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24/08/2015 a las 17:50  [respuesta]  Saginaw Medium Font

If Saginaw is free to download on a site, it's an illegal download and it's surely not on Dafont, is it ?

24/08/2015 a las 09:34  [respuesta]  FONTOGRAPHER 5 - INVALID CERTIFICATE FILE

Have you bought Fontographer legally ?

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20/08/2015 a las 08:49  [respuesta]  What is donation ware?

Each creator have his owne definition of this word. Generaly, it means that the customer pay what he want to the creator to have the right of use. Sometime, it means that the creator ask to the customer to do a donation to a charity association.

The best is to contact the creator to know what he want.

19/08/2015 a las 17:54  [respuesta]  DOWNLOADS

I think you problem is to link the zip extension with a zip application.
It seams that in your computer, the ZIP extention is linked with Microsoft Office.

19/08/2015 a las 17:49  [respuesta]  Contacting the Author or Designer

"Inspired by icons seen at Disneyland and WDW"

I thing is besser to you to contact directly the Disney company. (good luck)
I dout that Steve Ferrera don't have right to use this symbols.

19/08/2015 a las 13:52  [respuesta]  Help wath this font

Es-tu sûre au moins que ce soit une police ?

If the font is "free", you can use it "free".
If you have a doubt, contact the author.

19/08/2015 a las 08:17  [respuesta]  Contacting the Author or Designer

For what font ?

19/08/2015 a las 08:15  [respuesta]  Help wath this font

Quelle police ? Il y en a au moins une douzaine sur la page que tu mets en lien.
Je te conseille plutôt de poster ta question sur le forum d'identification qui est fait pour ça :
En y plaçant une image qui ne contient que la police que tu recherches ou, s'il y a plusieurs polices sur l'image, en indiquant clairement celle que tu recherches.

Pour info, une bonne partie des modérateurs de ce forum son français.

18/08/2015 a las 10:48  [respuesta]  Help with this font

It's an owner font. It's not commercialy distributed (and even less free dispensed).

24/07/2015 a las 13:45  [respuesta]  Triangles for A

24/07/2015 a las 13:28  [respuesta]  HELP!! I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A FONT!!

I'de no problem to with this font.
The ZIP file includes TTF, OTF, PNG and TXT files. They are not format that can active a virus or trojan.

22/07/2015 a las 10:41  [respuesta]  Convert a font

It's asked so kindly...

Chirico ha dicho  
Scratchy fonts like Menhir suggested

It's what looks letters i've carved in a tree.

22/07/2015 a las 10:34  [respuesta]  Information about Font creation software

quangngaicity ha dicho  
any font creating programs that are free or super cheap

$69, is it "super-cheap" for you ?

21/07/2015 a las 09:34  [respuesta]  Similar fonts to Signika?

What the look of Signika ?

20/07/2015 a las 09:47  [respuesta]  Je ne retrouve pas la police

daaams ha dicho  
jerseygirl parle en français, Menhir en anglais.
C'est le monde à l'envers

Exceuse. C'était un reflexe du à l'habitude sur ce forum.

20/07/2015 a las 09:44  [respuesta]  Scientific and Modern

It depend what "scientific" mean. It's a different feeling for computer science (futurism and dehumanization), machanical development (technic) or pharmaceutical production (purity).
Try that :

20/07/2015 a las 09:29  [respuesta]  dafont version Rosarian?

Huso horario CEST. Ahora son las 06:58

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