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Why a font for a single character ?
If you need a vectorial draw, make it with a vectorial graphic software as Inkscape, it's easier.

You can reply to your first post, puting a link to your new image in the reply.

13/03/2017 a las 10:09  [respuesta]  FONT CUT FROM ABOVE

What font ?

13/03/2017 a las 10:05  [respuesta]  Is there a bookmark feature?

Just under the name of each font, look at "Add to a group".
With this option, you can create your own named groups of fonts.

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09/03/2017 a las 12:04  [respuesta]  How to delete font in dafont?

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@Menhir // na, Sir... I am clean and sober for many many years.

Was just a joke my friend.

09/03/2017 a las 10:05  [respuesta]  How to delete font in dafont?

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why this reaction?

The name of some of hes fonts may contain an explanation of such an impatient reaction.

No. Here are only free (or free for test) fonts ?
If you want to uninstall some fonts from your computer, I recommend you to save then first somewhere on a disk, an USB key or other.

07/03/2017 a las 09:42  [respuesta]  Need suggestions

27/02/2017 a las 09:01  [respuesta]  Is there a way to contact zanatlija?

Sorry, I havent answer to help you.
Perhaps it's a creator who don't want a commercial usage of hes font.

20/02/2017 a las 16:58  [respuesta]  Similar font to this?

Or something like that :

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07/02/2017 a las 08:58  [respuesta]  Tutano. cc -Commercial License.

06/02/2017 a las 16:57  [respuesta]  Font?

It's very close Helvetica.

Fuente sugerida: Helvetica

06/02/2017 a las 16:52  [respuesta]  HELP! URGENT?

Fuente sugerida: Helvetica Compressed

06/02/2017 a las 10:36  [respuesta]  Tele Moldova font

Fuente sugerida: Kronos Sans

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1. Date since I last visited

The date of each update is written.

02/02/2017 a las 11:08  [respuesta]  This font?

(standard and extralight)

Fuente sugerida: Avant Garde

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Fuente identificada: Proxima Nova Bold

31/01/2017 a las 09:07  [respuesta]  i need the 2 fonts plz

The second one is very close Sweet Sans but a little bit more condensed.

Fuente sugerida: Sweet Sans

31/01/2017 a las 08:58  [respuesta]  x britney fonte

Fuente identificada: VAG Rounded Black

30/01/2017 a las 10:03  [respuesta]  cyberpunk font.. any idea?

From the first time of this game, the tittle is an original creation.

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