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27/03/2017 a las 18:44  [respuesta]  Font

I don't know about that first Z - but... the rest of this is from House Industries Flyer Collection - this one is called Distortion.

Fuente identificada: Distortion

25/03/2017 a las 16:12  [respuesta]  fonts???, gracias

Berthold's Flange Regular - squashed by a human playing on a computer.

Fuente identificada: Flange

24/03/2017 a las 16:10  [respuesta]  Font please??

ITC Galliard Ultra - outlined by a human

Fuente identificada: Galliard

It looks like Brody has has been abused by a washing machine... lol

Fuente sugerida: Brody

23/03/2017 a las 15:54  [respuesta]  Please what is that font?

Sans régime, ni yo-yo !

Fuente sugerida: Freehand 521

23/03/2017 a las 15:52  [respuesta]  Please what is that font?

Maigrir sans effort

Fuente identificada: Kabel

23/03/2017 a las 13:15  [respuesta]  destino fuente

This might be Gotham from H&J&F that a designer put a screen over - however, if you want a quick substitute


Fuente sugerida: Positive Reinforcement

23/03/2017 a las 13:08  [respuesta]  "SPLIT" original title font

It looks like Arial or Helevetia were diced - the lines go through all the letters in one chop - and not like the eroded or corrosive fonts - individually.

22/03/2017 a las 20:19  [respuesta]  fonte


Fuente identificada: Zygo

22/03/2017 a las 20:16  [respuesta]  fonte


Fuente identificada: Natural Log

22/03/2017 a las 20:14  [respuesta]  fonte


Fuente identificada: CanCan de Bois

It's not the R - but again, a substitute?

Or take good old Romana - and pinch it's R.


Fuente sugerida: Bradley Gratis

22/03/2017 a las 18:31  [respuesta]  font identification

According to some of the vendors who sell these on they say they are "custom" made numbers for race cars and motorcycles.

22/03/2017 a las 18:26  [respuesta]  New Beatport

It may have been a custom design for them. If you are just looking for a substitute try this.


Fuente sugerida: Kimberley

22/03/2017 a las 18:22  [respuesta]  Font name?


But it does remind me of Eurostile/Microgramma - the "squareness"

Fuente sugerida: Eurostile

Fuente identificada: Bebas Neue

22/03/2017 a las 18:15  [respuesta]  IDENTIFICAR FONT

I don't know the R - but the S is this

Fuente identificada: Old Newspaper Types

Or just very old and never made it to digital...

Meanwhile, I found this - it's not the font - but has the same feelings...if you squash it.

Fuente sugerida: Duvall

20/03/2017 a las 17:11  [respuesta]  SANS SERIF

Fuente identificada: Friz Quadrata

20/03/2017 a las 16:24  [respuesta]  Madonna logo font

possible for Madonna - squashed?

Fuente sugerida: Caslon Antique

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