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20/05/2014 a las 17:15  [respuesta]  Font Please...

Fuente identificada: Alfred Drake

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20/05/2014 a las 15:07  [respuesta]  Dove font please?

"o" and "e" are similar than Times New Roman Italic.
I thing that the "v" is inpired (but modified) by this font too (same curves).
And the "D" has some identical elements with the "D" of this fond.

Fuente sugerida: Times New Roman Italic

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20/05/2014 a las 13:51  [respuesta]  recherche typographie creusée

It's not P22 Underground : B, A and R are différents.
Futura is closer but it's not exactly that.

Fuente sugerida: Futura

Because the moderators are humans and some messages can be forgoten. Sorry.

But that :
is a good identification but it's not the font asked.

For that :
you're 2 hours too late.

For that :
you answer to your-self.

... and so ...

ssmith12589 ha dicho  (ver el post)
There have been some posts in the Identification Forum that I 100% absolutely know that I've identified. But Dafont does'nt approve it...

Wath posts ?

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19/05/2014 a las 15:55  [respuesta]  it says it's not a valid font

So, first of the first, active the Windows option "show the file extensions".

19/05/2014 a las 09:26  [respuesta]  it says it's not a valid font

First, extract the TTF or OTF files from the Zip file. Not only open the Zip file but save the TTF or OTF in a folder of your disk.

Second, you install it.

15/05/2014 a las 14:43  [respuesta]  Hydro74 Font Help Free Download ?

Download for free a commercial font, it's theft.

Trebuchet Bold, execpt a little difference for the "E"

Fuente identificada: Trebuchet Bold

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15/05/2014 a las 11:16  [respuesta]  Logo-->>???? Pls

2 of 3 in Social Logos

Fuente sugerida: Social Logos

14/05/2014 a las 17:02  [respuesta]  Font?

I think it's not possible to do that with the TTF or OTF format.
Then, you just have to create it "manualy" with a graphic software.

Fuente identificada: Bank Gothic

14/05/2014 a las 09:16  [respuesta]  Font?

I think it's not a font (but not sure) because the diference of level between the start and the end of the "t".

14/05/2014 a las 09:10  [respuesta]  what’s this font ?

Fuente identificada: Adler

13/05/2014 a las 09:13  [respuesta]  Are these fonts legal for commercial use?

"these" font ???

07/05/2014 a las 11:10  [respuesta]  Fonts identification help needed (2)

"SIMPLE" look like Courrier New but with a smaller serif.

Fuente sugerida: Courier New

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06/05/2014 a las 15:34  [respuesta]  Rome Opening Credits font

Trebuchet (standard in Windows XP and more)

Fuente identificada: Trebuchet

06/05/2014 a las 15:12  [respuesta]  What the Font is called?

I know this font with many different manes : Calligrapher, Merlin, Pasticcio.
I don't know which is the original and I don't a site where it's possible to acquire it legaly.
I think the original is Merlin from Corel Corporation. I got it includ in a old version of Micrographics Draw (now Corel Draw). Perhaps it's include in the actual Corel Draw that's possible to download free as a trial version.

Fuente sugerida: Ondine

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05/05/2014 a las 14:22  [respuesta]  Police logo

A l'exception du C, c'est très proche de l'Arial Black.

Fuente sugerida: Arial Black

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