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18/09/2014 a las 16:43  [respuesta]  Boxing thing Font?

Fuente identificada: Robo

01/09/2014 a las 09:11  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Defused

27/08/2014 a las 10:37  [respuesta]  Téléchargements sous mauvais format

lire la FAQ :
et cela n'a pas changé depuis la création de Dafont...

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28/07/2014 a las 09:28  [respuesta]  custom font

the cost of a custom font will depends on its style, complexity, number of characters, ... Can you be more specific in your demand ?

15/07/2014 a las 14:24  [respuesta]  Anyone know what font this is?

Fuente identificada: Hand of Sean

18/06/2014 a las 15:54  [respuesta]  Looking for sans-serif body font

@Menhir : also slightly larger

18/06/2014 a las 10:13  [respuesta]  Looking for sans-serif body font

Arial ?

11/06/2014 a las 13:55  [respuesta]  font please

Fuente identificada: Hand of Sean

30/04/2014 a las 14:19  [respuesta]  What the font in blue?

Fuente identificada: Edo SZ

30/04/2014 a las 09:40  [respuesta]  Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Trucks

There are a lot of stencil fonts :
The closest I found was : din schablonierschr

Fuente identificada: DIN Schablonierschrift

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30/04/2014 a las 09:32  [respuesta]  Little Mix

This does not seems to be a font (different "i" and "t")

28/03/2014 a las 09:11  [respuesta]  Making fonts

Better work directly in the font program or at least in Illustrator (or any vector editing program)

19/03/2014 a las 15:48  [respuesta]  Post deleted?

Maybe the image was bad quality.

19/03/2014 a las 11:31  [respuesta]  What do you charge for a custom font?

When making a custom font you charge for
- the design itself (it depends on the style of the font),
- the time spent to design each glyph (and if you intend to design a full latin extended set + ligatures it can be some thousands),
- each weight (light, regular, bold,...),
- each style (italic, cutout, ...) ,
- the skills to actually make the font file (which can be a pretty hard stuff if you have complex opentype features)
- AND the font license. This last point is important as you are releasing a font for an exclusive use, you are SELLING this rights. The amount vary with the exposition of the font, ie if this is a big international structure (with a massive worldwide use of the font) to the local retailler (and his 2 flyers a year). It's important to note that when you are selling a font, you are selling a software. In a normal case you sell a font license for a defined number of workstations (commonly 5 worstations). But when you are making a custom font you are also selling a global license, to allow your client to install it whenever it's needed (cf expostion). These rights are time limited so when the rights ends you can sell the font as one of your regular font or the owner buy new rights.
Take a look at the Costa font from typofonderie for example : It was a font made in 1999 for Costa cruises and is now sold to the public since 2004.

You now understand why it cost so much and can be your job for many months even years.

Sooo ... To answer your question about how much to charge I'll definitely say : it depends

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I was suggestiong to do it by yourself because a custom font may be expensive
(you should definitely remove your email from here, spam robots may like it!)

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17/03/2014 a las 17:29  [respuesta]  Someone make a custom font for me for free?

there you go :

Nope. Tu ferais mieux d'utiliser un gestionnaire de police ( mais ça ne te dispensera pas de devoir trier les polices à la main. Désolé.

17/03/2014 a las 16:02  [respuesta]  Fonts database with tags (sort of scrapper)

nope. You'd rather use a font management program ( but you'll still have to sort the fonts by yourself, sorry.

First of all, your font design have to be in a vector format. If it's an image you need to vectorize it.
Then creating a font is not a simple copy and paste from your software to a font program that create the font file, it's a little bit more complicated if you want to make a usable font.
But you should try to make it by yourself, it's really rewarding : we'll be happy to help you.

Qui parle de concours ? c'est un appel à candidature, tout ce qu'il y a de plus légal et de plus juste. Ils te demandent juste d'envoyer des exemples de ce que tu as déjà fais, un cv, une note d'intention, ...

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