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Fuente sugerida: Copperplate Bold

18/03/2016 a las 15:05  [respuesta]  Anyone know this font?

It started off life as

Fuente identificada: Showcard Gothic

03/03/2016 a las 21:55  [respuesta]  What's this font? ???


Fuente sugerida: Demonized

Have you tried looking at the blam-bot catalog?

03/03/2016 a las 21:35  [respuesta]  THIS KITCHEN FONT? PLEASE!!

Use Trajan Pro...
Probably already on your computer

Fuente sugerida: Trajan

03/03/2016 a las 21:10  [respuesta]  Baseball

Thank you both!

it is a manually distressed

Fuente sugerida: Compacta Black

03/03/2016 a las 19:44  [respuesta]  Need this font?

it is

Fuente identificada: Sofachrome

03/03/2016 a las 19:42  [respuesta]  Baseball

I have made it through about 25000 Different fonts mostly here.
Also tried a couple of free on-line sites that "compute" font
matches, and even some that ask you technical questions...
To no avail...I appreciate your efforts.

02/03/2016 a las 18:43  [post initial]  Baseball

Need to know which font the word Baseball is in...
I have searched through 10k fonts, in the script Theme.
Would still bet that I have seen this one here at dafont.


10/02/2016 a las 15:45  [respuesta]  Name of font??

it appears to be

Fuente sugerida: Bauhaus Heavy

10/02/2016 a las 14:49  [respuesta]  What FOnt

can be found right here on da font!

Fuente identificada: Dry Brush

10/02/2016 a las 14:38  [respuesta]  WILDCATS FONT

Thanks, Brother!

09/02/2016 a las 22:28  [respuesta]  Tipografía

it is a manually compressed version of...

Fuente sugerida: Vineta

09/02/2016 a las 22:18  [respuesta]  Font?

it is

Fuente identificada: Avant Garde

09/02/2016 a las 19:38  [post initial]  WILDCATS FONT

This one seems so familiar, I am sure I have even used this
font before but don't remember it being distressed.

Any help is appreciated.

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Fuente identificada: Copperplate Gothic

It is

Fuente sugerida: Kabel Ultra

10/12/2015 a las 18:38  [respuesta]  help please??

10/12/2015 a las 18:15  [respuesta]  Fonte por favor

Fuente identificada: Trajan Pro Bold

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