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29/08/2014 a las 22:14  [respuesta]  help with this font please

I know it wasn't asked for but what about "Mercyful Fate"?

22/08/2014 a las 13:26  [respuesta]  Biscuisery

Using alternates

Fuente identificada: Funkydori

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19/08/2014 a las 02:15  [respuesta]  What font please!!!

Actually it does contain a set of glyph characters where the bar extends so GGG it is!

19/08/2014 a las 02:13  [respuesta]  What font please!!!

Somebody probably knows of a font that includes the extended bar that this font has but Golden Gate is a good start.

Fuente identificada: Golden Gate Gothic

16/08/2014 a las 18:28  [respuesta]  Chipotle's font'

Fuente sugerida: Frontage

16/08/2014 a las 18:01  [respuesta]  Font please? [1]

Maybe Cocktail Shaker with alternating caps?

Fuente sugerida: Cocktail Shaker

16/08/2014 a las 17:58  [respuesta]  what is this font?

Fuente sugerida: Chevalier Stripes

14/08/2014 a las 23:03  [respuesta]  what font?

Fuente sugerida: 1900.80.5

14/08/2014 a las 16:47  [respuesta]  "43" Ken Block

Similar font would be "Junegull" It's hard to find a rounded font that has a squared "C". Virgo has it but then the other letters don't look similar.

Fuente sugerida: Junegull

14/08/2014 a las 03:27  [respuesta]  Roanoke Cannibal Colony

Well, my best guess is that "Cannibal Colony" was hand drawn since the 2 "A"s, 2 "O"s and 2 "C"s don't look the same.

13/08/2014 a las 22:10  [respuesta]  Roanoke Cannibal Colony

"ROANOKE" is Caslon Antique

Fuente sugerida: Caslon Antique

11/08/2014 a las 14:57  [respuesta]  Picerty Logo

Fuente identificada: Funkydori

Fuente identificada: Sinzano

04/08/2014 a las 15:46  [respuesta]  whot font is?

Fuente sugerida: Decorated 035

04/08/2014 a las 04:02  [respuesta]  Snickers font?

Fuente sugerida: Snickers

It looks like they stretched Bank Gothic and angled the ends of "T", "F" & "E" but I couldn't find a condensed version that's a match.

Fuente sugerida: Bank Gothic

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26/07/2014 a las 02:24  [respuesta]  what font is it?

Fuente sugerida: IFC Hardball

25/07/2014 a las 22:18  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Dimbo

24/07/2014 a las 01:14  [respuesta]  font?

It's generally not a good idea to ask that kind of question on this forum.

23/07/2014 a las 14:17  [respuesta]  I need this

Not quite but close

Fuente sugerida: Desyrel

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