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18/11/2014 a las 23:10  [respuesta]  Teatime

It is handmade, but this comes close:

Fuente sugerida: Quatrain

05/07/2014 a las 19:47  [respuesta]  "Movi-Kanti-Revo" font

moi non plus font (with some photoshop alterations)

Fuente identificada: Moi Non Plus

31/07/2013 a las 22:14  [respuesta]  Font suggestions for book about Islam

I'd keep it simple, as nothing will satisfy someone who comes up with these qualities for a font. How about Helvetica Neue?
Clean, nice, legible, honest, firm

Probably less original and I know nothing of the truth...

16/05/2013 a las 22:29  [respuesta]  pls!

The Truth = Quilted Butterfly

Fuente identificada: Quilted Butterfly

16/03/2013 a las 07:25  [respuesta]  Font Help!


Fuente identificada: DK Fledermaus

27/12/2012 a las 20:06  [respuesta]  what’s this font? Please

Wet Dream

Fuente identificada: Wet Dream

wet dream font

Fuente identificada: Wet Dream

16/09/2012 a las 10:01  [respuesta]  Promise

Face Your Fears

Fuente identificada: Face Your Fears

12/06/2011 a las 21:36  [respuesta]  Spam in your private messages?

Hey, I got 4,25 million US$ from a dead Iraqi. You can have some too, just give me your contact and bank account details!

hehehe, come on guys, someone with a hard-luck story and money to spare has to be spam. There are people in Africa being paid to manually insert these messages into forums. I have seen them in action in Mali. They operate mostly on dating sites, but the seem to have found Dafont as well. Nothing you can do about it, just ignore these idiots.

03/06/2011 a las 06:41  [respuesta]  Can't make pdf or eps file!

Take the time to visit the font (you know what it's called), then see who made it and contact that person. I just did, it's very simple.
And, yes, fonts are free. That doesn't mean they all have embedding rights. If you don't like this, then stop using other people's (free) fonts and make your own.

01/05/2011 a las 15:42  [respuesta]  Contextual Alternates

Never mind: found the answer (it was well hidden!)

01/05/2011 a las 10:44  [post initial]  Contextual Alternates

I created a font with contextual alternates (like different a's, different b's, etc), using calt function in OT.
It works like a dream in Fontlab Studio, I compiled the calt and created the font.
However, HOW ON EARTH can I reproduce these alternates in, say, Pages, Word, Photoshop, etc???
It must be something really simple and stupid, but I cannot guess what it is....

So, yeah, probably a stupid question... sorry

29/03/2011 a las 16:43  [respuesta]  Britney Spears fonts download free

;-) Not yet...... E.T.A.: 24th of June

27/03/2011 a las 23:06  [respuesta]  Britney Spears fonts download free

can I download Britney herself as well??? I need a baby sitter

27/03/2011 a las 23:05  [respuesta]  Is this font free?


27/03/2011 a las 23:04  [respuesta]  Pink Panther Movie Fonts 1

Is this person bonkers or what? Well, he chose a good name: Looney.
Wikipedia: "A lunatic is a commonly used term for a person who is mentally ill, dangerous, foolish, unpredictable; a condition once called lunacy".

27/03/2011 a las 23:00  [respuesta]  FAQ Questions: Regarding Font Requests

Please, Mr looney, get off this forum. You are annoying. No one wants to create a font for free for you, so buzz off (pretty please). If you are so set on having your *&%^$ font, then GET the software, READ the books, MAKE the font YOURSELF! Is that SOOOO difficult to understand?? Personally I really, REALLY don't like Looney Tunes. They are old, they are not funny, they belong in a museum. But that is my humble opinion.

23/03/2011 a las 22:47  [respuesta]  Foreign glyphs not showing in wordpad

;-)))))))) Roger, you are the best!!!!

Thank you sooooo much, I will try this out a.s.a.p.!!!

23/03/2011 a las 20:41  [respuesta]  Foreign glyphs not showing in wordpad

do you think that's it???

I didn't include those, only the latin and mac roman ones...

I did actually think about it and tried one, but the diacritics still didn't show up in preview inside fontlab...

22/03/2011 a las 20:05  [respuesta]  Foreign glyphs not showing in wordpad

Oh.... and they don't show up in Preview panel as well (Fontlab Studio)...
It really bugs me and I don't know what causes it. I am sure I forgot something, but what??

Any help greatly appreciated!!!

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