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24/07/2015 a las 13:45  [respuesta]  Triangles for A

24/07/2015 a las 13:28  [respuesta]  HELP!! I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A FONT!!

I'de no problem to with this font.
The ZIP file includes TTF, OTF, PNG and TXT files. They are not format that can active a virus or trojan.

22/07/2015 a las 10:41  [respuesta]  Convert a font

It's asked so kindly...

Chirico ha dicho  
Scratchy fonts like Menhir suggested

It's what looks letters i've carved in a tree.

22/07/2015 a las 10:34  [respuesta]  Information about Font creation software

quangngaicity ha dicho  
any font creating programs that are free or super cheap

$69, is it "super-cheap" for you ?

21/07/2015 a las 09:34  [respuesta]  Similar fonts to Signika?

What the look of Signika ?

20/07/2015 a las 09:47  [respuesta]  Je ne retrouve pas la police

daaams ha dicho  
jerseygirl parle en français, Menhir en anglais.
C'est le monde à l'envers

Exceuse. C'était un reflexe du à l'habitude sur ce forum.

20/07/2015 a las 09:44  [respuesta]  Scientific and Modern

It depend what "scientific" mean. It's a different feeling for computer science (futurism and dehumanization), machanical development (technic) or pharmaceutical production (purity).
Try that :

20/07/2015 a las 09:29  [respuesta]  dafont version Rosarian?

17/07/2015 a las 09:24  [respuesta]  Je ne retrouve pas la police

I've tried.
It's installed without problem.

17/07/2015 a las 09:18  [respuesta]  numbers for graphtec studio

What software are you using with this printer ?

15/07/2015 a las 09:48  [respuesta]  Cannot install font...

ukdeejay ha dicho  
I have tried every variation of the font installation process (for Win 7) on the FAQ's, but cannot 'install' my downloaded font.
I've extracted the .zip files to the Fonts folder

No, the FAQ don't say to unzip the file in the font folder.

double-click on the zip to open it, then either click on "Extract all files" or drag and drop the files elsewhere from the zip window

You have to extract the font in any classic folder and after install the font draging the TTF file to the font folder.

15/07/2015 a las 09:15  [respuesta]  Please help me to find the font

krisz3200 ha dicho  
Do i get pluto font for free

It's a commercial font. If you want it, you have to pay it.

Or any suggested for similar to pluto font.

09/07/2015 a las 10:27  [respuesta]  Please help me to find the font

krisz3200 ha dicho  
no one here to help me.

Perhaps nobody know the answer to your request. We're not machines.

08/07/2015 a las 16:06  [respuesta]  Please help me to find the font

krisz3200 ha dicho  
I have added a different image.

Where ?

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08/07/2015 a las 15:59  [respuesta]  Please help me to find the font

krisz3200 ha dicho  
Please help me to find the font

08/07/2015 a las 10:13  [respuesta]  Hi everyone I need help desperately.

A TTF/OTF font file can't be executed, so it can't active a virus.

07/07/2015 a las 08:47  [respuesta]  POLICE POUR UN LOGO

Zekros ha dicho  
Je souhaiterais faire un logo pour ma future chaîne gaming dont le nom sera Zekros

Juste une question qui permettra de situer le contexte : as-tu un budget définit pour cette création ?

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