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03/11/2013 a las 21:17  [post initial]  Help please!

Thanks in advance for any help!

27/10/2013 a las 04:18  [respuesta]  Britny Jean font?

It's not a font. It's her handwriting.

25/10/2013 a las 05:37  [respuesta]  help with this font please

I think it's this one.

Fuente identificada: Edwardian

16/10/2013 a las 14:09  [respuesta]  Help again!


15/10/2013 a las 15:39  [respuesta]  Font, please!

Thank you!!

14/10/2013 a las 22:39  [respuesta]  Help!

Thank you!

14/10/2013 a las 22:39  [respuesta]  Another please!

Thank you!

14/10/2013 a las 22:38  [respuesta]  Help again please!

Thank you, gluk!

14/10/2013 a las 20:47  [post initial]  Help again please!

At first I thought this was Pharmacy, but it's not. :(

14/10/2013 a las 20:32  [post initial]  Font, please!

Please and thank you!

14/10/2013 a las 07:56  [post initial]  Another please!

Thank you!

14/10/2013 a las 07:55  [post initial]  Help again!

Please an thank you!

14/10/2013 a las 00:11  [respuesta]  Looking for this font

The font (aside from the custom B, of course) looks to be Times New Roman.

Fuente identificada: Times New Roman

13/10/2013 a las 18:21  [post initial]  More help!

Thank you!

13/10/2013 a las 18:20  [post initial]  Help!

Thank you!

13/10/2013 a las 15:43  [respuesta]  Another font

I even checked on there under their What The Font section! Thank you!!

13/10/2013 a las 15:41  [respuesta]  Font?

Thanks you two!!

13/10/2013 a las 06:56  [post initial]  Another font

Please and thank you!

13/10/2013 a las 06:32  [post initial]  Font?

I know I've seen this font before, but I can't find it!

11/10/2013 a las 07:36  [respuesta]  Bonnie's Jams - Apricot Orange

The script is a custom typeface by Louise Fili Ltd. Details here:

So Prolix might be a replacement, but it's definitely not exact.

Fuente sugerida: So Prolix

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