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21/08/2015 a las 09:21  [respuesta]  Honeymoon Font?

Fuente identificada: Joanna Solotype

20/08/2015 a las 18:55  [respuesta]  Coporate simple font


Fuente identificada: Peignot

20/08/2015 a las 02:27  [respuesta]  Qual é o nome desse fonte?

You are most welcome

19/08/2015 a las 19:45  [respuesta]  CLÍNICAS REUNIDAS??

Fuente identificada: Handel Gothic

19/08/2015 a las 19:40  [respuesta]  Fonts?

My apologies for sending this into space - someone else had posted it as well. I can thank Fred for saving it...

with that said - I think the meneghel was made from Cyclo - with the M being made from two Ns brought together.

Good luck on your project.

Fuente sugerida: Cyclo

19/08/2015 a las 19:38  [respuesta]  Xuxa Meneghel???

meneghel - it looks like you can make the M from two Ns and the rest seems to be Cyclo

Fuente sugerida: Cyclo

19/08/2015 a las 19:34  [respuesta]  Any Ideas Please?

Fuente identificada: Play

19/08/2015 a las 19:22  [respuesta]  Qual é o nome desse fonte?


Fuente identificada: Mail Ray Stuff

19/08/2015 a las 19:20  [respuesta]  Font Name?

Fuente identificada: Ruthless Two

19/08/2015 a las 19:18  [respuesta]  Font JJSV ?

I do not know what font - but I do believe it was modified to combine the S and V.

Perhaps something like PT Sans Bold can get you to where you want to be.

Fuente sugerida: PT Sans

19/08/2015 a las 18:56  [respuesta]  What are these fonts?

I don't think they are fonts. If you look at the word NEVER -- the Es are not alike.
Overlook looks like an old font from the 1930s Germany - but I don't think it was ever made into a digital - but hey I've been wrong before... LOL

Quick substitutes
For the Script - Coronet Script:
For overlook: Yanone Kaffeesatz:

It won't be the same - but just maybe - it will have the same feelings....

19/08/2015 a las 18:49  [respuesta]  Does anyone know this font name?

In Bold and kerned way too much!

Fuente identificada: Arial

19/08/2015 a las 18:47  [respuesta]  What is this beautiful font ?

Fuente identificada: PAG Revolucion

19/08/2015 a las 18:34  [respuesta]  ^_^

Fuente identificada: Blacklight

19/08/2015 a las 18:21  [respuesta]  NAME THAT FONT PLEASE!!!!!

If you would like something with that "feeling"
but you might like Smudger

Fuente sugerida: Smudger

19/08/2015 a las 18:10  [respuesta]  What is this font?

extended manually

Fuente sugerida: Hemi Head

19/08/2015 a las 18:08  [respuesta]  SURF LODGE

Fuente identificada: Shirley Script

19/08/2015 a las 18:03  [respuesta]  SURF LODGE

The Surf Lodge

Fuente identificada: Futura

19/08/2015 a las 17:58  [respuesta]  wut is dis font?

Are you trolling?

Fuente identificada: Comic Sans

19/08/2015 a las 17:56  [respuesta]  Help me please!!

It looks like someone "antiqued" Gianotten Regular

Fuente sugerida: Gianotten

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