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27/02/2015 a las 14:19  [respuesta]  Font Trubble

his may be the author, Got bored and did a bit of Google Archeology… May not be…

27/02/2015 a las 09:47  [respuesta]  Recognize this font?

You are most welcome

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26/02/2015 a las 09:41  [respuesta]  Avenue Square

aljddv ha dicho  
Avenue Square

Need help identifying the font..
Would really appreciate it thank you so much!



Fuente identificada: Revue

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26/02/2015 a las 09:37  [respuesta]  Recognize this font?

Fuente identificada: Carolyna Black

26/02/2015 a las 09:36  [respuesta]  Please help :)

Fuente identificada: Peoni

26/02/2015 a las 09:23  [respuesta]  Does anyone know font?

Fuente identificada: Desire

25/02/2015 a las 21:04  [respuesta]  Monograme

25/02/2015 a las 11:41  [respuesta]  Monograme

Not sure if you are asking for someone to take artwork you have prepared and make it into a font, asking for someone to design you a monogram font or asking where to find monogram fonts .
If its the latter, all the 'swirly", floral monogram fonts I can think of are to be found here:
or by searching for monograms on here:

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24/02/2015 a las 20:54  [respuesta]  font identification, please

Fuente identificada: Big Noodle Titling

22/02/2015 a las 19:36  [respuesta]  Vintage Clth co

'V',(1890) 'C' (Lowercase 1900) and the 'Co.' ligature (1890) seem to be a mix of Billheads

Fuente identificada: Billhead

22/02/2015 a las 19:33  [respuesta]  Vintage Clth co

Small Caps look like Hensler (the original, not Hensler 2)

Fuente identificada: Hensler

22/02/2015 a las 11:36  [respuesta]  Font?
Not all are 100% free though, so read the fine print…

21/02/2015 a las 19:36  [respuesta]  font please..

If it's old, could be Checkmate but there are no kosher links to it (DXS also did a knock off)

21/02/2015 a las 15:47  [respuesta]  Requesting the font for this logo

Graag gedaan

21/02/2015 a las 14:57  [respuesta]  name font ??

Very much looks like it's based on or adapted from this (at least in part)

Fuente sugerida: Clique

21/02/2015 a las 14:45  [respuesta]  font name?

looks like this to me (*cough* Specsavers™)

Fuente identificada: Compacta

21/02/2015 a las 14:39  [respuesta]  Requesting the font for this logo

Fuente identificada: Raceway

18/02/2015 a las 15:12  [respuesta]  EVERY FONT HAVE MEANING.

Comic: causing or meant to cause laughter.
Comic Sans…

13/02/2015 a las 00:54  [respuesta]  Help!! Anyone know this font?

It's a Chancery of some type (maybe Apple using alternates?!). This ones in the ballpark, but not an actual ID. If you can find an even smaller example, that will really help with an ID.

Fuente sugerida: Chancery Cursive

10/02/2015 a las 18:23  [respuesta]  Wrestling Font?

Fuente identificada: Her Majesty

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