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29/07/2016 a las 13:49  [respuesta]  Font Please?

Fuente identificada: Ed Brush

29/07/2016 a las 13:39  [respuesta]  Professor Layton Logo

Looks like it was based on Aquitaine - made solid.

Fuente sugerida: Aquitaine

29/07/2016 a las 13:30  [respuesta]  GIOH

with the old typographer's dotless eye

in BOLD weight

Fuente identificada: Bodoni Seventytwo

Bozac - take a look at the cap R - it's Times Roman.
And yes, the reason it does not look like a font -- is because it is embroidered.

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27/07/2016 a las 18:55  [respuesta]  What is this font?

Compact Italic

Fuente identificada: Antique Olive

26/07/2016 a las 13:37  [respuesta]  help please

Fuente identificada: Arbor Brush

26/07/2016 a las 13:30  [respuesta]  connaissez-vous ?

Fuente identificada: Hobo

There are so many like this these days...

If you are in a pinch - use the M from Bakery
(here on dafont:

and Bonjour could come close...

This is just a suggestion.


Fuente sugerida: Bonjour

26/07/2016 a las 03:40  [respuesta]  Can you identify this font?

It seems to be based on Optima... reminds me of Alphatype's Musica...Which means... MINERVA... lol

Fuente identificada: Minerva Modern

25/07/2016 a las 18:50  [respuesta]  baikal font?

also known as Palette

Fuente identificada: Brush 455

23/07/2016 a las 16:00  [respuesta]  Help with this font please!

I know the S repeats - but I'm not sure this is really a font that is out there... it reminds me of a font that would be made of someone's handwriting for their own personal use.

That said, I know you've been searching (so have I the past few days...) and I thought you might like something close in feeling - if no one steps up and finds this.


Fuente sugerida: Chez Vous

23/07/2016 a las 15:49  [respuesta]  Help with finding this font?


Closest "feel" one I could get - haven't a clue about that "y" -- sorry.

Fuente sugerida: Wittenberger Fraktur

22/07/2016 a las 22:23  [respuesta]  FONT PLEASE!

Fuente identificada: American Purpose

22/07/2016 a las 22:16  [respuesta]  font?

fuzzied up? Or FontHaus has it...

Fuente sugerida: Bolide

Heavied up

Fuente identificada: Seta Reta

18/07/2016 a las 17:08  [respuesta]  Help!

"coffee" doesn't appear to be a font - but, how about updating the look and using Bakery by StereoType?

You could oblique it - and stretch it a bit, and it may just do the trick.

NOT THE FONT - only a suggestion.

Fuente sugerida: Bakery

18/07/2016 a las 17:03  [respuesta]  LAZY OAF LOGO FONT

Medium Weight

Fuente sugerida: Futura

18/07/2016 a las 01:33  [respuesta]  help with font

Fuente identificada: Rage Italic


not the font

Fuente sugerida: Arcade Future

17/07/2016 a las 20:30  [respuesta]  "BOTT CONSULT" Font

Fuente identificada: Futura

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