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03/07/2014 a las 21:19  [respuesta]  Forgotten name of font

I know I'm late to reply, but thank you.

03/07/2014 a las 10:57  [post initial]  Need to know asap!

Font needed for "Akerman Medical Practice" as I need to create them some leaflets but they don't have any high resolution pictures, so I'm going to remake it.

Thanks in advance.

31/10/2013 a las 22:53  [post initial]  Forgotten name of font

It's the "F*CK A" & "VOL. 2" font, I used to have it, but I have forgotten the name and it's starting to annoy me.

It would be very appreciative.

23/02/2013 a las 23:37  [respuesta]  Any idea? Need to know asap


21/02/2013 a las 22:11  [post initial]  Any idea? Need to know asap

I know the font is edited, but I actually need to recreate it.

01/11/2012 a las 20:38  [post initial]  What is the top font?

As my title states, What is the top font?

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