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24/05/2016 a las 21:34  [respuesta]  alguien conoce esta fuente?

Fuente identificada: Marcelle

23/05/2016 a las 22:27  [respuesta]  What font is this?

The lowercase letters bear some resemblance to Blackstone, which is itself inspired by an old Sanborn fire Map cover… so maybe someone else has made a font, based on the same raw material… or it could just be modified.

Fuente sugerida: Blackstone

23/05/2016 a las 21:15  [respuesta]  What Font Is NorthStar?

Fuente identificada: MCF Zelfis

18/05/2016 a las 11:28  [respuesta]  Please help with Fonts

Custom fonts for the distillery.

07/05/2016 a las 14:08  [respuesta]  ODDWORLD GAME FONT

Possibly this (Or Newport Classic SG, Jazfzest NF) manually condensed… possibly…

Fuente sugerida: Newport Land

06/05/2016 a las 21:16  [respuesta]  Police de PDF

The font embedded in the pdf is this…

Fuente sugerida: Computer Modern Roman

06/05/2016 a las 12:32  [respuesta]  Does anyone know this font?

Fuente identificada: Batman Forever

06/05/2016 a las 11:33  [respuesta]  Book Cover Font

Fuente identificada: Encore

03/05/2016 a las 23:50  [respuesta]  Identify this old style font

02/05/2016 a las 12:40  [respuesta]  Font commonly used in receipts

That could be done with a numbering block when the receipt is printed. Here a font that approximates the effect…

Fuente sugerida: Crash Numbering

01/05/2016 a las 00:18  [respuesta]  Sans Serif Decorative Font

My two penneth. I think we can mark this as identified but with the caveat 'modified' and I also think it's a bit naughty (although not unprecedented) that Dreamtime should be offering this for sale a vector.

30/04/2016 a las 17:30  [respuesta]  Por que sigues con el

Fuente identificada: Mestizo

27/04/2016 a las 11:49  [respuesta]  BOLD FONT REQUEST

Graham Meade - GemFonts Free Font

For info email

New Address:-
31 McMillan St
Clayton Sth 3169
Melb Victoria

Contact the author at the above infos. Either he may consider a commission to make a bold version, or may grant you permission to go ahead and make/commission a bold version.
I don't know if these contact details are up to date, but give them a go…

23/04/2016 a las 18:19  [respuesta]  BOLD FONT REQUEST

This would very much depend upon which font and the licence that font is distributed under as to whether creating a bold version of it is legal or not. Let us know the name of the font, and someone may be able to shed some light on whether a third party can legally undertake this or how to contact the author.

Try these: (there is a Read Me bundled with the font… always read the read me…)

13/04/2016 a las 20:34  [respuesta]  Cual es esta fuente? #Urgente

café bistró (not the &)

Fuente identificada: Libel Suit

07/04/2016 a las 12:30  [respuesta]  Can you help me please?

I might be my eyesight, but looks scaled horizontally…

Fuente identificada: Ostrich Sans

05/04/2016 a las 12:56  [respuesta]  NIKE website fonts

frd ha dicho  
pilaster ha dicho  

Trade Gothic Bold Condensed

On their website, it seems to be called "One Nike Currency", maybe a custom font?

Frd is quite correct there are 2 custom fonts used on the site as well as Trade Gothic. OneNikeCurrency which features 13 international currency glyphs (€ etc) and OneNikeGlyphs which has 90 custom logos, social media icons and stuff. Expensive stuff, but it is Nike…

02/04/2016 a las 19:25  [respuesta]  NIKE website fonts


Fuente identificada: Trade Gothic Bold Condensed


Fuente identificada: Her Majesty

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