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06/05/2015 a las 18:22  [respuesta]  Reclaimed Font

Fuente identificada: Hand Shop Typography C30

Be Sweet

Fuente identificada: Flux Architect

Be Yourself

in Black weight - manually condensed

Fuente identificada: Lithos

giggle smile be silly

Fuente identificada: Harrington

Wish on Stars -

Fuente identificada: Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly

06/05/2015 a las 18:10  [respuesta]  Charlies Font?

And just to complete your sample

Fuente identificada: Myriad

06/05/2015 a las 18:07  [respuesta]  Charlies Font?

PS - the script C is an alternative in Bickham Script:

Fuente identificada: Bickham Script

06/05/2015 a las 18:03  [respuesta]  Charlies Font?

Fuente identificada: Legacy Sans

06/05/2015 a las 18:01  [respuesta]  Platinum Font

Fuente identificada: Engravers

06/05/2015 a las 17:57  [respuesta]  Can someone identify this font?

Fuente identificada: Jiggy Roman

06/05/2015 a las 16:59  [respuesta]  Sterling Rooks logo

Fuente sugerida: Weiss

This looks like ITC Avant Garde in Book Weight - that uses the alternatives and then someone did a 180 to the N

Fuente sugerida: Avant Garde

06/05/2015 a las 16:38  [respuesta]  Please Help

Fuente identificada: Dodger

06/05/2015 a las 16:34  [respuesta]  Eiffell Font

extended manually?

This looked like Newhouse to me - but the 6 wasn't the same - so I felt Freeroad Black would be closer for you to use.

There is probably a font out there closer....

Fuente sugerida: Freeroad

06/05/2015 a las 16:26  [respuesta]  Anyone know this?

It looks like a designer borrowed Futura Light (please note, Bitstream originally had that basic R that your sample uses but corrected it and sent out replacements years ago. Futura is not known for that type of R.) Then they had fun adding lines...

This does remind me of some other fonts that attempted to use lines...

So my recommendation if you want to create something like this - go with Futura Light and have fun.

Fuente sugerida: Futura

"This is to..."

Fuente identificada: Freehand 521


Fuente sugerida: Old English

For sanity's sake - this looks lime Chalet Paris 1970 - with an alternate "e" that I don't know where the designer got it from.

Fuente sugerida: Chalet Paris 1970

06/05/2015 a las 16:08  [respuesta]  font please :)

or this

Fuente sugerida: Antique Extended

06/05/2015 a las 16:03  [respuesta]  font please :)

Not exact - but very similar would be United Wood Type Wide


Fuente sugerida: Untitled Wood Type

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