: Typewriter - a602

Fuente identificada: Black Cherry Moon

Hi daaams - more like 5 years old... lol

05/12/2016 a las 18:41  [respuesta]  Font match for a script font

Fuente identificada: Ariston

05/12/2016 a las 18:06  [respuesta]  FONT?

Fuente sugerida: Cascade

04/12/2016 a las 15:50  [respuesta]  NAME PLZ ??

Bold Weight

Fuente identificada: Galliard

04/12/2016 a las 15:37  [respuesta]  please help with the font thanks

It looks like an Helvetica that someone has "eroded" - if you check the two Ns in Hannah - you'll see they have different distress markings.

So you could make it yourself - or if you want a substitute try Onkelz 2014
or try: DCC Ash:

Fuente sugerida: Onkelz 2014

04/12/2016 a las 15:26  [respuesta]  anyone knows the font

the Z only

Fuente identificada: Mistral

04/12/2016 a las 15:25  [respuesta]  anyone knows the font

Grand uri - and someone condensed it.

Fuente identificada: Holiday-India

04/12/2016 a las 15:17  [respuesta]  Name of font


Just a close substitute

Fuente sugerida: Special Elite

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