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Fantastic, thank you!

Can anyone steer me in the direction of a sketchy font that looks like the "Baptism" on this one, please? I'd really appreciate any help!

22/02/2013 a las 14:26  [respuesta]  Swirly `L' font please!

Many thanks! Perfect!

22/02/2013 a las 11:10  [post initial]  Swirly `L' font please!

Can Anyone identify the swirly 'L' font in "Love One Another"...

Many many thanks!

09/10/2012 a las 21:51  [respuesta]  The J and Y... any ideas?


Thank you so much!!!!

09/10/2012 a las 10:43  [respuesta]  The J and Y... any ideas?

no joy? (badum ching)

now only 74 sleeps!

Thanks so much for sharing the expertise!

05/10/2012 a las 15:36  [post initial]  The J and Y... any ideas?

Would be mucho happy to find this font... does it ring any bells?

Thank you!!!

PS - 80 sleeps 'til Santa

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05/10/2012 a las 14:56  [respuesta]  JOY to the World!

AMAZING, thank you so much!!!!!

03/10/2012 a las 14:34  [post initial]  JOY to the World!

Any ideas about either/both of these fonts?

Many thanks, O Wise ones

Hi - I'm after a font that overlaps in this way, I'm wondering whether it comes like that, or whether it's a bit of photoshop jiggery-pokery - any advice would be heartily appreciated!

16/07/2011 a las 14:50  [respuesta]  Chunky capitals....

PERFECTO! Many many thanks!

11/07/2011 a las 13:17  [respuesta]  Coloured in -


11/07/2011 a las 11:26  [post initial]  Coloured in -

Any idea of a font that looks coloured in? Or is it simply coloured in (by hand)?
Many thanks!

11/07/2011 a las 11:24  [post initial]  Chunky capitals....

In search of chunky capitals, as seen on the pic.

Many thanks in anticipation of your expertise!

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