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17/01/2017 a las 17:05  [respuesta]  What could this font be?

Very close is OPTI Grant Rustic


Fuente sugerida: Grant Rustic

17/01/2017 a las 16:43  [respuesta]  Help Me Help Me Please

I think Oldani is Nevison Casual - stretched out and heavied up.

Fuente sugerida: Nevison Casual

17/01/2017 a las 16:41  [respuesta]  Help Me Help Me Please


Fuente identificada: Mistral

17/01/2017 a las 16:38  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Filler

in Black Weight

Fuente identificada: Serif Gothic

08/01/2017 a las 15:05  [respuesta]  What is this font name

Fuente identificada: Lowvetica

08/01/2017 a las 14:59  [respuesta]  What font is this??

That is a Helvetica "R"
Perhaps Helvetica Neue 27 Condensed Ultralight could do it.... with manually condensing it more.

Fuente sugerida: Helvetica Neue

08/01/2017 a las 14:56  [respuesta]  What font is this??

EARLY ACCESS may possibly be one of the very thin Helvetica Neues...
but if you need something in a pitch for all of it - Solido Constricted Hairline may work for you.


Fuente sugerida: Solido Constricted

08/01/2017 a las 14:51  [respuesta]  police sodi

There is the possibility - this may not necessarily be a font... that is one weird looking "o"

08/01/2017 a las 14:50  [respuesta]  Font?

It could be a few - do you have any more letters to show us?

You can use the expensive "The Wave" in book weight; Proxima Nova; etc.

Chances are you have Avenir on your computer -

Fuente sugerida: Avenir

08/01/2017 a las 14:47  [respuesta]  Ms. 45

smaller point size S was used

Fuente identificada: Stencil

08/01/2017 a las 14:37  [respuesta]  Recherche police

Fuente identificada: Kabel

06/01/2017 a las 14:37  [respuesta]  AYUNDENME CON LA FUENTE

perhaps you could use Sophia Script fattened up...

It's not the font - just the closest I've ever seen for this (personally, I think your original was handwritten and not a font... but you never know.)

Fuente sugerida: Sofia Script

Is is possible you mean Tubula Script? (aka Harlow)

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04/01/2017 a las 15:02  [respuesta]  Font?

This is NOT the font -
but when I saw this - it reminded me of Chips & Salsa

So if you are in a pinch....

Fuente sugerida: Chips & Salsa

de nada!

03/01/2017 a las 16:42  [respuesta]  this two font?

I have a strong feeling that Sexy is not a font - but handwritten to create the logo.

LADY is so small - it could be almost anything - from Helvetica to Arial, etc. If you are looking for a no charge font - try Google's Spinnaker

Fuente sugerida: Spinnaker

Fuente identificada: Dialog

03/01/2017 a las 16:36  [respuesta]  who holds the future.

Fuente sugerida: Charter

03/01/2017 a las 16:36  [respuesta]  who holds the future.

If it was a commercial font - it would have been Charter... but I have a funny feeling you are looking for the Google Font - Peddena

Fuente sugerida: Pedenna

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