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12/10/2015 a las 15:50  [respuesta]  whats the font please


Fuente sugerida: Kautiva

05/10/2015 a las 09:33  [respuesta]  Font Recommendation?

i'ts a little vague to give you a precise suggestion, but for an electronic brand you should stick to a sans serif.

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17/07/2015 a las 11:06  [respuesta]  Je ne retrouve pas la police

essaye de la désinstaller et passe par un soft de gestion de polices :

17/07/2015 a las 11:02  [respuesta]  numbers for graphtec studio

try the sans serif section :

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17/07/2015 a las 11:01  [respuesta]  numbers for graphtec studio

(almost) every font have numeric glyphs...

16/07/2015 a las 09:25  [respuesta]  Cannot install font...

Try to use a font management program. It's easier to manage your font library that way.

16/07/2015 a las 09:22  [respuesta]  What does "free for personal use" mean?

If you don't respect graphic design from other people, then you're a terrible graphic designer. Try to Google the word "ethic"...
it's easy to organize your font collection. You can create separate folders for each license type while you download a font or, even better, organize it in your font management program.
See, easy.

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21/05/2015 a las 11:07  [respuesta]  How to delete my uploaded font??

19/05/2015 a las 11:38  [respuesta]  FONT PLEASE - HELP

this font

07/05/2015 a las 10:00  [respuesta]  Font doesn't show up properly

Even after restarted your computer ?

07/05/2015 a las 09:59  [respuesta]  showing problem with mossy.ttf

Nope... I'll show this thread to a front-end developper.

06/05/2015 a las 11:12  [respuesta]  help

Fuente identificada: Arquitecta Black

Fuente identificada: University

06/05/2015 a las 10:31  [respuesta]  Tobuscus Font Again.

ask the ugly retard

06/05/2015 a las 10:26  [respuesta]  Fonts Like EA Sports ???

post examples through the identificaxtion forum :

06/05/2015 a las 10:25  [respuesta]  showing problem with mossy.ttf

Try to search for Anti-aliasing fonts in CSS
(found this link, it may help :

05/05/2015 a las 11:45  [respuesta]  Help please

If it is the neon style you want to use, Fontfabric used to give a font called Kabel that imitate this style : But I ca'nt find it anymore
Edit: found it on hypefortype

Fuente sugerida: Kabel

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Tiens, j'ai trouvé une police qui vous correspond bien...

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Comme vient de le dire youssef, c'est un vrai boulot à demander à un graphiste, c'est ce que j'essayais de vous dire. Merci de garder vos jugements à l'emporte pièce pour vous !
Et quand aux menaces par message privé, c'est pas la peine.
(on se demande vraiment qui est le troll...)

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