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06/06/2015 a las 14:30  [respuesta]  Came Someone Help

That will work! Thanks koelekat!

06/06/2015 a las 14:12  [post initial]  Came Someone Help

I used this font a while back on a project and now I can't find it. Does someone recognize it? Thanks!

Or something close to it

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13/05/2015 a las 14:28  [respuesta]  Sketched font

Thanks Heron!

13/05/2015 a las 11:43  [post initial]  Sketched font

Is this created like this is or is it a 3d effect added to the font?

04/12/2014 a las 23:24  [respuesta]  Need Help finding this font :)

Thanks Jerseygirl!!

04/12/2014 a las 21:15  [post initial]  Need Help finding this font :)

I know I have seen it before somewhere. Please help anyone with any feedback. Thanks!

19/10/2014 a las 19:47  [post initial]  Do you know this font?

Please help. Client wants to use this same font and I do not have a clue on what it is.


21/04/2014 a las 19:00  [respuesta]  Looking for a font

Thank you gwizsk and koeiekat!

17/04/2014 a las 22:36  [post initial]  Looking for a font

I have a project that someone sent me and I have to modify the text but they forgot to send the font. The font is called: Whitehouse.

Does anyone know where I can find it? It looks like a scary/spooky font.


15/04/2014 a las 23:56  [post initial]  Please help with font name

Ok I know that the A's are custom but I recognize the font being used for everything else. Can someone please help?


27/09/2013 a las 18:01  [respuesta]  Is this a custom font?

Thanks! I will try that font!

27/09/2013 a las 17:37  [post initial]  Is this a custom font?

Not sure if this is a standard or custom font. Can someone please let me know.


18/09/2013 a las 01:04  [respuesta]  PLEASE HELP

Yep that was it! I knew it was something that I have used before! Thanks skomii!!

18/09/2013 a las 00:40  [post initial]  PLEASE HELP

I need to find out the name of the attached script font. I thought it was kuenstler script and it is close but not close enough. Can someone please help!!!!!

No problem. I decided to scrap it. Would have been nice to find the font or know if it was custom created.


24/07/2013 a las 23:07  [respuesta]  Need Help!

Thats it! Thanks fmontpetit

24/07/2013 a las 22:38  [post initial]  Need Help!

I thought that this font was Century Schoolbook but the R has a hook at the bottom. I also tried Caslon and Garamond but that ddn't work either.

Please help!

I would recommend doing a search on "Polo" or Collegiate fonts. You will find a lot out there!

I was thinking optima! Maybe I will recommend that!


03/07/2013 a las 16:50  [post initial]  Body font that complements the logo font.

Hi Everyone,

Ok I am working on a lotion bottle for a client. Currently she is using Peignot Light for her logo font and wants to use the same font for the body copy. I told her that would be insane because the fonts uses small caps in its letters and some letters would make the line spacing to big.

Could someone recommend a font that looks good on the body copy but also lends itself to the logo font?


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