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I looked for this font in stencils but didn't turn up anything. Thanks!

26/11/2014 a las 02:08  [respuesta]  Belle

Anyone know "Belle"? Thanks!

19/09/2014 a las 22:55  [post initial]  Belle

"Belle" font please! Thanks!

09/11/2013 a las 06:23  [respuesta]  Font name please?

Fuente identificada: Grobold

08/11/2013 a las 09:02  [respuesta]  Please identify if known.

Fuente identificada: Balmoral

02/11/2013 a las 22:55  [respuesta]  identification font...

Fuente sugerida: Sketch Block

02/11/2013 a las 06:18  [respuesta]  font?

Fuente sugerida: Pieces NFI

31/10/2013 a las 21:22  [respuesta]  WHat the font ?

Fuente sugerida: Lobster  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

I don't see the point in deleting a supposedly blurry image if it's already been identified. Plus, must not have been that blurry if I identified it from the thumbnail.

Ya, that was the most recent one. Happened with this one too, First time it happened, I thought maybe I hadn't hit submit so now I always double check that it went through. This being the third time it's happened makes me wonder.

I've gotten a lot of help from this forum and it's usually been a moderator that helps me ID a font. Browsing the forum for fonts and helping out when I can is a fun hobby for me. Hopefully, no one is deleting posts just to have them re-posted and get the ID for themselves. That would take all the fun out of the Font ID forum.


28/10/2013 a las 00:33  [post initial]  Moderators Deleting My Identifications

Funny, this is the third time this has happened. I'm the first to identify a font and a few hours later my post is deleted and now a moderator shows as the identifier.

We'll see if this gets deleted also, shady boots!

26/10/2013 a las 08:12  [respuesta]  Save the Date Font

I want to know too! Thanks!

25/10/2013 a las 21:04  [respuesta]  Please help

Fuente identificada: Bellerose

22/10/2013 a las 07:49  [respuesta]  what font?

Fuente identificada: Allura

22/10/2013 a las 07:45  [respuesta]  what that font? :)

Fuente identificada: Lobster

21/10/2013 a las 21:46  [respuesta]  New help on this font :)

Fuente identificada: Lobster

20/10/2013 a las 10:07  [respuesta]  Panic At The Disco New Album

Fuente identificada: Thirsty Script

18/10/2013 a las 01:39  [respuesta]  Both the "&" and Bright...thanks!

Baskerville No 2 Italic is a better match for the ampersand "&"

Fuente sugerida: Baskerville No 2 Italic

18/10/2013 a las 01:37  [respuesta]  Both the "&" and Bright...thanks!


Fuente sugerida: Baskerville

17/10/2013 a las 18:01  [respuesta]  homegrwn

Fuente identificada: Reklame Script

Fuente identificada: Rochester Pro

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