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29/09/2015 a las 09:33  [respuesta]  File Type

What's PES format ?

28/09/2015 a las 09:51  [respuesta]  What goes with Orator Std?

xyzlie ha dicho  
What goes with Orator Std?

What "orator" ? This one : ?

I want to use a sleeker font for the rest of my website.

What's the theme of your website ?

23/09/2015 a las 09:51  [respuesta]  New font

Is it a commercial request ?

22/09/2015 a las 13:48  [respuesta]  Shiny slime font?

Not exactly the seme but with a look similar :

Fuente sugerida: Liquidism

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22/09/2015 a las 13:42  [respuesta]  Apple Music Festival Question?

It's not a font.
Look the two "N" are different and the two "O" too.

21/09/2015 a las 10:39  [respuesta]  Similar font

16/09/2015 a las 16:02  [respuesta]  Problème d'accents

Tu devrais préciser quel logiciel tu utilises pour obtenir cet effet.
Pour ceux qui ne sont pas modérateurs, tu aurais du aussi précisé que tu est sous Mac OS X.

16/09/2015 a las 09:24  [respuesta]  Cherche Typo

C'est très proche de l'Arial Black mais il y a quelques subtiles différences.

Fuente sugerida: Arial

Editado el 16/09/2015 a las 16:29 por drf

newworldicon ha dicho  
Who are you

A moderator explaining a forum rule.

newworldicon ha dicho  
just can't get a free version of it.

Download a commercial font for free, this is theft.
Here is not a forum of thefts.

11/09/2015 a las 09:14  [respuesta]  Please help

Each "e" is different, each "o" or "l" too.
Except the M, all letters are différent.
For me, it's not a font.

10/09/2015 a las 17:54  [respuesta]  Help :-)

Download a commercial font for free, it's theft.
If you don't wan to pay, choose an other font.

10/09/2015 a las 10:17  [respuesta]  Individuazione fonts

Forum Identificazione carattere ->

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Heaven76 ha dicho  
i don't think so, i tried with my tablet as well and it did the same thing

If no one else hase this problem, the most likely is that you transmit virus between your computer and your tablet.
Or that your firewall bloc the download.

Whitch font are you trying to download ?
How do you do to try to download ?

03/09/2015 a las 18:08  [respuesta]  halloween spider

I've downloaded it and try : I've got the C and the c.

03/09/2015 a las 09:00  [respuesta]  Please help, font name please?

I have this font with the name aero from a long time but I can't find a site to bye it legaly.

Fuente identificada: Handel Gothic

Editado el 03/09/2015 a las 09:09 por Menhir

03/09/2015 a las 08:57  [respuesta]  Help.. font name please?

It's very close Arial Bold but the L and the C are a little bit différent

Fuente sugerida: Arial

Editado el 03/09/2015 a las 13:58 por drf

02/09/2015 a las 14:33  [respuesta]  Logo pour association humanitaire

Techniquement, plusieurs logiciels de dessins vectoriels proposent cette fonction.
Juridiquement, tant que tu ne modifies pas la forme, ça revient au même que de l'utiliser de manière classique.

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