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09/12/2013 a las 14:51  [post initial]  What are these fonts?

Hello guys, I need these fonts, in special the letter: "Photography"

Thank u,

Brazil Love this site.



21/06/2013 a las 22:52  [post initial]  Por favor!

Por favor, que fontes são estas? Preciso delas urgentemente! Socorro!

17/02/2013 a las 01:48  [respuesta]  What this 2 fonts?

Doesn't exist this font in free version? rs

I'm Brazilian.

17/02/2013 a las 01:34  [post initial]  What this 2 fonts?

I like to know what this is two fonts in this image, please.

28/01/2013 a las 19:29  [post initial]  What Is ALL fonts?

I like to know what is this fon'ts, I'm brazilian! TKS

16/11/2012 a las 02:15  [post initial]  Que fontes são essas?

Hello guys, I'm Brazilian and would like of know the next: (Excerpts in Portuguese in the first line, and English in the second line.)

Gostaria de saber quais são as fontes desta imagem?

I wonder what are the sources of this image?


Trechos: "Chá de Fraldas do Cauã" e "Logo, logo estarei chegando..."

Excerpts: "Chá de Fraldas do Cauã" and "Logo, logo estarei chegando..."

14/08/2012 a las 17:32  [post initial]  Que fonte é essa?

Olá amigos americanos, gostaria de saber que fonte é essa da foto a seguir, obrigado!

12/01/2012 a las 15:22  [post initial]  What are these fonts?

Hello, I'm Brazilian, and I like to know, what are these fonts? Of preference, all fonts, please.

20/11/2011 a las 19:50  [post initial]  What font is that?

Hello, I'm Brazilian, and I wonder... what font is that?

All fonts, please.

MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUITO OBRIGADO! *------------------------------------------------------*

I like know what this font: "When I'm Kissin You"

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