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19/04/2012 a las 01:08  [respuesta]  HELP PLEASE

Fuente identificada: Handel Gothic

18/04/2012 a las 23:58  [respuesta]  time

This one is called Clocktopia, not sure if it's available for download though. I'm afraid that you'll have to look for it on your own.

Fuente identificada: Clockopia/Storopia

30/03/2012 a las 22:30  [respuesta]  recherche police

Fuente identificada: Outer Zone

14/03/2012 a las 17:58  [respuesta]  Big Bang Alive Font

Heavily modified, different, custom capital A, V and E, middle dash extended in G.

Fuente sugerida: Earth

09/03/2012 a las 19:49  [respuesta]  mlp font?

OR: "Friendship is Magic", free, but not identical

Fuente sugerida: Celestia Medium

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09/03/2012 a las 19:48  [respuesta]  mlp font?

"Friendship is Magic" (it sure is, lol)

Fuente identificada: Generation B

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05/03/2012 a las 00:53  [respuesta]  Wipeout 2048

Personally, I was wondering myself. It looks like a combination of Saturn Extended Bold Italic and Eurostile Extended Bold Italic, where W and left side of E are taken from Saturn and the rest is Eurostile. However, it still may be a custom design, they've got many experienced designers there at Studio Liverpool. Also it's skewed and the spacing is obviously narrowed.

I don't know if I can paste links for two fonts at once, so here goes the URL for Saturn Extended Bold Italic:

19/02/2012 a las 20:19  [respuesta]  What Is This Font? Help

Manually stretched, spacing narrowed, middle dash removed from A, or possibly it's a V flipped upside down.

Fuente sugerida: Handel Gothic

28/01/2012 a las 04:00  [respuesta]  Font?

Fuente identificada: Amalgama

26/01/2012 a las 00:11  [respuesta]  keep calm

Fuente identificada: Keep Calm

08/01/2012 a las 22:49  [respuesta]  Please font!?

However, it's not identical with the original. Man, it's really hard to get done using only a few blocks >.>

But it's the only one available on the internet. yesohmygosh.jpg

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08/01/2012 a las 22:40  [respuesta]  H

Looks pretty much the same. Slightly modified (different spacing, apparently fake bold applied, custom N and mirrored custom Ń ). I wszystko się dzieje na CB radio.

Fuente sugerida: Wanted M54

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08/01/2012 a las 02:01  [respuesta]  What's this font?

Fuente identificada: Microgramma Bold Extended

07/01/2012 a las 23:26  [respuesta]  GERMANY logo font ?

Pretty similar, based on the original, but not identical though.

The original font is called "Welcome" and it was created by Whitestone, unfortunately it's not obtainable.

Fuente sugerida: FIFA Welcome

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07/01/2012 a las 13:59  [respuesta]  Which font ?

Font on the logo (that says "LLG")

I've got no idea for "COMMUNITY", sorry ;_;

Fuente sugerida: Century Gothic

07/01/2012 a las 13:57  [respuesta]  Which font ?

Heavily modified, letter spacing narrowed, various cuts here and there and custom A.

Fuente identificada: Ethnocentric

06/01/2012 a las 03:28  [respuesta]  please help

For anyone who's not sure - there ARE serifs on the face from the image above. Just look at the brightness of certain pixels.


Oh, I can't delete my reply ._.

Fuente sugerida: Serpentine D Bold Italic  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

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Fake italics applied.

Fuente sugerida: Danube

02/01/2012 a las 15:27  [respuesta]  ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS FONT ;)

Fuente identificada: Gill Sans Ultra Bold

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02/01/2012 a las 15:21  [respuesta]  qual nome dessa fonte

Fuente identificada: Slipstream

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