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25/02/2015 a las 12:08  [respuesta]  Jon Contino Font

$16, it's not very expansive to save you from "despair".

Main people use the Thaď baht ฿ as Bitcoin. Code 0E3F
It's standard in the Tahoma Font.

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Can you see this font with other softwares you've installed ?

20/02/2015 a las 09:46  [respuesta]  what font is this

It look like Bank Gothic, except the R.

Fuente sugerida: Bank Gothic

20/02/2015 a las 09:34  [respuesta]  EVERY FONT HAVE MEANING.

Trebuchet : It's because the author stumble, that explains it's wobbly look.
(sorry, private joke for the French speakings)

19/02/2015 a las 11:38  [respuesta]  EVERY FONT HAVE MEANING.

tophy52 ha dicho  
Helvetica's name comes from it's country. It was designed by a Swiss designer : an Helvetian.

And Time New Roman was by a guy, newly installed in Rome, and had time.

18/02/2015 a las 13:39  [respuesta]  EVERY FONT HAVE MEANING.

You want an explanation about each name of the 27 000 font of this site, one by one ???

18/02/2015 a las 13:36  [respuesta]  CAN'T DOWNLOAD FONT

Say CLEARLY AND WITH MAXIMUM DETAILS how do you process to try to download a font.

Only the author of the font can give to you a reliable answer.
It's depend what he mind about YouTube : personel presentations ? Public exibitions ?


17/02/2015 a las 17:39  [respuesta]  This font name

Looking like Stylus

Fuente sugerida: Stylus

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17/02/2015 a las 17:26  [respuesta]  Font?

The three "r" are different.
It's not a font.

For me, it's not a font.

13/02/2015 a las 09:29  [respuesta]  Deadpool comic font

The best site for comix fonts :

pipemunk ha dicho  
How do I uninstall a font that was installed incorrectly?

Clic on the fonte file in the Windows/Font directory and delete it.

Is there a way to change the name of an already installed font?


12/02/2015 a las 09:37  [respuesta]  looking for a similar font

For similar, look at :

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Place the picture in a web site and link it in your message.

05/02/2015 a las 09:21  [respuesta]  TRANSPORT FONT

Huso horario CEST. Ahora son las 21:48

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