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20/09/2014 a las 21:28  [respuesta]  font name

Close to: Xifiction:
or Spoutnik:

I don't know if it is a font or not...

20/09/2014 a las 18:32  [respuesta]  McDonald's

Kat - I LOVE that line - may I steal it from you?

Is it an old family expression?

20/09/2014 a las 18:13  [respuesta]  what font they used?

Easier too... the "a" can be made up from the lowercase o + i - kerned together.

And I still think the letters are closer to Euro/Micro rather than Lastwaerk - sorry....

20/09/2014 a las 03:04  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente sugerida: Avant Garde Bold

19/09/2014 a las 22:56  [respuesta]  what font is this?


Just a substitute - Eras Demibold - and you upright it and manually stretch it out...

Fuente sugerida: Eras Demi

19/09/2014 a las 22:52  [respuesta]  what font they used?

Ordinarily I'd tell you to look at Eurostile Extended #2 - condensed slightly

But around here - they don't like Eurostile (too bad they don't know Eurogothic) but would tell you it's Microgramma Extended

The choice is yours -- the the "a" is not a match in either along with other nuances -- so I guess it is safe to say - NOT THE FONT - just a great substitute. (Meanwhile, since it is a logo - the designer probably did it as an original using Eurostile as the base.)

19/09/2014 a las 15:02  [respuesta]  Fonts like this one?

You are welcome. Good luck on your project.

19/09/2014 a las 15:01  [respuesta]  A la recherche de cette police

If you would like something with the same feeling - perhaps DF Pigtail Lean can be used.

Si vous voulez quelque chose avec le même sentiment - peut-être DF Pigtail Lean peut être utilisé. - Pas la police

Fuente sugerida: DF Pigtail Lean

18/09/2014 a las 14:58  [respuesta]  Font please!!!

Fuente identificada: Helvetica Neue 35 Thin

18/09/2014 a las 01:17  [respuesta]  Font or Similar please...

that "g" is a definite ad lib....

Fuente identificada: Ad Lib

18/09/2014 a las 01:16  [respuesta]  Balsillie Font

The closest is the MS Windows Garamond - but I can't find a sample for you.

Fuente sugerida: Garamond

17/09/2014 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  Band Camp Font from American Pie

Thanks Paul - sometimes I think it is because either the person cannot comprehend English; or they just don't take the time to read.

Good luck on your search. I hope someone finds it for you.

17/09/2014 a las 15:07  [respuesta]  Band Camp Font from American Pie

It looks like someone took ITC Zapf Chancery Roman and obliqued it themselves rather than using the true Italic.

AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LOVE PRESSING "NO" -- this is NOT the font - just a usable alternative.

Fuente sugerida: Zapf Chancery

17/09/2014 a las 14:14  [respuesta]  What font is this?


may be Compacta that someone has stretched out manually

Fuente sugerida: Compacta Bold Italic

17/09/2014 a las 14:10  [respuesta]  What font is this?

GF were modified

Fuente sugerida: Cooper Black Italic

De nada/

17/09/2014 a las 13:40  [respuesta]  What font is this?


But you've been looking a while - and I thought you might like something close....

Fuente sugerida: Biortec Bold Oblique

Fuente identificada: Capitals

17/09/2014 a las 13:27  [respuesta]  Please help me find these font.

Bold Italic

Fuente identificada: Lora


Fuente sugerida: Adam Handwriting

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