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Mariamm ha dicho  
Finally, everything is solved.
Thank you guys!!!

Would you mind sharing the solution you found, as this might be helpful to others who find themselves in the same situation. Did you just use a different font, for example, that allowed embedding?

Fuente sugerida: Enter Sansman

That's possibly a cut of Serpentine Bold, but image quality so poor it could also be Enter Sansman.

Fuente sugerida: Serpentine

13/10/2015 a las 00:32  [respuesta]  Name Of These 2 Fonts?

TOUGH is LHF Euphoria , which has been superseded by V. 2 which isn't the same and I can't find a Kosher link for it.

Fuente identificada: Euphoria

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12/10/2015 a las 23:08  [respuesta]  Help with this font

No worries

12/10/2015 a las 23:07  [respuesta]  Please help to identify the font

If you zoom right in to the tiny sample, the counters in the 'B', 'A', 'R' and 'D' are open… I think that it's this, scaled (with an & from elsewhere). Find a bigger sample and you may get a 'green' ID…

Fuente sugerida: Conviction

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12/10/2015 a las 22:37  [respuesta]  Help with this font

Fuente identificada: 1873 Winchester

12/10/2015 a las 22:23  [respuesta]  Name font?

'Jointhecrew' looks like it started life as this…Modified 'J', scaled, outline/stroke to clip the 'n' and first 'e'.

Fuente sugerida: Lobster Two Bold Italic

12/10/2015 a las 21:54  [respuesta]  Can anyone help me on this one.

koeiekat ha dicho  
Yep, after a horizontal rack treatment.

You can still hear it screaming…

12/10/2015 a las 21:47  [respuesta]  Can anyone help me on this one.

'Custom Home Builder'

Fuente identificada: Kaufman Bold

12/10/2015 a las 21:43  [respuesta]  Can anyone help me on this one.

My "insight": Heavily modified Ravenscroft… Lots of scaling…

Fuente identificada: Ravenscroft

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12/10/2015 a las 20:49  [respuesta]  100% Free

The read me says this is Freeware, but font infos show that 'Preview & Print Embedding not Allowed'. I don't know if a game or an app can use a font that is restricted other than as a static graphic. It certainly won't embed in a pdf, but game/app development is outside my sphere of experience.
Either contact Fenotype, or take a look at 10:12
or Bronson
which are very similar in a lot of respects, and have specific licensing for embedding in apps.
(Although, to my understanding, and I hope others chip in here, if the use of the font is in a static graphic such as a gif, jpeg or png, a standard desktop licence would be required, that being freeware, in the case of Lakmus. But I'm not a lawyer, so asking the font author is always going to be the safest bet )

12/10/2015 a las 01:43  [respuesta]  Catchline text font


11/10/2015 a las 15:46  [respuesta]  Could you Help me please?

Fuente identificada: Friz Quadrata Bold

09/10/2015 a las 23:49  [respuesta]  Black Diamond Bridal

Fuente identificada: Algerian

09/10/2015 a las 18:42  [respuesta]  QUE FONT ES?

Fuente sugerida: Opificio Bold

Not personal experience, but…
"In Windows 7, you could just right-click on the font file, select Properties then go to the Details tab. "
Check that. If the font is restricted, there is your answer.

09/10/2015 a las 16:53  [respuesta]  help font!!

Fuente identificada: Earwig Factory

09/10/2015 a las 16:35  [respuesta]  Font alternative? Abode

It's available for purchase here…(although I haven't clicked through to buy it.

I don't use Word, but it is possible that the font you are using does not allow embedding. Some don't. If you have a font manager, like Font Explorer or Suitcase you should be able to find out in the font info section or have a look here:

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