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09/05/2013 a las 17:51  [respuesta]  Wich font is this?

rocamaco ha dicho  

i love you! thanks

09/05/2013 a las 17:46  [post initial]  Wich font is this?

I know its really basic. i cant remember the name!!!

23/04/2013 a las 05:01  [post initial]  Wich font is this.. anyone knows?

The one from ban bang please! thnks!

seriously thanks!

17/11/2012 a las 18:14  [respuesta]  font to identify

17/11/2012 a las 17:56  [respuesta]  font to identify

Die Nasty

Fuente identificada: Die Nasty

Editado el 17/11/2012 a las 17:58 por Rodolphe

17/11/2012 a las 17:49  [post initial]  Wich font is it? Que tipografia es?

I need to know wich font is theone used in the latesttame impala work. Please!
I'm sure it's an easy one but i still haven't figure that out!

Thanks in advance

Si alguien sabe cual es el nombre de la tipografia del ultimo trabajo de Tame Impala se los agradezco!

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