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07/06/2017 a las 16:06  [respuesta]  Please help me with this font....


Fuente identificada: Woodblock

02/06/2017 a las 13:57  [respuesta]  ¿Font?

Fuente identificada: Libel Suit

30/05/2017 a las 23:12  [respuesta]  Font Name ??


Fuente identificada: MCF Bad Manners WW

30/05/2017 a las 15:45  [respuesta]  what is this font?

Fuente identificada: MCF Bad Manners WW

27/05/2017 a las 18:53  [respuesta]  Photoshop + Typography Help !!

If you google 'Illustrator Tutorials, Blend Tool' you should find links to how to do this.

18/05/2017 a las 14:43  [respuesta]  How to tell if fonts match

Drop the 2 into 2 layers in photoshop or similar image editing app and set the transparency of the top layer to 50% or lower so you can see through it to the layer below. Scale the top layer to match the bottom and you should be able to see the differences and or similarities. It's often better to colour one of the layers so you can more accurately spot a match or not.

25/04/2017 a las 16:22  [respuesta]  Fonts for flyer

Check the individual fonts used in the flyer for their licences. If all are free to use for commercial purposes, you are home free, if not, contact the individual font authors. Naming which fonts are used would get you a more definitive answer.

23/04/2017 a las 11:43  [respuesta]  ¿What Font iPad Home Screen?

I think the current system font for iOs devices is San Fransisco. The previous default was, I believe, Helvetica Neue.

Fuente sugerida: San Francisco

10/04/2017 a las 20:52  [respuesta]  Font Helppp

'KATLIM 05-15' etc.

Fuente identificada: Bebas

10/04/2017 a las 20:49  [respuesta]  Font Helppp

'Turkhiphop' (Heavily modified…)

Fuente identificada: MCF Bad Manners WW

10/04/2017 a las 20:41  [respuesta]  Font Helppp


Fuente identificada: Major Jackov

06/04/2017 a las 12:46  [respuesta]  Font please ?

Looks very much like Savoye, but the '+' (plus) is wrong… perhaps from another font?
edit: The sample posted is set in Savoye LET, a different cut of Savoye from the link posted, which shipped with Mac Appleworks back in the days of yore:

Fuente identificada: Savoye

Editado el 06/04/2017 a las 13:18 por pilaster

Depending on style you are after, you could do worse than searching MyFonts for stencil+script and have a look see at the results.
This would probably do the trick for a script…

17/03/2017 a las 13:05  [respuesta]  Font similar to this?

You could probably do something with Latin as a starting point. There are many cuts but this one offers an Elongated which is not 100 miles away from the sample…

Fuente sugerida: Latin

14/03/2017 a las 23:53  [respuesta]  URGENT

Fuente identificada: Brown
I have CS6 but not CC. As Frd get my email from my profile and I'll have a looksee. If client who's having the issues is on CC however, I probably won't be able to shed much light on the issue as I'm legacy (I prefer to call it retro).

21/02/2017 a las 20:22  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Duke

04/02/2017 a las 14:43  [respuesta]  THE KINGS BLUE FONT PLEASE

If you mean the one to the right of the illustration with the metallic gradient…

Fuente identificada: Ark Monogram SG Right

28/01/2017 a las 14:49  [respuesta]  Need the Font of the Dj name

Props to Don for already IDing this one.
With some modification (or possibly alternates?)

Fuente identificada: Whistler

22/01/2017 a las 20:58  [respuesta]  What could this font be?

Fuente identificada: Elixir

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