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21/08/2014 a las 15:19  [respuesta]  IBANEZ CREME ALMENDRAS

Probably handlettererd judging by the apparent age of the bottle.
for similar…

19/08/2014 a las 19:35  [respuesta]  Help Me Please!

Looks based on this one…to me.

Fuente identificada: VTC Nue Tattoo Script

Hmmmm, cookies…

Do I get a cookie for the Disney part?

Fuente identificada: Waltograph


Fuente identificada: Shipped Goods

'I'M 99.9% SURE I'M A'

Fuente identificada: Storybook

18/08/2014 a las 14:49  [respuesta]  REXPEITA Font?

Fuente identificada: H74 Major Jackov

17/08/2014 a las 17:44  [respuesta]  What font is this?

It's based on LHF Argentine, but heavily modded. No longer available from LHF site.

Fuente identificada: LHF Argentine

13/08/2014 a las 13:38  [respuesta]  Font identification

Looks like a horizontally scaled demi weight of this one (to me)

Fuente identificada: Newtext

…and the tree is the lower case 'q' from this font…

Fuente identificada: WM Trees 1

Fuente identificada: Route 3

11/08/2014 a las 15:37  [respuesta]  matching an uber prints font

25/07/2014 a las 15:12  [respuesta]  Vintage écriture

"Vintage Logo"

Fuente identificada: Mission Script

22/07/2014 a las 18:42  [respuesta]  Help….

Or possibly Dynamo Bold (old brain and eyes are confused by the outline stroke).

Fuente identificada: Nougat

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22/07/2014 a las 18:36  [respuesta]  need this fonts type

'ijats garage'

Fuente identificada: Slant

21/07/2014 a las 21:48  [respuesta]  Please help me identify this font.

This bears a striking resemblance to…Rough Riders Fill, but edited and with an added stroke and decorations.

Fuente sugerida: Rough Riders Fill

18/07/2014 a las 16:11  [respuesta]  Please

This, manually distressed.

Fuente identificada: Fairview

16/07/2014 a las 12:27  [respuesta]  ak47

Fuente identificada: Steamwreck

16/07/2014 a las 10:38  [respuesta]  quality auto craft

Can't tell who's cut but it's Umbra

Fuente identificada: Umbra

15/07/2014 a las 18:55  [respuesta]  NEED THIS FONT EFFECT HELP!!

Menhir is right, you need Illustrator or Photoshop (or similar). Both used to be available as a 30 day fully functional trail versions.
In Illustrator, you can use the Appearance panel.
Set your text and set the fill to nothing. In the appearance panel, add new fill and set to RGB Red. Repeat the process for Green and blue. Set the fill opacity for each fill in the appearances panel to screen. This will leave you with white text.
Now select the blue fill in the appearances panel and use Effect>Distort & Transform>Transform to offset the fill slightly to the left. Repeat to the right for the Red. This leaves the text editable and can be saved as a graphic style that can be applied with one click.
In Illustrator, three layers of the same type, one red, one green and one blue, Nudged so they offset and with the Blending mode set to screen. Ditto in Photoshop. Alternatively, set white type in Photoshop, flatten image into a black background and in the channels palette, nudge the red channel, blue channel etc to offset each.

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