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Fuente identificada: Portago ITC

It's Mesquite, but it is modified and distressed.

Fuente identificada: Mesquite

16/03/2011 a las 20:34  [respuesta]  I need english Windows screen captures

Sorry - I use a Mac and also Suitcase Fusion for my font installations. Otherwise, I'd be happy to help.

You used a great font in your example, though!

15/03/2011 a las 12:19  [respuesta]  What does "free for personal use" mean?

As long as you don't profit in any way (or allow others to profit) from the font usage, I consider it to be personal use.

13/03/2011 a las 16:11  [respuesta]  "Two and a Half" Brazilian dvd font

Fuente identificada: House-a-rama Kingpin

11/03/2011 a las 01:44  [respuesta]  font?

Fuente identificada: Andy Bold

10/03/2011 a las 04:07  [respuesta]  FONT??

Fuente identificada: LHF Signmaker

05/03/2011 a las 06:08  [respuesta]  Does anyone know what this font is?

Fuente identificada: Copperplate Bold

04/03/2011 a las 03:45  [respuesta]  Total beginner at fonts- wisdom please.

Here's a helpful link, should you decide to use FontLab.

There's a link on that page to an illustrator template, too, which I found very useful.

Good luck!

04/03/2011 a las 02:42  [respuesta]  Total beginner at fonts- wisdom please.

Hopefully you saved the illustrator files, too, because that's what you really need. Then, you'll need software.

04/03/2011 a las 01:28  [respuesta]  quel est cette font ?

Fuente identificada: Housearama Kingpin

20/02/2011 a las 17:40  [respuesta]  What is this font?

Fuente identificada: Brophy Script

Man, either give it up or learn to do it yourself. Do you even realize how much work you're asking someone to do for free?

12/02/2011 a las 18:12  [respuesta]  Download opening in Photoshop??

No worries :-)

All the fonts on this site are downloaded in a zip file, I believe. You just need a zip extraction program to get the font file.

I used Stuffit and I think there's winzip for windows.

Just Google zip extraction software and you'll probably find some freeware.

Don't use other font sites - Dafont is the best!


12/02/2011 a las 17:31  [respuesta]  this one please??

Modified Boston Truckstyle?

Fuente identificada: Boston Truckstyle

12/02/2011 a las 17:29  [respuesta]  Download opening in Photoshop??

Well, you could say please and generally be more polite when asking for a favor. Just a suggestion.

I'm on a Mac, but it doesn't seem right that Photoshop would open a TTF file. When you unzip the file, can't you just then install the font file into windows? I use a font manager, so I just install into that (Suitcase Fusion 2). Once installed into your system, the font should be available in any program - including Photoshop.

10/02/2011 a las 12:39  [respuesta]  this font plz !!

Fuente identificada: Berthold City Bold

08/02/2011 a las 23:09  [respuesta]  cheese and burger

I think its Horizon stretched out a bit.

Fuente identificada: Horizon

07/02/2011 a las 22:49  [respuesta]  Font Requests?!

I guess it was only a matter of time until we got to this point. Everyone is so used to getting "free" downloads that its only logical that some people want to take it a step further and request people to make something - and then get it for free.

Its crazy how everything seems so devalued today. Music, software, and yes - fonts!

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