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07/05/2014 a las 22:08  [post initial]  Ruby and Sapphire

These fonts? I know they're edited but there has to be a font similar to these!

25/03/2014 a las 11:59  [post initial]  font or similar?

Thanks, looking for this font please!

15/11/2013 a las 00:58  [post initial]  Font?

The cover is fanmade, so the font should be identifiable

27/06/2013 a las 09:59  [post initial]  Koda Kumi: Color the Cover font?

15/06/2013 a las 10:13  [post initial]  Font?

Please and Thankyou

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11/06/2013 a las 17:40  [post initial]  Font?

Please someone

10/06/2013 a las 10:17  [post initial]  After School font?

this font please?

04/06/2013 a las 17:15  [post initial]  FONT PLEASE


31/05/2013 a las 18:15  [respuesta]  After School font?

Thanks for the help... NOT!

Fuente sugerida: Housebroken Clean

29/05/2013 a las 23:06  [post initial]  After School font?

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19/05/2013 a las 00:29  [respuesta]  Jolin Tsai "The Great Artist" font ?


18/05/2013 a las 17:25  [post initial]  ADVENTURE TIME

22/04/2013 a las 22:02  [respuesta]  Help :D

I really want this too! Something tells me it's a real font just modified.

15/04/2013 a las 20:37  [post initial]  Britney Through The Lens font?

23/03/2013 a las 21:35  [post initial]  EVA SIMONS

fonts please?

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24/02/2013 a las 18:49  [respuesta]  SCHOOL

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I know it's definitely a font because I used it before, I just don't know the name!

23/02/2013 a las 16:40  [post initial]  SCHOOL


14/02/2013 a las 18:33  [post initial]  new font

font please

06/02/2013 a las 10:52  [post initial]  Dream

Dream font please

03/02/2013 a las 11:30  [post initial]  Daddys Little Girl

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