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05/11/2013 a las 02:44  [respuesta]  Anyone no this font?

04/11/2013 a las 00:57  [respuesta]  RHUDE

Fuente sugerida: Century Gothic Bold

02/11/2013 a las 18:33  [respuesta]  Please help

Fuente identificada: Helvetica Neue Bold

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02/11/2013 a las 14:16  [respuesta]  Help please

Probably the Book or Light weight.

Fuente sugerida: Gotham Italic

02/11/2013 a las 14:03  [respuesta]  help

Fuente sugerida: Bebas Neue

01/11/2013 a las 20:46  [respuesta]  żFuente? :o

Fuente sugerida: Futura

Pretty hard to tell. Copperplate Gothic is my best guess. It's most likely is on your computer already. If not, try the font "Copper Penny DTP" which is a free alternative from Dafont.

Fuente sugerida: Copperplate Gothic

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31/10/2013 a las 02:15  [respuesta]  ZBT Miami

Looks like a modified version of [url="";] Futura [/url]. Most likely the medium or book weight.

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31/10/2013 a las 02:12  [respuesta]  has dafont this one?

It's Arial Black. It should already be on your computer if you have Windows or Mac.

Fuente identificada: Arial Black

12/10/2013 a las 04:41  [respuesta]  Font please

Franklin Gothic Heavy with the "holes" in the uppercase "O" filled in.

Fuente sugerida: Franklin Gothic Heavy

25/07/2013 a las 04:01  [respuesta]  font

Either Helvetica or Arial...

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The lower text is most likely Futura

Fuente sugerida: Futura

22/07/2013 a las 07:57  [respuesta]  Whats the name of this font?

Whoops! Just found the font I was looking for

Fuente identificada: Archer

22/07/2013 a las 06:51  [post initial]  Whats the name of this font?

I used to know the name of this font, but now I can't seem to remember it.

22/07/2013 a las 06:46  [respuesta]  D.A.R.E.

Most likely a custom design.

I don't think so... This one is VERY similar.

Fuente identificada: Vince Hand 2

26/05/2012 a las 05:13  [respuesta]  michaelbay

"Micheal" is bold.

Fuente sugerida: Arial

02/03/2012 a las 01:57  [respuesta]  FONT??

No way, Definitely Arial. Helvetica doesn't have a pointed lowercase "t"

Fuente identificada: Arial

24/02/2012 a las 04:02  [respuesta]  ya.

Fuente identificada: Pointy

19/02/2012 a las 15:46  [respuesta]  Taking ages to install?!

What fonts are you trying to install? Some fonts on this site have a lot of detail, making them very big font files that some computers may have trouble installing.

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