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23/04/2017 a las 18:13  [respuesta]  Similar font?

That was a real font - I use to own it for the VGC Typositor - however, I no longer have those reference books, and the name is not coming to me. BUT I KNOW THAT E - it's killing me. lol

But, for a quick substitute - you might consider Magnolia. It's not the font - but game kind of feel...

I saw this - and had to respond - it's one of my all-time favorites.

Fuente sugerida: Magnolia

23/04/2017 a las 17:59  [respuesta]  What Font is This??! I love it!

I do not believe this is a font. The repeating letters are not exact. I don't know if anyone would develop this as a font with alternatives for the L and E... If you just want a quick substitute - try Nicotine. It is NOT THE FONT. You can pinch it in places - and turn letters so they look more animated.


Fuente sugerida: Nicotine

23/04/2017 a las 17:55  [respuesta]  Help! What font it this?

You are most welcome. Sorry I couldn't have looked in sooner -- but oh, so busy. Enjoy your Sunday.

23/04/2017 a las 17:54  [respuesta]  Font Please

It's not the font - just a quick substitute if you are still looking...

OPTIFont Cashew - which was their rendition of Challenge.


Fuente sugerida: Challenge

23/04/2017 a las 17:39  [respuesta]  Help! What font it this?

Fuente identificada: Angelica

18/04/2017 a las 20:16  [respuesta]  RICK

It looks like you can take dafont's Coradium and add a tail to the R and K

Fuente sugerida: Coradium

Gothic Special Normal - but you can't see it on the page, sorry WTF is not working right today.

If you are just looking for a quick substitute - Univers Thin Ultra Condensed

Fuente sugerida: Gothic Special

18/04/2017 a las 20:05  [respuesta]  Font

and if you want to borrow that U - you can pick it up from Linex Sans


Fuente sugerida: Linex Sans

16/04/2017 a las 16:48  [respuesta]  Adidas Consortium Font

Old ITC Special... lol

Fuente identificada: Pioneer

15/04/2017 a las 18:05  [respuesta]  HELP ME FIND THIS FONT PLEASE

15/04/2017 a las 18:03  [respuesta]  font? please :D

It reminds me of Neutraface Text from House Industries... but if you are looking for something from Dafont try TG Alcefun


Fuente sugerida: TG Alcefun

13/04/2017 a las 14:30  [respuesta]  Please Help Me!!

The S is from Eurostile-

I have a feeling the FM were modified by a human being with knowledge of a French curve.

It's not that no one wants to help you - it's no one knows that typeface.

Take a look - it is not the font - but I think the basis of FMS

Fuente sugerida: Eurostile

To xXxChopStickxXx,

Satisfaction was used for Taylor Swift's name... not the "w"

11/04/2017 a las 18:32  [respuesta]  Font

Hard to tell - type is soooo small. However, the bottom one may fit your needs. buddychampionrotate.ttf

Fuente sugerida: Buddy Champion

31/03/2017 a las 16:51  [respuesta]  Help needed on a font id please

I don't know if this is helpful - but it reminds me of Papyrus (maybe because of the texture) but the letters remind me of Tekton.

Fuente sugerida: Tekton

31/03/2017 a las 16:46  [respuesta]  ///Stonebank Font///


Fuente sugerida: Painted Lady

31/03/2017 a las 16:42  [respuesta]  FONT? :)

Fuente identificada: Morva

31/03/2017 a las 16:40  [respuesta]  Help please. Thanks!

Fuente identificada: Eight One

31/03/2017 a las 16:37  [respuesta]  help

Infantil - also expanded

Fuente identificada: Hobo

31/03/2017 a las 16:36  [respuesta]  help

dontoland - expanded manually

Fuente identificada: Tally Text

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