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23/04/2014 a las 04:18  [respuesta]  PRECIOUS MOMENTS

Hand lettered. There was a font called Wasted Collection based on this but it is no longer available. Sorry. Close was Kritian.

21/04/2014 a las 23:51  [respuesta]  Qual o nome dessa font?

Maybe you can find it here:

21/04/2014 a las 13:46  [respuesta]  Qual o nome dessa font?

Fuente identificada: Poppl Residenz

21/04/2014 a las 13:45  [respuesta]  Please

And when it's been for the magazine - I recommend
but your ELLE is not exactly the magazine's ELLE type... it's heavier. So rather than Didot in a heavier weight - I'd recommend Onyx

Fuente sugerida: Onyx

21/04/2014 a las 13:42  [respuesta]  Please

2 weights of Futura

Fuente identificada: Futura

20/04/2014 a las 14:43  [respuesta]  Font pleaseee~?

Fuente identificada: Alien League

20/04/2014 a las 14:41  [respuesta]  Font

Fuente identificada: Wide Awake Black

20/04/2014 a las 14:35  [respuesta]  sans serif font?

Fuente sugerida: Geo Sans

19/04/2014 a las 15:03  [respuesta]  Mayville Savings Bank

Logo MSB had base - 'humps' on M modified by designer.

Fuente sugerida: Futura Black

19/04/2014 a las 15:02  [respuesta]  Mayville Savings Bank

Fuente sugerida: Futura Heavy

Most welcome! My pleasure.

18/04/2014 a las 17:09  [respuesta]  Rose bowl?

The official logo of Rose Bowl - is similar to this - but it isn't the same script used on the stadium

If you are interested you can see it here:

and that script is the Ballantine Script that mislek10 has shown you.

18/04/2014 a las 16:51  [respuesta]  King of Kings

Good one Koeiekat...

This one has many names too - I know it as Fry....

Fuente identificada: Fry's Ornamented

17/04/2014 a las 22:57  [respuesta]  What is this font?

Fuente identificada: Weiss

17/04/2014 a las 22:53  [respuesta]  help please?

17/04/2014 a las 21:41  [respuesta]  help please?

Hard for me to see the nuances - but I think The Heartthrob is Modern 216

Fuente sugerida: ITC Modern 216

Fuente identificada: Chinese Rocks

17/04/2014 a las 21:26  [respuesta]  Help with identifying this font?

Batman looks like ITC Anna that has been modified.

Other N can be found with Qhytsdakx

Fuente sugerida: ITC Anna

17/04/2014 a las 16:24  [respuesta]  Qué font es??


Fuente identificada: Arnold Boecklin

16/04/2014 a las 20:59  [respuesta]  Help with this font

Fuente identificada: ITC Isadora

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