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13/04/2014 a las 22:20  [respuesta]  What do you charge for a custom font?

Hello all,
I'd like to weigh in on this discussion. I am fairly new to the font creation process but I have created 2 fonts using a brush tip marker, scanning selected characters into Adobe Illustrator and then pasting each character into Font Creator for the resulting .ttf file. I think custom fonts are the way to go with establishing a personal or corporate brand distinguishing itself from any competitor. I also believe that these days you don't have to rely on an established font foundry for a custom font. KG fonts is a good example but I'm sure there are many more in existence. To get to the original question posted here, I would charge $30 an hour and depending on proper communication between designer and client, the process could take anywhere from 15 to 30 hours and if my math is correct that comes to $450 to $900 a project.

What directed me to this discussion was a question I had which is "At what point in the font design process can you call your font unique if you are using elements from an existing font that is not your creation?" I've seen many fonts out there that look almost identical to an existing font minus a few minor tweaks. Where is the legal "Holy Grail" stating what constitutes a unique font and not a tweaked copy?

11/04/2014 a las 04:10  [respuesta]  MATUTO

Could we take another look at this font? It really is cool.

04/04/2014 a las 03:21  [respuesta]  Looking for a font! duh.

I didn't request the first font. I always thank you folks when you find a font. You guys are very good at what you do and I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you La Connasse for finding the Shift font.

01/04/2014 a las 23:59  [respuesta]  Looking for a font! duh.

What about "INTEGRATION"?

24/03/2014 a las 19:13  [respuesta]  Font, please

Thank you pilaster!

24/03/2014 a las 14:22  [respuesta]  Font, please

I'd like to know too!

10/01/2014 a las 04:37  [post initial]  Extended Font

05/12/2013 a las 04:17  [respuesta]  Quirky Font

Thank You!

04/12/2013 a las 22:19  [post initial]  Quirky Font

This font is not Peralta but close. Any ideas?

19/11/2013 a las 17:10  [post initial]  Heavy Font ID

DM Yes and Party Hard fonts are similar but not the same as this font.

05/01/2013 a las 22:56  [respuesta]  VAN NERDERLAND FONT?

What about the middle font?

27/12/2012 a las 03:53  [respuesta]  ˇAYUDA!

What About "HAPPY"?

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What about the script font?

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