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04/07/2015 a las 00:33  [respuesta]  identificacion

Fuente sugerida: Chopin Script

28/06/2015 a las 15:25  [respuesta]  this text font

Fuente identificada: Quadrat Grotesk New

27/06/2015 a las 18:12  [respuesta]  Font ID please

Fuente identificada: Cassia

24/06/2015 a las 18:33  [respuesta]  script font

Fuente identificada: Embassy

23/06/2015 a las 23:32  [respuesta]  A 2-Font question!

Fuente identificada: Carolyna Pro

<Announcement Roman and Italic were designed by Morris F.Benton in 1916, adapted from steel or copperplate engravings, but not completed and released until 1918. These delicate faces have had some popularity for annoucements social stationery, and a limited amount of advertsing work, but are a little too fancy for extensive use. Oddly, some of the plain caps shown in the specimens, both roman and italic, do not seem to appear in any ATF specimens. Foundry records show that a 48-point size of the roman was cut in 1927, but no other listing or showing of it has been found. In fact, sizes over 24-point were discontinued after a few years, and all sizes were discontined in 1954.> Mac McGrew

Announcement Roman, ATF #456 (6-48pt)

Catalog ATF 1923, page 238
Catalog ATF 1934, page 126
Catalog ATF 1941, page 66

The original

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Fuente identificada: Odette

I need to see the files .sfd and .otf.

Fuente sugerida: Ballantines Serial

16/06/2015 a las 02:41  [respuesta]  fuente / font?

Fuente sugerida: Garamond

15/06/2015 a las 22:35  [respuesta]  What font is it, please?

Fuente sugerida: Clearface Gothic

15/06/2015 a las 01:59  [respuesta]  FONTS?

Fuente sugerida: Garamond

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Euryris ha dicho  

After validating, an error shows up saying that "the font contains errors":
- Wrong Direction

Element / Corriger Direction

Fuente identificada: Jezebel

Same style

Fuente sugerida: Laclede CAT

12/06/2015 a las 20:11  [respuesta]  Font help!

Sabon or Classic Garamond

Fuente sugerida: Sabon

12/06/2015 a las 20:06  [respuesta]  Font help!


Fuente sugerida: Shelley Allegro Script

12/06/2015 a las 03:16  [respuesta]  Font name please?

Fuente identificada: Jacked

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