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28/07/2016 a las 02:25  [post initial]  Help!

Looking for this one. It's pretty basic but I have been scrolling for hours

30/03/2016 a las 20:15  [post initial]  What's the font???

Please help!

16/12/2015 a las 02:54  [post initial]  Looking for the Wine Font

It is my design and I got it from dafont. I just can't remember what font "Wine" is. Please help!

19/08/2015 a las 02:19  [post initial]  Mom Life Font

Please help! I know it's basic but I can't find it.

22/07/2015 a las 17:35  [post initial]  Sailor / Western Font

Please help me identify the font for the words here. It looks like it might be a western font but I can't pinpoint exactly.

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15/04/2015 a las 21:28  [post initial]  Ice Skate Font

Looking for a font similar to this that looks like the ice at a rink after you skate on it for a while. Many hockey teams use it in their imaging. Doesn't have to be the same text, just looks like we ice skated on it for a while. Thanks!

04/04/2015 a las 02:01  [post initial]  Gothic Initial

I understand that there is an entire section of gothic fonts but I am looking a font that looks EXACTLY like this. I can't seem to pinpoint one that looks perfect. Please help!

23/03/2015 a las 21:20  [post initial]  Font Help!

How about this one?

23/03/2015 a las 20:39  [post initial]  Help me find this font!

Anyone know what font this is?? Thanks!

25/02/2015 a las 01:26  [post initial]  What font?

29/08/2014 a las 17:13  [post initial]  PartsMaster Font

Anyone know what the PartsMaster, Inc font is?

18/04/2014 a las 19:52  [post initial]  PHILADELPHIA

Looking for this PHILADELPHIA font. It is very "Independence" looking and is perfect for a logo I am developing.

Thanks! You are really good at this.

If you can tell me where I can find that shot glass clip art, I'll be your best friend


10/02/2014 a las 22:02  [respuesta]  Help

Academic M54

Fuente sugerida: Academic M54

10/02/2014 a las 22:01  [post initial]  Tyanna Font Help

Looking to recreate this font or something similar. Please help!

18/05/2013 a las 00:07  [post initial]  JD's Smokehouse Font

Trying to find a font similar to the JD's Smokehouse listed on this wall.

02/03/2013 a las 01:07  [post initial]  Ravens font

Looking for something close to the writing here. It is from the "Ravens" listed on the front of their jerseys. Please help!

21/02/2013 a las 04:11  [respuesta]  Marcelle Font Questions

I love you

21/02/2013 a las 00:44  [post initial]  Marcelle Font Questions

1) Does anyone know how to connect the tail to the end of the word?

2) Does anyone have a font like Marcelle but without the distress look?

Please help!

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