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20/06/2016 a las 10:09  [respuesta]  HELP ME PLEASE!

This is not a font. This is handwritten.

20/06/2016 a las 10:00  [respuesta]  police ronde

Fuente identificada: Arial Rounded Bold

17/06/2016 a las 19:03  [respuesta]  Not working?

I thing (but I'm not sure) that your register base is corrupted.
I had that some years ago with WinXP.

17/06/2016 a las 10:16  [respuesta]  cherche police

17/06/2016 a las 10:10  [respuesta]  font?

Fuente sugerida: Perfectly Amicable

17/06/2016 a las 09:57  [respuesta]  What font is this?

Arial and Arial bold

Fuente identificada: Arial

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17/06/2016 a las 09:53  [respuesta]  what the font is?

It's Samarkan with some little modifications (link of the "a", etc.) using a graphic software.

Fuente identificada: Samarkan

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16/06/2016 a las 11:48  [respuesta]  text of the image in corel draw

With a bitmap graphic editor (GIMP, PhotoShop, PaintShop) it's easier : You write your text black, you select the right area and you make it negative.

16/06/2016 a las 11:41  [respuesta]  Looking for font suggestions

Look at the details of this fonts :
It include only Upercases.

16/06/2016 a las 11:34  [respuesta]  Embed into PDF

I've downloaded, installed and created a PDF with Bromello font without problem.

16/06/2016 a las 11:17  [respuesta]  what is this font?

Arial Bold or Helvetica Bold

Fuente sugerida: Arial Bold

16/06/2016 a las 11:17  [respuesta]  what is this font?

Fuente sugerida: Helvetica Bold

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15/06/2016 a las 11:16  [respuesta]  Costa Rica 2014 football world cup font

15/06/2016 a las 10:54  [respuesta]  Help with letters Ĺ Ä Ö

if this letters are not in this font, the only way to modifiy the font legaly is to contact the author.

13/06/2016 a las 09:22  [respuesta]  Font?

Many font have the same look.

Fuente sugerida: Superstar M54

10/06/2016 a las 10:16  [respuesta]  Where I can find these fonts?

07/06/2016 a las 10:44  [respuesta]  Font??

Fuente identificada: Old London

07/06/2016 a las 10:40  [respuesta]  Font SIMILAR TO this one...?

You can use a graphic software (PhotoShop, GIMP, Paint, etc.) to correct an image made with this font.

02/06/2016 a las 09:53  [respuesta]  Font like Sesame

This Sesame ?
What's wrong with this font for you ?

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