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22/06/2015 a las 19:46  [respuesta]  evolution font please

That doesn't exactly match - perhaps Nationale is closer - because the O is rounder....

Or maybe someone has an exact match for you -

Fuente sugerida: Nationale

22/06/2015 a las 19:43  [respuesta]  evolution font please

Fuente sugerida: Swiss 721

20/06/2015 a las 18:05  [respuesta]  Please??

I don't think this is a font - I think they had it designed for them -

If you are looking for some things that have - the feeling - of this try

Hamburger Heaven:

Or SignDNA's Krackle:

19/06/2015 a las 21:09  [respuesta]  Manhunter is experiencing technical difficulties at the moment - I just reported it to them --
This however looks like it was made from Antique Olive Nord or Compact

Fuente sugerida: Antique Olive Nord

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17/06/2015 a las 19:41  [respuesta]  HELP HELP HELP


Fuente identificada: Acne Studios Circle Bold

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17/06/2015 a las 19:31  [respuesta]  What the font?

Fuente identificada: Computer

17/06/2015 a las 19:09  [respuesta]  SMEG font

You aren't trolling are you? Isn't this just good old Helvetica Bold (75)?

Fuente sugerida: Helvetica Neue 75 Bold

It may be from the Modern, Bodoni, Bauer Bodoni families

17/06/2015 a las 13:01  [respuesta]  Amy Winehouse font please!!

and the designer distressed the letters (as you can see - the distress is not the same in the same letter -- just look at all the Ss that appear....)

Fuente identificada: Super Grotesk Bold

and Forza Black Italic:

Perhaps one can help you recreate this. Neither is exact - just close.

Fuente sugerida: Forza Black Italic

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It looks like someone added lines to a typeface (to give it that movement) - they may have used a Hoefler & Co font.
Two come to mind: Vitesse Sans Black Italic:

Fuente sugerida: Vitesse

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17/06/2015 a las 12:46  [respuesta]  Ayudenme a identificar esta fuente

Lots of bumpies on this from the page it was scanned on - perhaps this will do it for you.

Fuente sugerida: Microsoft Sans Serif

17/06/2015 a las 12:43  [respuesta]  Please what this font ?

I can only come close - something "similar" the letters need to be recut to match exact.

Fuente sugerida: TR Heavy

17/06/2015 a las 12:38  [respuesta]  Mat Zo Logo Font

and the ATZO from Arbotek Ultra:

Fuente sugerida: Arbotek

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17/06/2015 a las 12:38  [respuesta]  Mat Zo Logo Font

There are many similar to this - I just can't find one alphabet that has it all.
But it can be remade by using:

The M from Cooter Deuce (Is the closest I find)

Fuente sugerida: Cooter Deuce

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17/06/2015 a las 12:28  [respuesta]  I dunno, which font is this?

Hard for me to really tell - but this looks like it. If not - it's a great substitute.

Fuente sugerida: Klinic Slab

12/06/2015 a las 21:36  [respuesta]  Bellido

The script

Fuente identificada: Commercial Script

12/06/2015 a las 21:33  [respuesta]  Bellido

BELLIDO - in Book Weight

Fuente identificada: Castle

09/06/2015 a las 16:15  [respuesta]  Help please

Fuente identificada: Blissful Thinking

06/06/2015 a las 00:34  [respuesta]  Help Please! Hand Drawn!?

Nice find

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