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23/12/2014 a las 18:09  [post initial]  Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol

Anybody know the kind of font is used for the title sequence?

I wanna use it for Friz Freleng's name for a project I'm working on.

28/11/2013 a las 06:05  [respuesta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

One more... what do you mean?

Are you talking about that retort or the commercial-based font?

22/11/2013 a las 23:36  [respuesta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

And SashiX, back off. :|

22/11/2013 a las 18:32  [respuesta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

Actually, I found out the truth at whatthefont:

And yes I am still trying to find that via torrent or download for free! :/

Anyone who says otherwise can close this thread.

Fuente sugerida: Battle Cry  (Ya se ha sugerido aquí)

21/11/2013 a las 21:59  [respuesta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

Fine then.

Then I'll ask for it in a different way.

21/11/2013 a las 20:33  [respuesta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

You found the "Battle Cry" Font?


21/11/2013 a las 05:50  [respuesta]  MLP Micro Comic Font

Actually, it's "Battle Cry".

And until there is either a torrent of the complete font family or a top-secret download file for it, I can't do anything about it. :/

Fuente identificada: Battle Cry

08/11/2013 a las 05:38  [post initial]  MLP Micro Comic Font

I'm back. With another Font Request.

I'm trying to look for a font that matches the type that was used for the My Little Pony Micro Comic series.

I got the name Celestia from one of the micro comic covers and I wanted to know what font was used.

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25/08/2013 a las 22:38  [post initial]  Disney Cartoon Fonts 1

I need to know what fonts are used for:


"Mickey Mouse"

"The End"

Those Caption things for distributions, Technicolor and other stuff.

I want to try something.

25/08/2013 a las 22:26  [respuesta]  mlp font?

Anybody know what the font for the word "LiTTLE" is?

You know, you're all just a bunch of donkey buttcracks. (And you know what another word for that is, but I'm not gonna say it.)

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Well, you know what?

I'm going with vinz's idea, but in question form.

How do you delete forum threads like this one?

FYI, I did create a font by myself.

It was called "Times New Warner"

I made it by recycling claudeserieux's beta font for a kick start and then used some of the Casad-DemiBold's letters, numbers and symbols to help finish it.

So, in a strange sort of way, as you would put it, I did made a font. I just recycled.

The trouble was that I tried to upload it to this site, but... no replies.

I've been trying to send it to this site every once in a while.

BTW, if anyone wants to run any complaints towards me, there's a little something you forgotten to do: PM (Personal Message). That's much easier than replying in this thread now, isn't it?

The reason why because I neede the font style for presents to help me type it out without the line borders needed.

The problem is... not to be offensive, but... most of the people here are just plain rude and stuck-up snobby about letting people who request fonts to make the font themselves rather than just request for it to be made.

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06/02/2013 a las 02:43  [respuesta]  Why didnt my font get accepted?

I tried to submit my Times New Roman font.

I didn't get any replies back.

Would anyone else like to try?

toto@k22 ha dicho  
Out of curiosity, where and how are you going to use the font if someone is going to make one for you?

Are you going to get paid for that something where you are going to use the font? How much?

Is that something going to be given away for free on a site where you will have to pay a subscription to download something free? How much is the subscription?

If it is going to be given away on a free site, do you display ads on your site? How much are you earning from those ads?

I think you should disclose things like those if you want something that is not easy to do, like a font, to be done for free for you.

I may be crazy, but I don't give up.

Too bad there isn't a lock option on this forum. If there was, this would have ended quickly. ^^;

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Well, malvolio tried really hard and depending on the gender he/she said that she thought it was a learning experience.

I know he/she didn't get it all done, but he/she gained some new skills. And I'm proud of that.

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Right back @ metaphasebrothel: Be as it may, it wouldn't kill anyone to try now. Would it?

Between you and me, Adobe Photoshop is sometimes nice, but... Paint.NET can be useful as well.

Adobe Photoshop and Paint.NET are like brothers.

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