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Fuente identificada: Kawoszeh

10/07/2015 a las 01:00  [respuesta]  FONT

Fuente identificada: Fantini

10/07/2015 a las 00:29  [respuesta]  PLease help me with this one

Fuente sugerida: Incised 901 Nord

10/07/2015 a las 00:21  [respuesta]  Whats the Name of this Font?

Font Neo Sans Bold with modified "t", "d" and "p".

Fuente identificada: Neo Sans Bold

10/07/2015 a las 00:06  [respuesta]  qual fonte usada nessa logo? obrigado!

Fuente identificada: Helvetica Compressed

10/07/2015 a las 00:01  [respuesta]  Clipped font?

Fuente sugerida: Bauer Bodoni Black

07/07/2015 a las 20:07  [respuesta]  Font?

@KItaleBoy: font ArsisD has little different "E" and serifs.

07/07/2015 a las 01:51  [respuesta]  Font?

Onyx font by Monotype with modified "W" and "A".

Fuente sugerida: Onyx

07/07/2015 a las 01:39  [respuesta]  tropicos urbanos font?

Fuente sugerida: Didot Headline

07/07/2015 a las 01:33  [respuesta]  Unknown - Kanjira

Fuente identificada: Myriad SemiExt Italic

01/07/2015 a las 17:25  [respuesta]  Help me, please.

Fuente identificada: QumpellkaNo12

01/07/2015 a las 12:12  [respuesta]  HELP!!!

FoglihtenNo07 with ligatures

Fuente identificada: Foglihten No07

14/06/2015 a las 18:58  [respuesta]  title font

More probably No07 (other "O", "G"...)

Fuente identificada: Foglihten No07

11/06/2015 a las 20:11  [respuesta]  fonts


most probably FoglihtenNo06 (ligature n_i)

Fuente identificada: Foglihten No06

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27/05/2015 a las 18:37  [respuesta]  Font name?

Fuente identificada: Mikodacs

13/03/2015 a las 22:25  [respuesta]  Font not appearing as it should

From Firefox debugger:
downloadable font: download failed (font-family: "News Cycle" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:2): status=2147746065 source:

Try to use absolute path, like
url( format('woff')

Remove spaces from font name.

Editado el 13/03/2015 a las 22:27 por gluk

23/02/2015 a las 19:25  [respuesta]  Fonts not kerning properly in Photoshop

I use FontForge,
but in FontLab, according this link:

[...] In addition to the feature descriptions in the OpenType panel, in FLS 5.1 you must include a list of all languagesystems that your features are using.
You should enter this list in the lower-right portion of the OpenType panel.

For a typical Latin-based font, your lower-right portion of the OpenType panel should say:

languagesystem DFLT dflt;
languagesystem latn dflt;

23/02/2015 a las 17:47  [respuesta]  Fonts not kerning properly in Photoshop

OpenType GPOS 'kern' feature in font Sweet Pea is set only for script DFLT{dflt} (script default - language default).
I suggest to set this feature for DFLT{dflt}, latn{dflt} (script default - language default, script latin - language default).

Editado el 23/02/2015 a las 17:48 por gluk

09/02/2015 a las 09:08  [respuesta]  How to: font with syllabary glyphs?

Most probably, You forget about lookup definition.

It should look like:

script latn { feature LigaFeature; }
feature LigaFeature liga { lookup LigaLookup; }
lookup LigaLookup {
sub b a -> b_a;

Editado el 09/02/2015 a las 09:08 por gluk

02/02/2015 a las 22:30  [respuesta]  Ligatures don't work

Most probably, font from Bitstream have no built-in OpenType 'liga' table.

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