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18/11/2015 a las 16:02  [respuesta]  Can Anyone Name This Font?

Also I am looking online for this font but I keep getting arabic style fonts?

18/11/2015 a las 15:59  [respuesta]  Can Anyone Name This Font?

Thanks Fonatica! I looked in my system library fonts but I don't see the font.. weird!!

18/11/2015 a las 15:04  [post initial]  Can Anyone Name This Font?

It looks so familiar!

16/10/2015 a las 17:04  [respuesta]  Font Style

Thanks Jerseygirl!!

16/10/2015 a las 16:29  [post initial]  Font Style

Anyone recognize this font? I am thinking 50's style?

06/10/2015 a las 20:32  [respuesta]  Cartoon Font

Thanks Tomas!

06/10/2015 a las 18:34  [post initial]  Cartoon Font

This looks so much like a font that I used back in the 90's... can anyone tell me what it is?

06/10/2015 a las 18:33  [respuesta]  Old Style Font

Thanks! pilaster!

06/10/2015 a las 16:03  [post initial]  Old Style Font

Does anyone recognize this font? It is being used on a old diner menu.

18/09/2015 a las 16:56  [post initial]  Custom Font or Brush Script

Hello, my client wants me to use a similar font that is in their logo but the old designer is not around anymore to answer this question.

What font could this be in the text (not the P).


06/06/2015 a las 14:30  [respuesta]  Came Someone Help

That will work! Thanks koelekat!

06/06/2015 a las 14:12  [post initial]  Came Someone Help

I used this font a while back on a project and now I can't find it. Does someone recognize it? Thanks!

Or something close to it

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13/05/2015 a las 14:28  [respuesta]  Sketched font

Thanks Heron!

13/05/2015 a las 11:43  [post initial]  Sketched font

Is this created like this is or is it a 3d effect added to the font?

04/12/2014 a las 23:24  [respuesta]  Need Help finding this font :)

Thanks Jerseygirl!!

04/12/2014 a las 21:15  [post initial]  Need Help finding this font :)

I know I have seen it before somewhere. Please help anyone with any feedback. Thanks!

19/10/2014 a las 19:47  [post initial]  Do you know this font?

Please help. Client wants to use this same font and I do not have a clue on what it is.


21/04/2014 a las 19:00  [respuesta]  Looking for a font

Thank you gwizsk and koeiekat!

17/04/2014 a las 22:36  [post initial]  Looking for a font

I have a project that someone sent me and I have to modify the text but they forgot to send the font. The font is called: Whitehouse.

Does anyone know where I can find it? It looks like a scary/spooky font.


15/04/2014 a las 23:56  [post initial]  Please help with font name

Ok I know that the A's are custom but I recognize the font being used for everything else. Can someone please help?


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