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22/09/2016 a las 21:54  [respuesta]  Help please

Fuente identificada: Sarah Script

22/09/2016 a las 20:42  [respuesta]  Any help?

No worries. I should have mentioned that the 'R' is modified.

22/09/2016 a las 15:09  [respuesta]  Any help?

Fuente identificada: Tommaso

22/09/2016 a las 12:28  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Edwardian Script Alt

22/09/2016 a las 12:26  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Bleeding Cowboys

claudeserieux ha dicho  
Problem with Grandstander Clean

There is self intersection in Bimbo_JVE.ttf would that cause a mac to report it as a serious error?
It's in the Đ (Eth) đ (eth) Ą (Yen)

20/09/2016 a las 21:56  [respuesta]  Aggie 2

Eurogrammamicrosquarestile strikes again.

20/09/2016 a las 13:33  [respuesta]  Crescent City Blue & BBQ Fest

Cresent City Blues etc.
Props to donshottype for the aide memoir and some background…here.

Fuente identificada: Thalia

16/09/2016 a las 00:42  [respuesta]  Font Please?

I have a feeling this started life as Horndon…

Fuente sugerida: Horndon

All the rest (tho' not 100% on the weight). Could be book

Fuente identificada: Neutraface Text Light

Editado el 13/09/2016 a las 23:30 por pilaster

The script Victoria etc.

Fuente identificada: Medusa

12/09/2016 a las 23:58  [respuesta]  Font identification

Fuente identificada: Libel Suit

I'd go so far as to say, that, judging by the variation in the shape of the 'M's and the 'r's that this is calligraphy/handwritten. Either that or it's very cunning OpenType…

09/09/2016 a las 23:08  [respuesta]  The MESQUITE one, please

09/09/2016 a las 00:30  [respuesta]  The MESQUITE one, please

*coughs* Eponymous

Fuente identificada: Mesquite

07/09/2016 a las 20:57  [respuesta]  ?

There is also, I seem to remember, a Elsner+Flake cut with the alternates as separate fonts, rather than as open type alternates...

06/09/2016 a las 16:49  [respuesta]  ?

05/09/2016 a las 12:06  [respuesta]  what’s this font ?


Fuente identificada: Salty Dog

Did it fulfil the criteria asked for?
"If possible in PNG (why PNG?) and not JPG.
Graphics with solid backgrounds saved in JPG will be rejected.
JPGs converted in PNG will be rejected as well, you must export to PNG the original, undamaged file"

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